Pixel 3: This remains an awesome camera on a good phone


A year later, Pixel 3 is still an excellent phone. However, it is mainly due to the pictures. The small amount of RAM has surfaced and, with the Pixel 3a offering roughly the same shooting skills in a much cheaper phone, it’s hard to sell.

We are also looking forward to the Pixel 4, which should carry an extra camera on the back, a smoother screen and many new shooting modes.

Nevertheless, if you can find it at a good price, we will be happy to continue to recommend the Pixel 3 for its only camera.


  • Great haptic
  • Google is the best Android
  • Significantly improved design
  • Breathtaking camera at the front and at the back
  • Fast wireless charging and clever Pixel Stand (even if it’s not included)

The inconvenients

  • No form of unlocking the face
  • Can scratch easily

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $469.95
  • FHD + 5.5 inch screen
  • Snapdragon 845
  • 4 GB of RAM / 64 GB of storage
  • Android pie
  • 12.2 megapixel camera

What is the Google Pixel 3?

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL should both be announced at an event in New York on October 15th. Due to countless leaks and rumors, some of which have been really teased by Google, we already know a lot about this. phone coming soon.

The predicted features include a 90Hz OLED display – similar to the one you’ll find on the new OnePlus 7T – as well as two cameras at the back and a new orange color option.

With this in mind, this may not be the best time to buy a Pixel 3. As good as a phone, we suggest you wait until the Pixel 4 is announced. After that, you will probably see price declines at Pixel 3.

Nevertheless, this remains a good phone with a camera that can compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The previous Pixel cameras have not been very interesting. They have been functional rather than fashionable; sustainable rather than delicate. Google Pixel 3 is the first entry that feels as a match for big boys like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

At a distance, and especially in pictures, the Pixel 3 looks like Pixel 2. Take it, hold it and you’ll notice the difference.

google pixel 3 back

The back is smooth, built completely in glass and almost soft to the touch. It has the finish of a highly polished pebble and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Instead of just putting a drink in the back and stopping there, Google has divided the look of the glass: the top is shiny and the bottom is matte.

I love the matte finish, particularly visible on the white and pink versions, because it reduces the traces and adds some of the adhesion often lost during the transition from glass to metal. This makes the device very easy to scratch.

It is always a slippery phone, especially if you come from a pixel or a pixel 2, and being in glass means that it is less resistant to falls. The switch to the glass also allows Google to introduce wireless Qi charging and help maintain the degree of water resistance IP68.

Only one USB-C port is used here – there is no 3.5mm headphone jack – and it is flanked by a SIM card tray. On the right side are a volume push button and a power button that, in my white version, have a contrasting mint color.

google pixel 3 side

Having all the buttons on one side is not for me and I much prefer the lock button as this means that you do not inadvertently change the volume when you want to turn on the phone.

Flip the phone over and you’ll notice the biggest difference between this and the Google Pixel 3 XL – the screen. In addition to being smaller (with a 5.5-inch screen, as opposed to a 6.3-inch screen), the Pixel 3 does not have the deep notch that cuts the screen. Instead, it’s an 18: 9 panel with a finer border than the Pixel 2. It’s a lot more modern and a lot more aesthetic.

This is not a completely edge-to-edge display, as two front speakers are placed above and below the screen. You also have dual selfie cameras.

google pixel 3

A 5.5-inch screen can seem daunting if you’re used to old pixels (both had 5-inch screens) or an iPhone (usually with a 4.7-inch screen), but thanks to the thinner bezel , the Pixel 3 is about the same overall size as these two phones. It’s comfortable to use in one hand and small enough to slip into the pocket of a jeans or purse. I would say it’s the perfect size for a phone.

Google Pixel 3 Screen – No notch, no QHD + resolution

At 5.5 inches, the Pixel 3’s screen is the largest non-XL Pixel phone. It’s also the best.

  • The colors are striking and bright, without any of those white flaws that have ruined the display on the Pixel 2 XL.
  • Bthe gaps are deep and ink too, thanks to the decision to stick to an OLED panel rather than an LCD screen. The OLED screen allows the pixels to be turned on individually, which means that they can be completely disabled to show perfect blacks.
  • It also means that you will not save too much battery using the permanent display.
  • The resolution of the panel is FHD + (2160 x 1080), which could worry those who wonder why it was not reinforced in Quad-HD + format (2960 x 1440) like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the LG G8.
  • Honestly, with this size, I have a hard time deciphering any difference between the two resolutions, unless I get closer to it abnormally and I’m really looking for individual pixels.

This is a perfectly clean and detailed panel, which would not be better with a higher resolution.

google pixel 3 display

Google has also added HDR support here, with YouTube videos that are truly breathtaking. There is also HDR support in Netflix.

The viewing angles are excellent and the brightness is sufficient to see the screen outside. In my opinion, this is not the brightest screen of the moment and you are likely to manually change the brightness levels much more than with, for example, an iPhone.

Google is looking for an accurate representation of the Pixel 3’s screen colors and its saturation in red and green is significantly lower than that found in a Samsung phone. You can slightly change the screen settings with the available Boosted, Natural and Adaptive options. Adaptive is the default and I did not feel the need to change it.

Google Pixel 3 Performance – Satisfactory and nothing more

A very obvious theme has been omnipresent in the unveiling of Pixel 3 by Google: the specifications have barely been mentioned. His opinion is that software optimization and the way things work are far more important than flashy numbers and huge amounts of RAM.

If you are interested in the internal elements, here is a brief overview: Snapdragon 845, 4GB RAM and 64GB non-expandable storage with a 128GB model available at an additional £ 100. It feels a bit skinny compared to other 2019 phones.

The biggest performance problem is the 4GB. I hope the Pixel 4 will have at least 6GB.

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google pixel 3

This thing is fast, it sweeps everything I can throw at it without falling asleep or bogging down. The games play smoothly and open as fast as any other Snapdragon 845 phone. However, it’s slower than the iPhone XS when opening the same game or application, but it’s almost impossible to compare iPhones and Android phones because there are many different factors.

Refer to the graphs below for the performance of synthetic benchmarks.

Pixel 3: This remains an awesome camera on a good phone 1

Reference results in Geekbench 4

Pixel 3: This remains an awesome camera on a good phone 2

Sheet Music at Antutu 7

Features of Google Pixel 3 – The audio and haptics are excellent

The Audio: The quality of the front stereo speakers is really excellent. The sound is directed towards you, it is not blocked by the hands when you watch a video and the queries of Google Assistant can easily be heard in a room. There is no headphone jack here, but Google includes both a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter and a pair of USB-C headphones that are perfect in the box.

These headphones look a lot like last year’s Pixel Buds and also offer some of the same translation features. Bluetooth 5 also, if you are a fan of wireless headsets.

Haptics: A frequently overlooked feature on Android phones is the haptic: that vibrating vibration you get when a message or a call comes up. The vibration on Pixel 2 was very weak and the one used here is a big improvement. Google seems to know it and you will get many more small haptic responses throughout your operating system. There is one when you pull down the notification panel and another when you browse the applications.

security: With many other phones that switch to face unlocking systems, it seems a little strange that Google maintains the authenticity of its fingerprints. The rear sensor is ridiculously fast and I would take it day by day with a display option that does not work to unlock apps, but some form of unlocking of the face would have been nice.

Google Pixel 3 Software – Android 10 is now here, bringing the dark mode

Google Pixel 3 runs Android 10 with the Pixel Launcher at the top, and is the best software experience on any Android phone. It is certainly missing some features; A deep, customizable battery saving mode seems most obvious to me, but the overall experience is fantastic. Android 10 brings practical features like dark mode and new gestures to navigate the user interface.

The user interface is clean and simple; quick to navigate and never invasive. The essential Google apps are preinstalled and nothing else. As a Google services user, the way everything works and syncs is nothing short of fantastic.

Google Photos remains the best way to save and store snapshots, with Pixel 3 offering unlimited downloads in full resolution to the cloud.

Features specific to Pixel 3 are kept to a minimum and most of them are not yet available or limited in the United States. A call filtering feature, for example, is now available for some people in the United States who use Google’s AI Duplex to answer spam calls for you. I will not fail to try this in the UK.

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