Unpatchable iOS flaw used to jailbreak older iPhones

A security researcher has released a new jailbreak covering all of Apple's mobile devices between 2011 and 2017, including iPhone models from 4S to iPhone 8 and even iPhone X.

However, this jailbreak differs from the ones released in the past, as it uses a new non-patchable exploit called Checkm8 that exploits vulnerabilities in Apple's Bootrom (Secure Boot ROM) to give iOS users full control of their devices.

The Checkm8 vulnerability has been released by a security researcher named AxiomX, who said so ZDNet that he had been working on the jailbreak all year.

AxiomX said on Twitter that Checkm8 is "a permanent, untransferable bootrom exploit," meaning that this jailbreak is far more extensive and efficient than Apple's previously released for the iPhone.

Bootrom jailbreak

Bootrom Jailbreaks are not only rare but also permanent and can not be fixed with a patch. To permanently fix a bootrom vulnerability would require a silicon overhaul, and even a company as big as Apple does not want to mass reclaim iPhones just to modify device chipsets.

This means that the Checkm8 jailbreak is permanent and works permanently on the devices on which it is installed. The last time a Bootrom-based jailbreak was released was in 2009, and many believed that Apple had managed to hedge its boot process and have since made this type of jailbreak impossible.

AxiomX jailbreaking is currently available on GitHub as a beta version, although technical knowledge is required to install it, as it has the potential to easily block devices.

While a jailbreak of this nature could be used to install unofficial apps on iPhones, the Checkm8 vulnerability could also be exploited by root device hackers, but this would require physical access to a device.

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