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On the occasion of the launch of the National Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month in the US and Canada, eSentire and Carbon Black have released a new Threat Intelligence Spotlight that highlights the growing sophistication of modern malware.

The two companies have developed the latest Threat Intelligence Spotlight to provide all users, regardless of their technical knowledge, with a resource to help them understand how malware works and find the best ways to mitigate it.

ESentire's Threat Intelligence Spotlight: The Shifting Framework of Modern Malware report was created using data that comes from Carbon Black's extensive Endpoint Protection installation base, along with information coming from 650 mid-sized companies protecting eSentire.

Modern malware

When analyzing all the data collected, security analysts from both companies found that the median number of variants within a malware family is about 10, and the largest number of variants within a family over 200 are threats that are quite difficult for traditional endpoint security solutions ,

eSentire and Carbon Black found that most older antivirus engines take nearly 40 hours to detect new forms of malware. At this time, users could easily become infected with the latest malware, even though the right security solutions exist to deal with these threats.

The report also found that new variants of Emotet malware can be transferred to unprotected hosts on the same network in less than 12 seconds. This major malware family has recently returned after a four-month break earlier this year.

With regard to the spread of malware, eSentire's and Carbon Black's findings found that e-mail is the main method by which malware infects corporations, and more than two-thirds (67%) of all malware that infects companies do so -Mail.

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Sean Blenkhorn, eSentire's Chief Product Officer, gave further insights into the report's findings and said:

"The global malware ecosystem has evolved from annoying and eye-catching activity into a giant enterprise that encompasses markets, vendors and outsourcing, education is the first step to protecting against malware, and our new Threat Intelligence Spotlight provides that perfect basis for anyone who wants to understand this problem in more detail. "

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