Three new Nintendo Switch Joy-Con pair styles could soon be on the way

The Nintendo Switch is the most successful console that Mario's house has released in years, but it was not without a hitch, the sticks on his Joy-Con controllers sometimes drifting away from where a player points them.

This is a big problem for precise competition players, but it now seems possible that Nintendo has the answer in the form of a whole new set of Joy-Con designs. We've already seen a patent for the flexible style that changes Joy-Con style, and now new patents discovered by the SpelComputer Museum (via Lets Go Digital) point to an alternative set of official switch controllers that meet their needs meet every player.

A joy-con for all seasons

The patents do not describe one but three new Joy-Con styles that could one day be available for the console in the regular edition should Nintendo exploit the potential of the designs.

First up is a pair of wider Joy-Conss to accommodate players with larger hands. The original Switch Joy-Conss are quite small, and the larger design here could still accommodate the docked game with the pads attached to it (and possibly even the battery's capacity, even though they were removed).

It gets a little bit weirder with the second set, where the Joy-Con analog sticks are completely removed in favor of two old-school D-pads like the Nintendo Switch Lite. This may favor 2D platformer games and the retro titles that Nintendo now offers alongside its Nintendo Switch online service, and is certainly better than the shared D-pad tradeoff that Nintendo had to make with the original Joy-Cons switch. However, it is less useful for controlling games that work in a 3D room, or for first-person shooters, both of which require precise camera control.

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The final design is just as strange – it holds the analog sticks (placed symmetrically opposite to the middle of the pads here), but also places a D-pad over it on every Joy-Con. As a result, buttons A, B, X, and Y are split on the two sides of the Joy-Cons while the +, -, Home, and Screenshot buttons are completely removed. Closer to the original NES pads, we find it difficult to figure out who these would serve except dedicated retro gamers. In other words, it could accompany some unrevealed software for which it would be perfect.

Note that the Joy Con pads on the Nintendo Switch Lite are firmly attached to the chassis and are not removable. This means that these controllers only work with the original switch or possibly with Nintendo's planned Nintendo Switch 2 console.

A patent still does not necessarily mean that Nintendo intends to enforce a final retail product. However, as the Joy-Cons continues to cause concern, you can imagine them thinking about their options while looking for ways to expand their range of accessories.

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