The best free iPhone apps of 2019

You have an iPhone and have ventured into the Apple App Store, where there are well over a million apps.

Great news! Many of them are free. Not so good news! You have to look through them to find the best. Luckily we are here for it and list it here.

Our selection is sorted by practical categories. Whether you need a free photo editor, a translation app, a navigation system or something else, you can jump directly to the appropriate category.

Click through to the following pages for each category, but first check out our free iPhone app of the week below and make sure you give this page a naughty bookmark so you can check out every 7 days with our latest free iPhone app. App can stay up to date.

Free iPhone App of the Week: Moodflow: Year in Pixels

(Picture credits: Walter Monecke)

Moodflow: year in pixels is a free iPhone app that allows you to track emotions and well-being without, however, affecting your day. It simplifies the work by asking you daily to select a satisfaction rating, type in the moods you feel, and optionally write short notes about your activities or your day in general. The ratings are then displayed as colored squares in a calendar, so you may be able to see what is affecting you.

Only these basics would make a useful app, but Moodflow goes deeper. Your recorded content can also be accessed as a journal or via a statistics page. A dashboard provides the opportunity to create challenges to develop good habits, such as: For example, to read five pages of a book daily or to walk more.

Moodflow can also be customized very individually, from colors and backgrounds to the labels used throughout the app. It's a breeze for free.

The best free iPhone video editors and animation apps

These are our most popular free iPhone apps for quick editing of videos, GIFs and live photos as well as creating stop motion animations.

The best free iPhone apps of 2019 1

(Image credits: future)


Splice is in a gap between traditional movie production software and fast video editing programs.

As with products designed to quickly develop something for social networking, Splice strives to get you started. Select some videos or stills from your iPhone, drag to arrange the thumbnails, select an aspect ratio, and you have essentially an edit.

However, the app offers you many ways to keep things going. You can add titles, effects, text overlays, and audio. Individual clips can be cropped, cropped and provided with filters. Of course, ongoing projects are saved so you can refer back to them later.

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The layout and workflow are similar to the ones you're familiar with when you're ready for desktop editing – optimized for mobile only and without a price tag.

The best free iPhone apps of 2019 2

Turn Pixaloop on

Turn Pixaloop on allows you to animate your photos. This is accomplished by manually drawing arrows for the path to define the direction of the animation and placing anchors to anchor other areas of your image in place. Tap the Play button and you'll get a kind of cinemagraph-based on a single still image, not dozens of shots or a video.

Whatever you create can be exported to video as a video (unfortunately there is no animated GIF option), but you can add much more, including camera shake effects, overlay effects, and automated moving skies. Some of these functions work better than others, but the whole package is a great way to bring your photos to life. Note that the IAP subscription lurks, although you do not have to pay to get a lot out of this app.

The best free iPhone apps of 2019 3


Moodelizer is a one-trick pony – but it's quite a trick. It lets you add custom soundtracks to videos – and all you need is a single finger.

You choose a genre and "rehearse" the playback by dragging your finger over the square viewfinder. Move up to increase the intensity of the music, and to the right to adjust the variation. You can sample with the viewfinder or with an existing video loaded from your camera roll.

It's fun to just play around with the audio, but when you create a video, everything comes together properly. If you're shooting another clip of your cat that's a bit amusing now, Moodelizer can provide the excitement with rousing club music or pounding guitar riffs.

The best free iPhone apps of 2019 4


Vue is a video editor whose original incarnation was a strange mix of fascinating and ridiculous. In short, it's designed to give you six seconds of fame by recording an ultra-short three-motion video.

Fortunately, Vue is a bit relaxed now – and all the better. The app still prefers the brevity, but allows for movies up to three minutes long and can also load existing videos from your iPhone. Once your miniature masterpiece is done, you can add filters and stickers, overlay subtitles, and play around with zoom and setting controls.

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The app still feels a bit rigid compared to clips, but Vue's sense of focus and style – along with the shared-sharing network that underpins it all – pays to try them out.

The best free iPhone apps of 2019 5


Clips is a video editing app that aims to provide content for sharing on social media. For this purpose conventions (widescreen, standard titles, typical editing traces) are avoided and it is tried to put a lot of fun in a streamlined, uncomplicated editing process.

You can record directly in the app or import existing videos. In both cases, you can overlay stickers and live subtitles that appear while the topic is talking, and apply filters for a different look. Posters serve as a substitute for titles, helping to improve tempo and context in a much more interesting, animated, and editable way.

For iPhone X users, there's something extra: animated 3D selfie scenes. These can take you into a series of stylized landscapes, including neon cityscapes and Star Wars ships. The effect is so intriguing that it's worth using the app for selfie scenes only.

The best free iPhone apps of 2019 6

motion stills

Motion Stills is designed to help you do more with the live photos you take on your iPhone. Of course, Apple's own photo app offers options to customize the animation of these images – but this Google offer offers much more.

Allowing the app to view your photos will display a scrollable feed of images that will be animated when browsing. This alone makes Motion Stills worth downloading, not least because the app applies stabilization technology to your live photos and eliminates wobbly effects.

However, with a few quick swipes, you can quickly select a series of live photos that can then be converted into a tiny movie. Alternatively, you can turn live photos into collages or add text and emoji to your favorites. In short, Motion Stills feels like Apple's live photo editor forgot to make itself.

The best free iPhone apps of 2019 7

Loop by seedling

If you do not have the patience to work with full-on-stop motion apps, but still feel like a mini-aardman, then Loop by Seedling is just the ticket.

You take pictures with your camera and can easily overlay your previous photo in semi-transparent form to make sure everything is aligned correctly.

Once you're done, you can play back your photos as an animation. There are tools that allow you to adjust the frame rate, add a filter, and play around with grid collages. So you can create a Warhol-like animated GIF for sharing.

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The UI is a bit obscure – many controls need to be "discovered" before you become familiar with using this app.

But once you know where it is, Loop becomes a smart and efficient way to create charming miniature animations. Amusingly, it also works in messages, so you can answer friends with a tiny movie if you consider the written word passé.

The best free iPhone apps of 2019 8


If you like the idea of ​​working on home videos, but have no time or attention these days, try Quik. The app automates the entire process, allowing you to create beautiful videos and show them to your friends in a few taps, without the need for talent – certainly the epitome of today's # hashtag generation.

All you have to do is select a few videos and photos and choose a style. Quik then turns it into a great video that you can share with friends and family. However, if your inner filmmaker craves for a little more control, you can adjust the style, music, format, and tempo, crop clips, rearrange items, and add titles for the desired effect.

Quik cements his friendly manner and offers a small pair mini-game that you can play with while the app renders your masterpiece. And there's even a weekly "For You" video that Quik compiles without you having to lift a finger.

The best free iPhone apps of 2019 9


If you sat there at school and drew film animation masterpieces in the corner of your notebook, Animatic is the iPhone equivalent. You use simple tools to scribble on a small screen, and then create your animation frame by frame.

The app uses a simple approach with onion skins. This means you can see the previous images faintly behind the current one to make sure everything you draw does not go anywhere. Once you're done, you can adjust the animation speed of your creation and export it to video or GIF.

Since you are scribbling with the iPhone equivalent of felt pens, you will not be creating the next Pixar movie here. But Animatic is fun, a great introduction to animation, and a useful sketchpad for those who are already into animation. The app also includes a number of demos that show what is possible with a little time, effort and imagination.

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