VPNHub Premium Review


The performance, features and service of VPNHub are all good. However, it is expensive and does not provide any functionality or documentation allowing it to be used with minority operating systems or hardware such as routers. We also do not like free trials that require payment information in advance – its real problem is their pricing.


  • Wide range of final countries
  • Generally fast performance
  • US Netflix Streams

The inconvenients

  • More expensive than most rivals
  • Does not support less common devices and operating systems
  • The free version only works on Android and iOS

Key specifications

  • Price of the review: £ 75.03
  • Free smartphone version
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Supports IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols
  • Clients for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
  • Price in the UK: £ 12.51 per month, £ 75.03 per year; free level for mobile users
  • US price: $ 13.99 per month, $ 83.88 per year; free level for mobile users

What is VPNHub?

VPNHub is a virtual private network (VPN) service of AppAtomic, a subsidiary of MindGeek, the company behind the online entertainment empire Pornhub. Online culture is, in terms of online culture, a logical extension of the desire to get your stones without anyone looking over your virtual shoulder. It is therefore a fairly logical step, especially since MindGeek has also developed UK geoblocking age verification systems if mandatory blocking of adult content is required. , which is the subject of many discussions, never occurs.

VPNHub – Features and usability

Although VPNHub is one of the latest on the market and has a very simple website and an online user interface, its desktop client is easy to use and offers a decent range of features.

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AppAtomic declares that it does not log any traffic logs of user activity when connected to its VPN, although it has not been tested by a court or an independent audit has been conducted. been made to confirm his privacy information.

You can choose from a selection of endpoints in 51 territories, including some less common endpoint locations such as Cyprus, Costa Rica, Taiwan, and the Philippines. By default, the VPN tunnel will automatically try to reconnect if it breaks down for any reason. You can also enable a shutdown switch to prevent any traffic from being sent when the VPN connection is interrupted. This is especially important for people who are sensitive to privacy and those who are on unsecured public Internet access points.


The application can be configured to start and connect when you connect to your computer, while more unusual options include a Scramble feature that tries to hide the fact that you are using a VPN from your ISP, or any other person who may be watching your traffic.

You can also view the logs and switch between the default IKEv2 protocol and my favorite highly secure OpenVPN protocol – we usually keep the default values ​​for the tests and we did so in this case.

VPNHub – Performance

Endpoints / VPNs UK Netherlands United States
VPNHub HTTP 145.76 Mbps 80.72Mbps 123.44Mbps
VPN FTP Hub 174.96Mbps 101.72Mbps 133.58 Mbps

VPNHub’s performance in the UK and the US is extremely good on both HTTP and FTP, although we had below average device performance in the Netherlands during this month’s testing. this.

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In the United Kingdom, it was one of the top four performers, with an exceptional throughput of 145.76 Mbit / s (18.22 MB / s) over HTTP and 21.1 MB / s upload via FTP.

In the Netherlands, this speed has fallen to a disappointing 80.72 Mbps (10.09 Mbps) and 12.7 Mbps for FTP. Note that our tests are performed on a connection much faster than what is normally offered by the UK home Internet, so these are the higher performance thresholds.

On this note, the performance of the United States was really excellent, at 123.44 Mbps in HTTP and 17 MB / s in FTP. This is enough for a streaming broadcast of the highest quality and extremely fast downloads.

This broadcast quality will be useful for US Netflix, which has not detected VPNHub. Shudder horror film specialist has also allowed access to US content. However, if you want to watch streaming TV shows in the UK while you are connected to a UK endpoint, you will not be lucky: BBC iPlayer and All 4 have noticed the VPN connection.

Should I buy VPNHub?

Although you can often expect to pay for performance, VPNHub is especially expensive for what is on offer. Yes, its connection speeds are generally good – assuming that the low speed in the Netherlands was a shock in the tests. But this is not very convenient for streaming, and there is no audit or legal history to back up his requests for no logging.

Even so, his subscriptions cost £ 12.51 per month or £ 75.03 a year; almost as much as its rival ExpressVPN, higher than NordVPN, and much more than private Internet access, all of which have better safety pedigrees and equally fast performance.

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A free seven-day trial is available, but unlike most VPN providers, VPNHub requires your payment information from the outset and charges you automatically after seven days if you do not cancel your subscription. It therefore has more in common with the services that offer money back guarantee.

Unfortunately, although VPNHub does a lot of publicity for this free trial, the offer is only available on smartphones. Desktop users must subscribe to VPNHub Premium, and even that only works on Windows and macOS. Therefore, if you want to use a VPN on your router, your NAS or Linux desktop, this is not the case.


The performance, features and service of VPNHub are all good. However, it is expensive and does not provide any functionality or documentation allowing it to be used with minority operating systems or hardware such as routers. We are not passionate about free trials that require payment information in advance.
However, his real problem is his price. NordVPN provides a similar but faster service with better streaming at a lower cost, while the private Internet is faster and almost double the price, although it can not reliably change the Netflix region.

VPNHub Premium Review
VPNHub Premium Review 1

Verdict The performance, features and service of VPNHub are all good. However, it is expensive and does not provide any functionality or documentation allo

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