Top Amazon-recommended products have major security risks

Amazon threatens consumers by listing and recommending vulnerable cameras exposing their owners to hackers and snoopers. Detection.

The Consumers' Association conducted extensive tests on six wireless cameras and found serious security vulnerabilities, though these devices received thousands of positive reviews and even received the coveted Amazon Choice recommendation. To make matters worse, many of these devices are marketed as suitable for use as baby monitors.

The investigation revealed a number of issues, including weak passwords and strangers that can remotely control these cameras to spy on users and access their unencrypted data.

Which? For the first time, industry experts and commentators in Amazon reviews drew attention to these issues, including a rather shocking one from a father who said he had "chilled his back" after seeing a mysterious voice from a camera next to the cot Child had heard, after it was apparently hacked.

Security issues with the connected camera

Which? performed lab tests on four cameras suspected of having security issues: Victure 1080p, Vstarcam C7837WIP, ieGeek 1080p and Sricam 720p.

It was easy for the testers to gain root access to the Victure 1080p, allowing a hacker to take complete control of the camera and view the footage captured by the device at will. The Vstarcam C7837 had a standard user name set to the base administrator and an easy-to-guess standard password.

The ieGeek 1080p and Sricam 720p cameras both use the same app. For this reason, both devices have the same vulnerability. Which? It was found that Wi-Fi passwords were sent unencrypted over the Internet when a user entered them on both devices. This would allow an attacker to access the user's WiFi home network to see what users are doing on the Web, and even to access data stored on other devices in their home.

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Some of the cameras surveyed by the Consumer Association even noted their passwords and usernames clearly on the side of the product, and users frequently uploaded pictures of them and reviews. This can potentially attack users of these devices, regardless of whether the image was published or not, as hackers can easily use this information to their advantage.

Which? Amazon has asked to remove these products from its store. However, when the group turned to the e-commerce giant, the company declined to comment.

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