Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner Review


With its all-in-one design, featuring a cloth and microfiber cleaning solution and a window cleaner, Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Glass Cleaner is the fastest way to clean your windows. It’s also one of the best, leaving a scratch-free finish on some of our dirtiest windows. However, its large size makes it less suitable for small windows and the high price may put some people off.


  • Quick to use
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • All-in-one design

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $511
  • 290 x 140 x 110 mm, 995g
  • Run time of 30 minutes
  • 2x microfiber cleaning cloths
  • 1x 40ml of cleaning liquid

Window vacuums are a great way to get this finish without any marks on the glass, but they usually consist of two parts: a cleaner and a vacuum cleaner. The Vorwerk Kobold VG100 window cleaner is a little different because it includes everything in one unit, so you can sweep once to clean and vacuum.

Its excellent performance and glossy finish make it a quick way to clean your windows, but the price is relatively high.

Quick cleaning is all that Vorwerk Kobold VG100 glass cleaner needs, but be careful not to spill the cleaning solution.

All-in-one, the Vorwerk Kobold VG100 glass cleaner is more compact than its competitors (290 x 140 x 110 mm, 995 g), although rivals usually consist of two parts. There is a thick handle on the top, which makes it easy to pick up the glass cleaner.

Before you start, you must prepare the window cleaner before using it. It comes with a plastic tray, which you need to prevent any runoff from spoiling the surface on which you are mounting the VG100 when it is not being used.

Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Windscreen washer

Plastic tray prevents water from spoiling a surface

Then you have to load the robot, which takes about 6 hours flat. Once loaded, you must attach a microfiber cloth to the bottom using velcro (you have two in the box and you can machine wash them).

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Once the cloth is in place, a cleaning cartridge is inserted into the box. This is used for cleaning solution and wastewater, with separate tanks for each. In the green part, you add 5 ml of the Kobold GC100 solution. There is a mark at the bottom of the tank, although it is a bit difficult to see. Then you add 80 ml of water and shake to mix.

Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaning Solution

The cartridge takes a cleaning solution and stores the dirty water

Once the cartridge is inserted into the VG100, the liquid is released automatically to saturate the microfiber cloth. Make sure the VG100 is perfectly flat, otherwise you may spill liquid and get uneven saturation of the cleaning cloth.

Vorwerk Kobold VG100 window cleaner is easy to use, but its size may restrict its use in some places.

Once you are ready to start cleaning, simply touch the power button and slowly move the VG100 on the glass surface to be cleaned. It is important to start with the microfiber cloth and follow up with the vacuum cleaner. Depending on the level of dirt, you may need a few strokes. For some deeper spots, it’s easier to turn off the VG100, hold it slightly at an angle, and use a little elbow grease to pick up the damage.

Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Glass cleaner in use

The window cleaner is easy and fast to use

If you’re moving at the right pace, the VG100 effortlessly draws in the cleaning solution left behind, with the integrated scraper giving you a no-mess finish. While testing on an exposed skylight, I went from a dirty mess to a very clean glass and without traces.

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Window cleaning test: Dirty window (left) vs Clean window (right) – Move the cursor to compare

Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner Review 1

As a global cleaner, the VG100 is the fastest I’ve used because it contains everything you need in one device. Yet this can work against you. If you have a smaller surface to clean, such as a small mirror, you can not always insert the VG100 on the inside.

The rival Karcher 10 years old Window Vac Anniversary Edition has two heads for the vacuum cleaner: a large and a small, allowing you to clean even the smallest surfaces.

The battery life and coverage are excellent thanks to Vorwerk Kobold VG100 glass cleaner

The battery life is at least 30 minutes, which should be enough to get around most windows in a medium-sized house. The cover of a single cartridge of cleaning liquid is 20 square meters, which will probably mean that you will add extra laundry if you take care of all your windows at one time.

Each tank of GC100 cleaning fluid gives you 40 roundtrips, replacements costing £ 7 each. This equates to 17.5 pence per recharge. It’s worth it to pay for the Kobold cleaner, considering the results obtained with the cleaning.

Should I buy Vorwerk Kobold VG100 window cleaner?

There is no doubt about the quality and fast Vorwerk Kobold VG100 glass cleaning, with its intelligent all-in-one design, making it the fastest cleaner I have ever used. You will certainly be very happy with the results.

Competition is difficult, however. The 10-year-old Window Vacant Karcher Anniversary Edition costs only £ 50. It consists of two parts, so it is a little longer to clean, but it has two cleaning heads (large and small), which makes it slightly more flexible.

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Then there is the Alfawise WIN660, which costs a similar amount, but automatically cleans the windows. This product may require some tests to clean the dirtiest windows, but it does a great job when it is used regularly.

However, if you have the money you need, nothing will clean up as quickly and efficiently as the Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner.

Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner Review
Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner Review 2

There is no doubt about the quality and fast Vorwerk Kobold VG100 glass cleaning, with its intelligent all-in-one design, making it the fastest cleaner I have ever used. You will certainly be very happy with the results.

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