Vodafone Smart V10 Review


The Vodafone Smart V10 is one of the best value smartphones available for around £ 100. It offers users a wonderfully clean installation of Android 9, exceptional battery life and a truly usable rearview camera. The only minor issues are its slightly low-resolution screen and its underpowered processor.


  • Great battery life
  • Usable camera
  • Own installation of Android

The inconvenients

  • Underfed
  • No fingerprint scanner or NFC

Key specifications

  • Examination price: £ 105
  • 5.9 inch screen, IPS, HD +
  • Snapdragon 429 CPU
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 3400 mAh battery
  • Android 9
  • 13 megapixels with 5 megapixel secondary secondary camera, 8 megapixel front camera

The Vodafone Smart V10 is the last affordable fan of the Vodafone network giant. He can not have the wow factor of Galaxy S10 Plus but if you consider that it is almost one-ninth the cost, it succeeds admirably.

If you are a parent looking for an affordable phone for your child or a smartphone user who only needs the basics, the Vodafone Smart V10 is a premium option. For £ 105 (pay as you go on Vodafone) you will get a rather decent looking phone that meets all the needs of a budget phone. Highlights include an above-average battery life and a true dual-sensor rear camera.

But, like all phones at £ 100, there are some compromises.

Vodafone Smart V10 Design – Decent, but some angles have been cut

Out of the box, the Smart V10 looks well sacred considering the price. The dinky bezel and the teardrop-shaped housing of the front camera give it a stripped-down appearance Huawei P30 which is not a bad thing.

The side and back panels can be made of plastic, but you have the impression of building them solidly and giving the phone a more expensive appearance than you would expect with a £ 100 phone. He is also thinner and lighter than his rival, the Moto G7 Play.

After unleashing a raging four-year-old on the V10 Smart, I can also personally attest that, despite the use of the less common Dragontrail 2.5D – not Gorilla – Glass to protect the phone’s screen, it is also resistant to scratches and cracks. After the child had the phone stolen on a hardwood floor, after realizing I had not frozen, the Smart V10 appeared intact.

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But looking closer you will notice that some corners have been cut. The most important is the complete absence of fingerprint reader and the use of an older microUSB charging port. The absence of fingerprint readers is rare nowadays, but personally, I did not find it too painful after a few hours on the phone. Unlocking the face can also be used to unlock the phone.

Vodafone Smart V10 Review 1

The use of a microUSB is a bit more boring. Most phones, even the most economical, have made the leap in USB C. Having to go back to the older and slower cable standard is a minor, though forgivable, inconvenience.

Other cups, small but common, have also been made. These include no IP water resistance rating and NFC connectivity, which means you will not be able to use it to make wireless payments.

When you turn it on, you’ll notice that the 5.9-inch screen has a pretty low resolution of 720 x 1560 (HD +). If you switch from an even more expensive handset, you will notice a decrease in resolution. But considering that each phone has such a low price, including the G7 Play, so it’s not surprising.

The IPS panel is also pretty well configured. The whites are perfectly clean and, although the blacks may look a bit gray, they are more than immersive enough for basic viewing on YouTube and Netflix – but be warned that the mono speaker is a bit weak. The only small drawback that I have is that its maximum brightness is a bit low, which can make its use on the outside a little tricky.

Vodafone Smart V10 Review 2

Vodafone Smart V10 Camera and Camera – You will not do better for your money

Dig under the surface and the Vodafone Smart V10 impresses again. Although it is cheap, most of the basics are good. Two of the biggest success stories are its impressive autonomy and its own software.

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In general, I found that the 3400 mAh battery of the Smart V10 had an easy-to-use battery life of one to two days with a single charge. Its regular use involved using it as my professional smartphone and main staff; take and make a few calls, listen to music while on the move, watch some episodes of Stranger Things and check my social media and emails regularly.

During video streaming, he lost between 8 and 10% of his charge per hour on average. The game has drained about 15% per hour. These two figures are impressive and mean that it has more stamina than most of the flagship phones I’ve tested.

The life of the battery is probably improved by the perfectly clean installation of Android 9 on the V10 Smart. Unlike most cheap phones, the V10 Smart is devoid of bloatware and duplicate applications, which typically consume the battery of a handset while operating in the background. The only notable addition is a custom parental control app, which lets you, for example, block certain apps and limit the screen time.

Until here everything is fine? I think so. Trust me when I say that the Vodafone V10 Smart is an excellent first phone for kids, or a super-fast mobile phone for adults, but it’s obvious that even moderately demanding users are a little underpowered.

Vodafone Smart V10 Review 3

Its 3 GB of RAM is more than reasonable given its price, but I am not convinced that the Snapdragon 429 processor is more efficient than the basic tasks. The phone works great for basic web browsing, but it accelerates slightly and it struggles quickly. Having multiple applications or open web browser tabs can also give rise to some stammering. PUBG works, but his experience is far from fluid. That’s why it’s worth remembering that your child is passionate about mobile games.

The same goes for the Camera application, which can take its time to autofocus or take a picture after pressing the shutter button. To be fair to Vodafone, you will have the same problems on all smartphones at this price.

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Otherwise the camera is pretty impressive for the price. All around you will find a dual sensor basic configuration that combines 13 megapixel autofocus sensors with 5 megapixel fixed focus sensors. In its automatic configuration, the phone can take usable photos, even pleasant, under normal lighting.

The photos taken in London are clear and crisp enough to be shared on social networks – which you can not always guarantee on a phone at this price. Panorama mode works properly, and although you select artifacts and anomalies by viewing them on a large screen, portrait mode is usually fine.

Photography in low light is a non-place, which is to be expected. When shooting in relatively dark conditions, the camera captures noise, has a low dynamic range, and generally does not look good. Again, it’s standard for a phone of this price and you will not improve for £ 100.

You can see a selection of photos taken on the Vodafone Smart V10 below.

Vodafone Smart V10 Review 4

Vodafone Smart V10 Review 5Vodafone Smart V10 Review 6Vodafone Smart V10 Review 7

Should I buy the Vodafone Smart V10?

If you’re a parent looking for your child’s first smartphone, the Vodafone Smart V10 is a smart choice. The phone offers good build quality, excellent battery life and a clean Android installation with easy-to-use parental controls.

If you’re looking for a festival or a crash phone to get ready for your next upgrade, it’s an equally solid option, even if you need to be connected to the Vodafone network. The only drawbacks are that, as for all phones of this price, the performance could be better and its screen is a little low resolution.

Vodafone Smart V10 Review
Vodafone Smart V10 Review 8

Verdict The Vodafone Smart V10 is one of the best value smartphones available for around £ 100. It offers users a wonderfully clean installation of Android

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