The office printer has changed: here are 5 new things you didn’t know they could do

The rise of modern, flexible workplaces and the proliferation of mobile devices mean that today's office environment is often barely recognizable, even compared to 15 years ago.

If you have not bought a new office printer in recent years, you will be forgiven that the workplace revolution has left these "useful" tools behind and that they have not developed much in the last decade. However, these quiet performers who sit in the office and help you organize your work have also been quietly upgraded – and perhaps nothing more than the new intelligent printers from HP's OfficeJet Pro range. These are designed to help relieve the burden of epic work on small business owners by managing the inevitable formalities as efficiently as possible, even if the documents are completely digital and no actual expression is needed. This gives both business owners and their employees more time to focus on the essentials: completing their work. With that in mind, we've introduced five new things that you probably did not know were modern office printers.

With a clear and modern design, the HP OfficeJet Pro printers can discreetly fit into any home or office.

(Picture credits: HP)

1. Mobile-based Smart Workflows

HP is aware that the modern office is mobile. Therefore, it makes little sense to restrict connectivity to the local office network. Available for both iOS and Android, the HP Smart Printing App offers advanced features, including document scanning by capturing images with your smartphone's camera. From here you can send emails and / or scan directly to recipients. You can also set up automated workflows called smart tasks that streamline activities. For example, you can scan documents on the move and later print them out conveniently via the printer's touch screen.

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2. Space saving designs

The new flagship, the OfficeJet Pro 9020, is a fully featured multifunction device with automatic document feeder and large output tray. Although retaining the core functionality of its predecessors, it now occupies 39% less space. This is great news for any office, but especially for those who need every square centimeter. In fact, the base now has a footprint of just 437 x 397 mm, allowing discrete integration into any workspace.

3. Flexible ink options

HP has also made buying OfficeJet ink easier and more flexible. Each replacement package is clearly labeled with the printers it is used on, and there is a wider choice of packages available. For example, if you only need a quick charge, you can save upfront costs by purchasing standard cartridges. However, there are also high-yield XL versions that last even longer – and offer better value for money – for those who print a lot. These offer more than double the capacity of the standard size and at much less than double the price. As a result, you do not have to worry about the ink running out too soon or spending too much on consumables.

4. Extended integrated text recognition *

At the end of the technological complement to the OfficeJet Smart Printer is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This will allow you to scan a document with either the printer or your smartphone app and then convert the image into a text document that can be edited before printing or sharing. You do not have to rewrite anything by hand, even if you are on your iPhone or Android phone.

5. Environmentally friendly

Nowadays, it's good to know that some sustainability considerations have been made for this robust office purchase, and the new OfficeJet pros are no exception. The new 8000 Series models contain up to 15% recycled parts, while the Premium 9000 Series devices are 10% recycled. In addition, both series are more energy efficient than ever before. Thanks to intelligent energy management and low power consumption, they are greener and help to keep your bills low – something that is always important when running a business.

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HP is also a founding member of Cartridge's 4 Planet Ark, an innovative recycling program that allows Australians to recycle their used cartridges for free and easy. More than 10 million HP cartridges were recycled on-site as part of this program without having to dump waste. If you choose an HP printer and recycle your Original HP ink and toner cartridges, you can help reduce global consumption without compromising quality.

HP's OfficeJet Pro range includes the amazingly affordable 8020 with an RRP of just $ 199.

HP's OfficeJet Pro range includes the amazingly affordable 8020 with an RRP of just $ 199.

(Picture credits: HP)

Improve your entire office

Of course, the HP flagship OfficeJet Pro 9020 is more than just a breeze. With decades of printing experience, the device delivers HP's legendary reliability in both printing and scanning. With printheads with a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 pixels and inkjet technology, booklet-quality output is a breeze. When used with HP photo papers, you can create lab-quality rimless photos with the enhanced 4,800 x 1,200-pixel resolution. Waiting is also minimal as prints are efficiently created at a rate of up to 39 pages per minute and a first output time of only 9 seconds. Additional intelligent functions mean that the output tray knows when it is full for large print jobs. So there's no danger of you returning to a paper avalanche throughout your office.

The Automatic Document Feeder makes it easy to scan and copy both sides of a document at the same time. Not everything has to be turned into a hard copy these days. In this case, documents can easily be sent directly to the cloud and distributed as needed.

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With these handy features, the devices can not be misused. All printers in HP's new OfficeJet Pro range offer world-class security features, including data-level encryption, enterprise-class Wi-Fi security (self-healing), and secure printing-all certified by KeyPoint Intelligence.

The new 8000 Series printer series is available now and costs only $ 149. If you need advanced printing options, you can purchase the 9000 Series from all the leading Australian retailers. The flagship model OfficeJet 9020 is available for $ 299.

So if you want to focus on the work that really counts and do not want to be distracted by spirited technologies, choose a printer that behaves like a partner, not just a tool. a model that is smart but does not intrude or interfere with your workspace. If you are, HP's new OfficeJet Pros are exactly what you're looking for. Click here to find a model that fits your needs.

The office printer has changed: here are 5 new things you didn't know they could do 1

* OCR available on 9010 models only.

^ Compared to the majority of competing all-in-one inkjet consumer devices with color inkjet printers <299 USD. The HP-commissioned study Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab 2018 is based on a survey of published specifications, sustainability reports, and press releases issued by printer manufacturers dated December 15, 2008 and has not been confirmed by laboratory testing. Market Share According to IDC CYQ3 2018 Hard Copy Peripherals Tracker, Release 2018Q3. AiO with the best security features in its class based on the review of published embedded security features of competitive models in its class and defined as a business-class multipoint security offering, including, but not limited to: data-level encryption, device, network, document; Wi-Fi security enterprise-class; and secure printing. For more information, see

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