Xiaomi Mi A3 Review


The Xiaomi Mi A3 is a good choice for an affordable phone, especially if the camera is your priority and you want regular software updates. But if you like to watch videos, you can look elsewhere because the screen is not up to par.


  • Good value for money
  • Durable battery
  • Own user interface
  • Strong camera

The inconvenients

  • Disappointing screen
  • No IP evaluation
  • The fingerprint sensor can be wayward

Key specifications

  • Examination price: $192.43
  • Operating System: Android 9 (Android One)
  • 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage
  • Weight: 173.8g
  • Dimensions: 153.5 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm
  • 48 megapixel main camera, 8 megapixel ultra-wide angle lens, 2 megapixel depth sensor
  • 32 megapixel selfie camera
  • 6-inch AMOLED display, 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, 720×1560 resolution
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Chip
  • 4030mAh battery

The Xiaomi Mi A3 aspires to be more than just a budget-friendly phone, incorporating premium touches such as a built-in fingerprint scanner and an IR blaster, not to mention from its main selling point – the triple-lens camera. Although the longevity of the battery through the performance of the camera is satisfactory, its achievements have been achieved at the expense of superior screen quality.

Design – The Xiaomi Mi A3 looks premium if it’s a little understated

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is a pretty big phone, with a screen that measures 6 inches. The back panel, although plastic, looks good thanks to a glossy finish. Three cameras are present on the back of the handset in a vertically aligned module, while a selfie camera is housed in the teardrop shaped notch at the top of the screen. The notch is not so subtle, but it is not particularly intrusive when watching videos in full screen.

Inspect the sides of the phone and you’ll see several hardware items: a 3.5mm headphone jack, an infrared emitter, a microSD card slot, and a USB-C port. On the other hand, its fingerprint scanner is remarkable because it is integrated under the screen, like many high-end devices. This is useful if you want to unlock your device flat on a surface, but unlocking takes a lot longer than a traditional scanner.

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All in all, this is a device that looks beautiful, without being distinct, and offers the user a welcome versatility that is missing even some flagship products.

Camera – The Xiaomi Mi A3’s triple snapper configuration is impressive for the price

The main feature of the Xiaomi Mi A3 is without a doubt the triple lens camera. The 48-megapixel main snapper is accompanied by a 8-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel depth sensor, offering great versatility.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Review 1

The camera produces pleasantly detailed images. Pinching and zooming on your images always show sharp edges. The night mode greatly reduces the off lights you get otherwise, but the details are significantly compromised.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Review 2

Xiaomi Mi A3: Night mode

HDR may tend towards overexposure, but may give a more pleasant appearance to those who prefer brighter images to dull and dark realism that prevails otherwise. The selfie camera is incredibly sharp and the Portrait mode precisely cuts out the subject and blurs the background for a nice “popping” effect.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Review 3

Xiaomi Mi A3: HDR

Software – Android One Offers Xiaomi Mi A3 Pure Android Experience

The Xiaomi Mi A3, like all previous entries in the series, uses Android One. This interface virtually removes all of the manufacturer’s apps and offers a very pure Android experience without the bloatware that can hinder (but sometimes help) your daily experience with the phone.

Some users may be used to skins developed by different manufacturers, but an undeniable advantage of using Android One is that it guarantees software and security updates for years to come .

The neat approach usually works for the most part on this device, with only two non-Google apps installed after installation, but the minimalist dogma takes an almost masochistic turn when there’s no pre-installed application to use the phone’s IR blaster. like a remote control.

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In our review of Xiaomi Mi 9 We recognized that MiUI was certainly not to everyone’s liking. The adoption of Android One should therefore be globally advantageous, especially thanks to long-term software support.

Battery – Its big battery gives the Xiaomi Mi A3 a considerable autonomy

Although it does not make the headlines in the same way as the triple camera, the battery of this device also deserves praise. With a considerable battery of 4030mAh, this phone can last you a long time. After an hour of viewing YouTube videos, the battery has lost 8% of its capacity and an hour of demanding play has cost him only 12%.

According to our experience, with moderate use, you could get up to two days off of this phone.

Wireless charging is not activated, as you would expect on a phone of this price It is possible to charge quickly up to 18W, but curiously, the phone is packaged only by a 10W charger.

Screen – The disappointing display of the Xiaomi Mi A3 leaves much to be desired

The screen measures 6 inches, which is a good size for watching videos; but unfortunately, the 720p resolution dropped it. This is not the clearest display, and although you have to look very carefully to detect any real blur, you will notice that the images are less clear and that the subjects do not come out of the screen in the same way than the sharper images. display of the resolution.

The brightness is as disappointing as the resolution, never reaching the highs you expect from most phones.

The advantage of these compromises is that they help the battery of the Mi A3 to go even further. The obvious disadvantage is that the videos and games seem disappointing. You will probably notice these differences if you are used to a high-end display.

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Performance – Good power in everyday life, but the Xiaomi Mi A3 is not a phone for gamers

With a Snapdragon 665 processor, this device is firmly in the mid-range of the market. The navigation of the system works well, perhaps aided by a clean interface and a low screen, but there can be some delay on games as powerful as Asphalt 9 at particularly difficult times.

Applications such as YouTube and Google Maps work well, however, and we have not seen any problem when it is multi-tasking between several different applications.

If you’re a hard-working gamer or want to be sure your phone will handle everything you throw in a few years, it might be worth looking at a more powerful device. But most users will be well served by this processor.

Device Geekbench 4 Single Core Geekbench 4 Multi Core
Xiaomi Mi A3 1526 5547
Motorola One Vision 1612 5468
Google Pixel 3a 1633 5209

Should I buy the Xiaomi Mi A3?

This phone gets almost everything you need for the price, including a good camera, a user-friendly interface, correct performance and a powerful battery. But the disadvantage is the screen disappointing.

If you like to use your phone to watch videos, this could be a decisive factor. But if you prefer to take pictures or read text on your device, the Xiaomi Mi A3 will be a reliable device for you.

Xiaomi Mi A3 – Verdict

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is a good choice for an affordable phone, especially if the camera is your priority and you want regular software updates. But if you like watching videos, you can look elsewhere because the screen is not up to scratch.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Review
Xiaomi Mi A3 Review 4

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is a good choice for an affordable phone, especially if the camera is your priority and you want regular software updates. But if you like watching videos, you can look elsewhere because the screen is not up to scratch.

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