Welcome to Trustedreviews’s PC Gaming Week 2019

It's finally time to start the fifth – yes, fifth! – annual PC Gaming Week at Trustedreviews. This is the favorite time of the Trustedreviews Computing team of the year, where we can celebrate the joys and explore the depths of what is arguably the most powerful and versatile gaming platform of all time.

This time, we've put together a fine selection of analysis, interviews, opinions, guides, and features for all types of PC players. Whether you've been playing computers on computers since the days of multi-user dungeons with baud-modem support, or have no idea what we just said (but can clean up in Fortnite House), we've got some great readings for you.

We update this page daily, as soon as new articles are published, so you do not miss anything. Come back all week to find fresh, new pieces and jewels from the Trustedreviews archives that you may have missed for the last time.

OK, enough with this loading screen, let's start Trustedreviews's 2019 PC Gaming Week now.

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The Best Gaming PC 2019: 10 of the Best Gaming Desktops You Can Buy

Did you want to upgrade your rig with all the talk about PC games? Then check out our selection of the best gaming PCs of 2019.

We have selected the best desktop PCs, which are equipped with some of the latest and best game components and with which the latest PC games can be played easily.

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Intel loves PC games

Intel is not only one of the largest computer manufacturers, thanks to its processors that power so many of our rigs, but also a big proponent of PC games.

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During Trustedreviews's PC Gaming Week, we examine Intel's love affair with PC games and how it helps to increase esport and give players and developers the powerful tools they need to make the most of their games.

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The best pc games 2019

The PC Gaming Week would not be complete without our final overview of the very best PC games you can play right now,

From the top single player games to the hectic multiplayer madness, in 2019 we chose the best PC games from our point of view. Each of these games was thoroughly played by us and they all prove why the PC is the best gaming platform.

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5 secret tips for building a great gaming PC

Do you think you know everything you need to know about building a gaming PC? Think again when we start the Trustedreviews PC Gaming Week 2019 with this guide, which contains the best insider's tips for building a great gaming PC.

With these handy hacks, you can build a killer rig in no time, from winning the Silicon Lottery to power supply and cooling tips.

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