Watch out OLED, TCL’s mini-LED 8-Series TVs are now available

In recent years, TCL has earned a reputation here in the US, first with its low-cost screens that dominated Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales, and then with its award-winning mid-range 6 Series screen. However, for years TCL has not had a high-end screen to compete with LG, Samsung and Sony … until now.

The TCL 8 Series is now available from Best Buy in two screen sizes – the 65-inch 65Q825 and the new 75-inch 75Q825. Both use TCL's mini-LED technology to fill this gap LED LCD and OLED.

As the name suggests, mini LED panels contain more LEDs in every inch of the 8 Series screens than conventional televisions. According to TCL, there are more than 25,000 in the 75-inch version, which should ensure an even light distribution and a uniform color reproduction and larger viewing angles.

The only problem is that better performance comes with higher prices: the 65-inch 65Q825 costs $ 2,000, while the 75-inch 75Q825 costs a whopping $ 3,000.

Tiny LEDs, but big price

For a company that has built its reputation on low-cost screens, the high-end 8-series is a real departure from the competition: the 65-inch model is twice as expensive as a similar-sized 6-inch model 75-inch model model is three times more expensive.

The point at which TCL would go home is that these are some of the first televisions to use the mini-LED technology that received a lot of airtime during the CES this year and cost substantially less than Samsung's about the same time featured microLED TV.

It's unclear where it stands out from Samsung's new microLED televisions like the 292-inch screen it calls The Wall. However, the information from the two companies indicates that TCL's Mini LED seems to offer similar benefits.

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Already sold on mini-LED? Both the TCL 65-inch 65Q825 and the TCL 75-inch 75Q825 are available now from Best Buy.

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