These surprise iOS 13 features will make your iPhone less annoying

We've introduced you to the best iOS 13 features for your iPhone and have done so with iPadOS features for iPad Pro, iPad Air and other tablets. But to be honest, the full list of benefits of iOS 13 is overwhelming.

While it's nice to have the big headliner features like a redesigned photo app and the long-awaited dark mode, the real stars of the update are tiny tweaks that make your life a little easier every time you get started. Even small things like adding a 16: 9 photo size will help.

So today we take a look at the lesser-known tips and tricks that people will enjoy when they get iOS 13, even if they do not know it yet.

1. Proposals for alarm change for public holidays

If the next day is a holiday, the iOS 13 version of Siri may suggest switching from the normal daily alarm routine before falling asleep and then changing it again.

This avoids the unfortunate scenario of forgetting to turn off the alarm when you finally get the opportunity to fall asleep. Or an even worse situation: Forget about turning off the alarm the next day when you need to work.

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It's not practical to say "Hey Siri" to call the assistant when your hands are tied, but accidentally speaking during an important meeting or trying to activate Siri in a noisy restaurant is not. iOS 13 fixes this problem by converting your input from speech to text. This is also an excellent addition to the accessibility.

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Typing a command to Siri is as simple as getting anywhere on the Home screen and tapping the buttons in the Spotlight search box. This is always the last option under the options "Search the Web" and "Search the App Store".

3. Delete apps from the App Store

Have you ever noticed in the "App Store Updates" section that there are some apps that you do not want to update, just delete? In iOS 13, you can swipe left with an pending update on an app and delete it from your phone.

These surprise iOS 13 features will make your iPhone less annoying 1

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4. Different languages ​​for different apps

In iOS 13, you can set the language settings per app. If you'd like to see a Calendar app in English and a To Do app in Spanish, you can now arrange it. Note, however, that not all apps support this feature.

Go to Apps from the App Store & Delete region. Select "Add language" to add another language to the array on your iPhone. Then, navigate to the general settings page and click on the app's specific settings to turn it on.

5. Offline dictation

Keep dictating notes or other items even if you lose the connection. This is a feature that is likely to go unnoticed if you continue to dictate while commuting or in other areas with spotty network operator service. Siri is not yet offline, but dictation can be done without an internet connection.

These surprise iOS 13 features will make your iPhone less annoying 2

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In iOS 13, you can control which photo or name is used for your contact information that people see when you call them or send them a message. This feature is somewhat buried in the way it is set up, but will make a big difference every day (especially for those friends who prefer to use a less than flattering photo of you). To set it up, go to Settings, Messages and then Share Name and Photo.

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These surprise iOS 13 features will make your iPhone less annoying 3

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7. Save all Safari tabs

In iOS 12, you can press and hold the bookmark icon below to add "bookmark" or "add to reading list". IOS 13 now has the option to bookmark all open tabs. Especially useful for the "tab forest" peoples (not a judgment here), who are more likely to keep many tabs open and may need to store them in a bookmark archive at some point in time.

Upcoming functions

These iOS 13 features were announced at or since WWDC 2019, when Apple unveiled everything that went along with the OS update. Expect to see these benefits in iOS 13 smaller versions.

8. Time to finish loading

Instead of a percentage or hours remaining when you connect your phone, you can see when the charging process is complete. This has long been a feature in Android phones, but better late than never for iOS devices. In this case, the small advantages of iOS 13 are the ones that make daily life more enjoyable.

9. Automatic ETA sharing via maps

In Maps, you can now add someone to a favorite location, and the app automatically shares your ETA as you navigate to that location. This should save a lot of annoying "how far are you now" exchanges if you just try to focus on getting there.

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