Why is Apple selling Xbox One controllers? Apple Arcade

Apple has just delivered Apple Arcade for all devices from iPhones to MacBooks with iOS 13 or macOS 10.15 Catalina. Apple TVs and iPads with the latest operating systems are also supported. And to enhance the gaming experience, Apple has begun selling a wireless controller directly to its website. However, it is just that it is none other than the Xbox One Wireless Controller from Microsoft.

This crossover between Apple and Microsoft is a curious blurring of the boundaries between two companies that are often struggling to bring out the best products. But in this case, Apple seems to have conceded that Microsoft has the best gaming controller (an attitude we agree with), without even trying to make an Apple-branded controller.

A big step into the game or a shy first step?

Apple had a long presentation on Apple Arcade when the iPhone 11 launch earlier this year showed more. It has shown a lot of games, although we can not say that the decision to go with Frogger was well thought out. Even so, the company seemed interested in using its platform on computers, tablets, phones and TV set-top boxes to deliver a first-class gaming experience.

Some of the games that Apple has for Apple Arcade look impressive, such as the almost zelda-like series Oceanhorn. However, there is a remarkable lack of big AAA titles. Initiatives like Google Stadia (which are not even live!) Have bigger titles, full device support, and a custom controller.

Apple's decision to sell the Xbox controller along with the launch of Apple Arcade makes it feel like Apple is not so sure about the platform. Especially as Apple could safely derive a premium for a self-developed controller.

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On the positive side, however, this means that Apple Arcade users have the option of a proven controller. And it gets even better, considering that the Xbox controller has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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