The Witcher TV series’ release date may just have been leaked by Netflix itself

It is safe to say that Netflix's forthcoming adaptation of the fantasy series The Witcher starring Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) is one of the most anticipated shows in the history of the service.

While the streaming service has already released a great first trailer for the The Witcher series at the Comic Con in July, it has remained silent since then on the release date of the show – until now.

Originally discovered by Redanian Intelligence, Netflix Netherlands' social media account accidentally left the cat in its now-deleted tweet and revealed, in addition to several other shows, details about the Witcher release window.

Fortunately, the site was able to take a screenshot of the tweet before it was scrapped, which you can see below.

(Credit: Redanian Intelligence)

When counting the number of "sleeps" until the new content arrived, Netflix's tweet revealed that the Witcher series contains only 97 sleeps. If the tweet was indeed correct, we can expect The Witcher to land on Netflix on December 17, 2019.

Of course, the account quickly wiped the tweet, which means that the release date is anything but rock-solid – it may even be completely inaccurate. Nevertheless, Ted Sarandos, Netflix's Chief Content Officer, announced in an investor call in April that the The Witcher series would be released before the end of 2019.

For now, all we have to do is wait for Netflix to officially announce the release date of the television series The Witcher.

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