iPhone 11 is the iPhone to buy in 2019


The iPhone XR was one of Apple’s most popular phones and I do not see why the iPhone 11 would not have the same success. Apple has seen what most people want and instead of making it look like it’s a cheaper version of the real flagship product, it has given it the full name of the iPhone 11. Unless you’re an absolute fan for an OLED screen or you particularly want a telephoto zoomed, you will not miss many things without the Pro model. Especially when you consider the savings of more than 300 £ / 300 $ you realize by opting for this version. If you come from an iPhone XR, you might want to wait a year and see what the iPhone 2020 brings. However, if you update an older iPhone, you will immediately notice the large number of improvements to the camera, battery life, and overall design.


  • Beautiful camera
  • Long battery life
  • Very nice color options
  • Surprisingly excellent value for an Apple phone

The inconvenients

  • A bump of screen resolution would have been nice
  • Still no fast charger in the box

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: £ 729
  • 6.1 inch Liquid Retina LCD Display
  • A13 Bionic
  • 64, 128, 256 GB of storage
  • 2 12 megapixel cameras at the back
  • True Depth 12 megapixel in the front
  • 5w charger
  • iOS 13

What does the iPhone 11 offer?

The iPhone 11 is the natural successor to the ridiculously popular iPhone XR, and ranks below the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in Apple’s 2019 phone lineup.

You might consider this upgrade as an iPhone XRS: it picks up the previous phone, keeps the design virtually unchanged and modifies the internal elements. There are now two cameras at the back, for example, and the same A13 chipset that you will find in the Pro model.

What seems most surprising is that the iPhone 11 starts cheaper than the outgoing model: £ 729 / $ 699 for the base of 64 GB against £ 749 / $ 749. Would it be just the best value for the iPhone?

Camera – iPhone 11 camera is a excellent improvement in many ways

Since the camera is a vital part of the new series of iPhone 11, and because it’s really great, we have a page dedicated to the revision of cameras for the iPhone 11 presenting a thorough and in-depth overview of the camera duo at the back. from this phone – with a look at how it compares to two of our favorite competing Android phones.

The shortest verdict is that these new rear cameras are excellent. Although the iPhone 11 is much more affordable than the Pro models, it retains exactly the same 12 megapixel stabilized Optical Image Stabilized (OIS) main sensor with f / 1.8 aperture and the same 12 megapixel ultra wide angle camera (f / 2.4).

The only thing you are missing is the telephoto zoom lens 2x “optical” installed on the Pro. I would do an ultra wide zoom every day, so it’s a fair trade for me. When I compare photos of Pro and 11, I do not see any difference.

iPhone 11 back straight

There are two cameras on the back of the iPhone 11

This ultra wide camera allows you to do much more in your shots. It’s great for landscapes, but it’s a smaller sensor with a slower lens that can not match the main sensor for pure quality. Nevertheless, the versatility it adds is fun to photograph and I jump constantly when I feel that an interesting shot is available.

iPhone 11 is the iPhone to buy in 2019 1

It’s far from novelty for phones to pack such a sensor, but it’s good to see Apple add one here. Apple has also added 4K60 video recording, made improvements to its previously introduced Smart HDR feature and finally integrated a Night Mode to the camera app for better shooting in low light .

The snapshots taken with the automatically activated night mode are overall fantastic. You get a crisp, sharp picture that matches – and can exceed – the Pixel 3 and P30 Pro. There seems to be more detail with the P30 Pro, but it’s something that is noticeably visible only in larger sizes than the phone’s screen.

iPhone 11 is the iPhone to buy in 2019 2

Photos taken in less demanding environments are, as expected, excellent. The details have been significantly improved compared to previous iPhones and, in my opinion, the dynamic range is better – giving you a clearer definition of the lightest and darkest elements.

iPhone 11 camera

The image quality of the iPhone 11 can be comparable to that of the iPhone 11, but the video capabilities of the iPhone far exceed the others. You can take pictures with both cameras up to 4K60fps. The colors and tones are well balanced.

The front camera now has 12 megapixels and can now capture, among other things, “slofies”. These idle selfies are surprisingly fun, but they also have a seriousness. You will probably use it once, then forget it.

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Design – The DNA of the iPhone XR lives

Apple seems more settled than usual with the designs of his trio of iPhones. The iPhone 11 Pro range has hardly changed since the arrival of the iPhone X and has almost killed the telescope, while the iPhone 11 retains the same appearance as the iPhone XR.

It still weighs the same weight, at 194 g, retains the thickness of 8.3 mm. Without the redesigned camera module on the back and its slightly darker colors, it looks identical to the phone it replaces.

This means that you have a much more rugged device than the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, featuring a rigid aluminum frame and a glass bottom. Apple claims that the glass used here is the “toughest glass on a smartphone” through a process of reinforcing double ion exchange, covering both the front and the back.

The IP water resistance index has also been increased to IP68, which corresponds to the iPhone XS. It remains to be seen what this really means to you, if you accidentally drop your new shiny phone on a stone floor. I’ve already seen many examples of iPhone 11 cracked. Surprisingly, the range of Apple cases for iPhone 11 is low, with the leather and silicone options reserved for the more expensive Pro – in its place, you have a pretty cheap plastic case.

The most obvious design differences are the new larger camera case. The iPhone 11 adds a second camera to the mix, which makes the two sensors physically larger. These are cameras that really stand out and that are integral to the design of the phone, rather than blending into the skin.

Although they look very bulging in pictures, the cameras are not too prominent on the back of the phone and I like their appearance. There is even a nice contrasting matte square containing the camera’s sensors and a flash that adds a little flair. You will notice that the phone does not apply flush with the surface if you place it on a table, which makes it a little annoying to type without holding the phone.

front screen of the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 reflects the XR in terms of look

The iPhone XR has introduced for the first time bright colors in the iPhone range since the iPhone 5C, often derided, and they stay here. For the iPhone 11, Apple has toned down some of the brightest colors, giving them a more pastel finish. I’m using the purple hue and I’m a big fan – having a more saturated purple would have seemed garish. You also have a green that reminds me of a 70s bathroom, a pale yellow and more traditional colors like white and black. A Deep Product (RED) version completes the selection.

A year after the iPhone XR and two of the iPhone X, I must say that this design is starting to make a slight need for refreshment. While the iPhone 11 remains a beautiful phone, the dial too wide and slightly thicker than expected looks old fashioned compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10 and OnePlus 7 Pro. If you’re using an older device, older than iPhone X, you’ll see huge improvements. It is a much easier to manage device than, for example, the iPhone 8 Plus and it engulfs a larger screen in a smaller format.

I find that the size of the iPhone 11 is the best of all iPhone: more screen with which to play than the 11 Pro without feeling too bulky and heavy. This is the perfect mix and I would like the 11 Pro to be that size.

iPhone 11 is the iPhone to buy in 2019 3

(drag the slider to compare the two pictures)

Screen – The screen of the iPhone 11 is probably its least impressive feature

The screen remains the same as that of the iPhone XR, which may cause consternation of many people. The 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD is still inferior to the competition in terms of resolution and it would have been nice to see the 1792 x 828 panel upgrade to a 1080p version.

Does it make a lot of difference? Not really. If you look at the magnifying glass with an iPhone 11 Pro and a high-end Android phone, you’ll notice a little less sharpness, but it’s a bright, color-rich display with a perfect size.

True Tone is built-in to change the hard tones to suit your environment and you can bring the screen to life by lifting or tapping it.

Even more than a boost in resolution, I would have liked that Apple uses OLED technology across the entire range of iPhones. The deeper colors and black ink of the iPhone 11 Pro are hard to replicate, which remains the biggest weakness of the iPhone 11 screen.

front screen of the iPhone 11

The screen can not match the iPhone 11 for resolution

Battery Life – The battery life of the iPhone 11 is not the best in the range, but it is close.

The iPhone XR is really impressed by endurance, resists iPhones of “Plus” models and sits comfortably as the flagship Apple with the best battery life.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max may have been rewarded with its massive improvements over the iPhone XS Max, but the iPhone 11 is still a very durable phone that I think goes a bit further than its predecessor with a single charge.

Apple’s claim of “all-day battery life” seems quite sincere and throughout the review process I put the phone out of charge a few days later without the reconnect until noon at my office. This is even with the slightly heavier use that is required to become familiar with a new phone. Some days, I hit the red around 22 hours and I noticed that the battery was discharging much faster when you take a lot of pictures and videos.

Apple phones have always impressed me more than their Android counterparts when it comes to battery depletion during intensive tasks such as games and streaming. I am passionate about the excellent Apple Arcade titles and 30 minutes of Oceanhorn 2 have been eating up to 8% – which is pretty impressive.

What is less impressive is the 5w charger that you will find in the box. Not including a quick charger is clearly a cost-saving measure and it remains a real disadvantage against this phone. The supplied charger has always been slow and this feeling is even more obvious now that the models of the iPhone 11 Pro come with an 18w charger.

In 30 minutes of charging the iPhone 11 with the plug and Lightning cable provided, it went from 13% to zero, which is hardly ideal if you are in a hurry and forgot to connect your phone the night before. At the same time, the charge of the 18w socket that you will find in the pro box has risen to 38%. If you’re ready to spend a little more, you should buy the Apple 18w plug (£ 29) and the USB-C cable to Lightning (£ 19) next to the iPhone 11.

The wireless Qi also charges (7.5w), which is actually faster than the basic jack – provided you have a compatible pad.

The battery life of the iPhone 11 is impressive, but it’s far from the battery champion. If you really care about the battery and you soon move to Android, phones like the Huawei P30 Pro, and options much cheaper than the Moto G7 Power, are even more impressive.

Performance – Speed ​​is not a problem for the iPhone 11

In the iPhone 11, you’ll find Apple’s A13 Bionic chipset and, according to the Geekbench reference application, 4GB of RAM. It’s an extremely fast piece of silicone that surpasses every Android phone we’ve scanned, and it’s just as practical every day.

Of course, it’s the fastest chip from Apple and that’s to be expected. Apple has total control of its hardware and software, which has always left Android phones in the wake of the iPhone in terms of benchmarks and performance.

Still, I’m not sure anyone coming out of an iPhone 8, an iPhone X or an XS will immediately notice the differences. Dragging into iOS is simple, applications open instantly and you will never have to wait for something to load – and I would have said exactly the same thing when I was unpacking and started using n & rsquo; Any previous iPhone.

A few years later, the difference will probably be revealed. I’m sure it will be a fast phone in two or three years and that’s really what sets iPhones apart. I did not suffer any bad performance playing or slowing down the camera application.

iPhone 11 back

The A13 chip inside the iPhone 11 is a beast

The iPhone 11 features sophisticated new audio tricks, designed to make the noise from the phone feel like it does not sound more like noise from either side, but rather from noise coming from the entire device. “Spatial” audio supports popular formats such as Dolby 5.1 (if you watch from Netflix) and Atmos (iTunes). Although this is a nice improvement over the XR, it is not at all ‘surround sound’.

Apple also said that the FaceID sensor that unlocks the phone is faster this time and operates at sharper angles. Speed ​​has never been a problem for FaceID and it remains lively, although judging it next to an iPhone XS Max does not show a dramatic increase in speed. As for the angles, it must work, I still have to take it on a table to register, so that the improvements seem minimal.

The final piece of the performance puzzle is a brand new U1 chip. The uses of this app seem a bit sparse at the moment, however, this makes it easier for AirDropping files to be used by other users of U1 and iOS 13.1

None of the new iPhones are supported by the 5G and no Apple 5G phone has been dedicated this year. According to rumors that preceded its launch, it’s not a surprise.

Choose the cheapest iPhone 11 and you’ll get a 64GB storage, four times less than the basic Galaxy Note 10 (256GB). If you plan to store many 4K60 videos, several Apple Arcade games (usually 1GB each) and some music. So it’s going to fill up quickly. For £ 50 / $ 50 extra, you get the 128GB model, which is a much better value. There is also an option of 256 GB.

iOS 13 – iPhone 11 brings dark mode and more

iOS 13 is not exclusive to the iPhone 11 and if you already have an iPhone in recent years, you can upgrade it to benefit from many new features. However, the latest iOS updates still seem to work better on the latest hardware.

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In terms of features, iOS 13 is far from being completely redesigned from the platform, but that does not mean that there is not much choice here to marvel.

Apple Arcade came out of nowhere for me. I had almost no hype or anticipation of Apple’s gambling service – and I started playing some of those games. For £ 4.99 ($ ​​4.99), you get unlimited and totally offline access to 60 games (there are more to come), all of which are exclusive Arcade subscriptions and among those I have played, some are very impressive.

Oceanhorn 2 is a pretty Zelda that has the impression of pushing the chip A13 Bionic; Sayonara Wild Hearts is a beautiful rhythm game and Assemble With Care is a therapeutic construction game. Games are not only a great way to try a new phone, but they are also featured in a dedicated part of the App Store that is easy to navigate.

Dark mode is another recent addition and probably the most requested feature. Return to this new mode and most clear user interface elements will become darker blacks and grays. It works in all of Apple’s native applications – Maps, iMessage, Mail and News, to name just a few – and third-party applications can also incorporate their own dark modes into the system’s own.

I think the dark mode is much better on the iPhone 11 Pro with OLED technology because these types of display can disable individual pixels to produce perfect black colors. Blacks on the iPhone 11 may seem a little washed out and less appealing in comparison.

iOS 13 also brings big updates to Maps apps. There are now 3D views of cities and you can create collections of your favorite places. Photos also have an updated look, with amazingly excellent editing tools.

iPhone 11 flat

iOS now has the dark mode

The biggest ticking against iOS 13 so far is that it’s a bit buggy. I noticed frequent application crashes, forced reboots, and non-response episodes that were not in iOS 12 at all.

Should I buy iPhone 11?

The iPhone XR was one of Apple’s most popular phones and I do not see why the iPhone 11 would not have the same success.

Apple has seen what most people want and instead of making it seem like a cheaper version of the real flagship product, it has given it the full name of the iPhone 11.

Unless you’re an absolute fan of an OLED display or you particularly want a zoomed telephoto, you will not miss many things without having the Pro model. Especially when you consider the savings of more than 300 £ / 300 $ you realize by opting for this version.

If you come from an iPhone XR, you might want to wait a year and see what the iPhone 2020 brings. However, if you update an older iPhone, you will immediately notice the large number of improvements to the camera, battery life, and overall design.

I would also like to congratulate Apple for keeping the price on the most “affordable” side. At £ 729 / $ 699, this is a great buy which, hopefully, will behave comfortably for a number of years.


An excellent phone, the iPhone 11 is Apple’s flagship product by default for next year and is worthy of this crown. An excellent camera and a long battery life make it an easy choice.

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iPhone 11 is the iPhone to buy in 2019
iPhone 11 is the iPhone to buy in 2019 4

Verdict The iPhone XR was one of Apple's most popular phones and I do not see why the iPhone 11 would not have the same success. Apple has seen what most p

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