What’s new on Netflix Australia for September 2019

As the number of shows and films available for streaming in Australia continues to grow dramatically, it may be difficult to account for the monthly additions to each streaming service.

We all expect a new stable of Netflix Originals versions every month, but it's not so easy to find out which shows they are and when they are exactly available. And what about the large number of licensed shows and movies available for streaming, if only for a limited time?

In an effort to keep you up to date with the best shows and movies currently being added to Netflix, we provide you with an updated list of the features you can expect for the service on a monthly basis.

Not only that, we'll also be picking out the biggest releases and a range of high-quality TV shows and movies that we believe will make your netflixing time.

Get ready to start the month with an epic binge – here's what's new on Netflix in August 2019. Take a look at the latest offers from Netflix in the following video!

Highlights of the TV shows for September 2019

Disillusionment: Part 2 (20.09.2013)

(Image credits: Netflix)

Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons and Futurama) is back with the second season of his Netflix original series Disenchantment. This time around, Princess Bean is going to hell to rescue a dead girlfriend, learning a mystical fate that will help her restore her father's kingdom.

Hip Hop Evolution: Season 3 (06.09.2013)

(Image credits: Netflix)

If you're a fan of hip hop music, the Netflix original documentary series Hip Hop Evolution is like Mana from the sky. In its third season, the show features Tupac, Biggie, Lil & # 39; Kim and Jay-Z, Eminem and others making their way into the '90s. With numerous open interviews with insiders the show offers the fans the direct truth about the most famous rappers and rhymes of the culture. We can only hope that the show lasts at least another season.

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The cooking show: Volume 2 (09.13.2019)

The cooking show

(Image credits: Netflix)

After a fantastic first season, The Chef Show is back for seconds! Actor / director Jon Favreau and award-winning head chef Roy Choi meet again after their critically acclaimed film director to experiment with their favorite recipes and techniques while hanging out with famous friends. If you have not seen the show yet, you are guaranteed to be hungry for more.

Movie highlights for September 2019

Aquaman (09.05.2013)


(Credit: Warner Bros.)

In the over $ 1 billion adventure movie "Aquaman" by DC, Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) must fight to regain the throne of the Kingdom of Atlantis from his vicious half-brother Orn (Patrick) Wilson). Aquaman is a visual effects-based blockbuster as spectacular as movies. It's an exciting adventure for the whole family.

Dirty dancing (01.09.2013)

Dirty dancing

(Credit: Lionsgate)

An undisputed classic of the 90s, Dirty Dancing, follows Frances "Baby" Houseman (Jennifer Gray), who falls in love with the camp's dance teacher, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze). Together, they train for an upcoming dance contest, though Babys's domineering father forbids her to see Johnny. Take a look and we promise you will have the time of your life …

… and the rest for September


The Spy (06/09/2019)

Jack Whitehall: Traveling with my dad: Season 3 (06/09/2019)

Elite: Season 2 (06/09/2019)

TERRASSENHAUS: TOKYO 2019-2020 (10/09/2019)

The I-Land (09.12.2013)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato (13/09/2019)

The Ranch: Part 7 (13/09/2019)

Unbelievable (13/09/2019)

Las del Hockey (20/09/2019)

Criminals (20/09/2019)

Fastest Car: Season 2 (20/09/2019)

Vis a vis: Season 4 (27/09/2019)

Skylines (27/09/2019)

The politician (27/09/2019)

Bard of the Blood (27/09/2019)

Tiny House Nation: Volume 2 (29/09/2019)

Vagabond (coming in September)


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The Good Place: Season 4 (27/09/2019)


Big girl (13/09/2019)

Between two ferns: The movie (20/09/2019)

In the shadow of the moon (27/09/2019)


Bill Burr: Paper Tiger (09.10.2013)

Jeff Dunham: Next to yourself (24/09/2019)

Mo Gilligan: Momentum (30/09/2019)


Evelyn (09.10.2013)

The Spirit, declared (12/09/2019)

Hello, privilege. I'm & # 39; s, Chelsea (13/09/2019)

Los Tigres del Norte in Folsom Prison (15/09/2019)

In the Head of Bill: Decrypt Bill Gates (20/09/2019)

Abstract: The Art of Design: Season 2 (25/09/2019)

Birdwatcher (25/09/2019)

Explained: Season 2 (26/09/2019)


Archibald's next big deal (06/09/2019)

The last children on earth (17/09/2019)

Team Kaylie (23/09/2019)

Dragons: Rescue Riders (27/09/2019)


Modest Heroes – Ponoc Short Films Theater (06/09/2019)

Sturgill Simpson presents Sound & Fury (27/09/2019)


Dirty Dancing (01/09/2019)

World War Z (01/09/2019)

Charlotte's Web (01/09/2019)

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (13/09/2019)

T2: Trainspotting (14/09/2019)

Revolutionary Road (01/09/2019)

The core (01/09/2019)

Jack Reacher (01/09/2019)

G.I. Joe: Retribution (01/09/2019)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Season 1 (01/09/2019)

Tyler Perry is the Single Moms Club (01/09/2019)

Social animals (01/09/2019)

Ghost Town (01/09/2019)

The changeover (01/09/2019)

For the birds (01/09/2019)

Moving Art: Season 3 (01/09/2019)

Hotel Transylvania 2 (03/09/2019)

The Deep: Season 2 (03/09/2019)

The world we make (04/09/2019)

The crazy job (07/09/2019)

Olympus has fallen (07/09/2019)

Our godfather (10/09/2019)

BLACK LAGOON: Relays 1 & 2 (13/09/2019)

Number of employees (13/09/2019)

Problems with the curve (15/09/2019)

War Dogs (15/09/2019)

Storks (15/09/2019)

The Tuxedo (15/09/2019)

War of the Worlds (15/09/2019)

The Mask (15/09/2019)

Under the Eiffel Tower (23/09/2019)

This is Personal (27/09/2019)

Ingrid Goes West (28/09/2019)

Daddy's Home 2 (28/09/2019)

Smurfs: The Lost Village (28/09/2019)

A winner's heart (30/09/2019)

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What's next month and after?

Netflix has big plans for 2019, with a series of high-profile shows and films that have been confirmed for release on the service. Here is our list of the best upcoming TV shows and movies on Netflix.

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