VonHaus 35″ Tower Fan Review


One of the biggest problems of powerful fans is that they can be noisy. Fortunately, it is a trap that the VonHaus 35 “tower fan avoids, producing a powerful breath of air with little noise. </ P> <p> It is also extremely well built and has the best performance. Elegant air.It is available with or without a remote control, but even with this fan is a good deal and an excellent choice for those who want to cool a large room.


  • Powerful air circulation
  • Reasonably quiet performance
  • Ionizer, three wind modes and a remote control
  • Relatively narrow base
  • Two-year warranty (with registration)

The inconvenients

  • Could do with a lower fan speed

Key specifications

  • Exam price: £ 40
  • 35 “tower fan
  • Remote control
  • Three speeds
  • Eight-hour timer

VonHaus sells its 35 “tower fan with or without remote control. Even with the remote control, the VonHaus 35 “tower fan remains one of the cheapest fans of this size, but is it good?

Fortunately, the answer is a categorical yes. It is relatively quiet, even at high speed, and produces a gust of wind powerful and wide, even from a distance. Although the display is a little disappointing, it is a disappointing value.

VonHaus 35 “Tower Fan – What You Need to Know

  • Fan performance: Not just very close, this fan produces a real breeze even over several meters. It’s a great way to circulate the air.
  • Sound performance: Quiet for a tower fan without harsh notes, but it’s barely silent. It can also transmit a little vibration in solid soils.
  • Use and features: With an ionizer, a remote control and three different wind modes, it does not look like a cheap fan. It’s a shame that the display is so hard to read.

The powerful air circulation of the VonHaus 35 “tower fan can cool on the hottest days

The VonHaus 35 “tower fan is a harmless black tower with a matching black remote control. At the top, buttons control power, fan speed, wind mode and sleep timer, which lasts up to eight hours in one-hour increments. Another knob controls both the oscillation – up to 70 degrees – and the built-in ionizer. The remote control also covers everything, but here the oscillation and the ionizer have their own buttons.

VonHaus 35

The simple and neat control panel at the top allows you to control all the functions of the fan

On the front of the fan, a display confirms room temperature, fan speed, wind mode and if the ionizer is on. Aside from the constant wind by default, the other two modes aim to emulate a more natural and variable wind, the sleep mode reducing its intensity over time. Unfortunately, you can not turn off the beep or display, whose pale blue icons are hard to read for more than a meter.

VonHaus 35

The display allows you to see the current temperature and ventilation mode, although the icons are difficult to read remotely

The body of this fan is slightly wider than the norm, but its base is slightly narrower. Stability does not seem to suffer and the advantage of being able to fit into a narrower corner or space.

The fan starts at medium speed. There is a buzzing sound at the bottom and a slight hiss, but for a tower fan, it is quite quiet, even at the highest setting. At low power, it is particularly quiet – some, but not everyone, would be able to sleep with in the room. Although it is not the most ferocious fan of the tower, it is very efficient. Producing a powerful and consistent breeze in all environments, it is perfectly suited to air circulation in a fairly large room or small office.

The VonHaus 35 “Tower Fan is a silent and powerful tower fan

Our measurements have greatly reinforced our impressions of the VonHaus 35 “tower fan. At its lowest power setting, we measured an impressive wind speed of 4.0 m / s at 15 cm from the grid, falling to 2.2 m / s at one meter. Even at two meters, we measured a low 1.3 m / s, confirming an efficient circulation of air. At full power, the fan produced a wind of 4.8 m / s, which dropped only up to 2.8 m / s over one meter. At two meters, we could still measure an effective breeze of 1.6 / ms.

On the lowest setting, we measured 53.1 dB noise one meter from the front, or only 31.5 dB at a right angle, away from the airflow. By maximizing, this figure jumps to 53.9 dB on the front and 35.5 dB on the side, making it one of the quietest tower fans we’ve ever measured. The power consumption ranged from 24 to 31 watts, the ionizer having no measurable effect on consumption.

Should I buy the VonHaus 35 “Tower Fan?

It is a quiet and efficient tower fan with a reasonable choice of functions. It is relatively intelligent, has a complete remote control and can fit into slightly narrower spaces than some competitors. It’s not without weaknesses, especially that the display is difficult to read remotely and that the fan could run with a few lower speeds, but overall it would be a great addition to any room, even the bedroom.

Fortunately, it is also one of the cheapest tower fans of this size – and with registration, it comes with a two-year warranty. If you want efficient cooling and you do not want to spend a fortune, it’s the fan to buy.

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