Surfshark launches free Trust DNS app

To make it easier for consumers to protect their privacy online and circumvent censorship, the data protection company Surfshark has launched a new secure DNS resolver for Android called Trust DNS.

With the new app, users can surf the Internet safely without being tracked or monitored. Because Surfshark believes privacy is an inherent human right, users can download and use the Trust DNS app for free.

Surfshark's cybersecurity advisor, Naomi Hodges, explained why the company decided to launch a free DNS resolver instead of a paid one:

"As technology giants began to focus on data-driven marketing, the concept of online privacy became the essence of reality on the Internet. Unfortunately, many people can not afford premium protection software. Instead, they choose free solutions that are more dangerous than none in most cases. Against this background, we have developed Trust DNS to provide a fundamental level of protection for all as the embodiment of our corporate values. "

Trust DNS

Surfshark's Trust DNS app differs from the competition in that it is completely ad-free and does not require users to register in order to use the service.

Industry-leading security protocols DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS help ensure users' privacy while browsing and a strict protocol-prohibiting policy.

With the Trust DNS app, users can disguise their browsing activities online from anyone, including ISPs and monitoring agencies. While the app itself does not change a user's IP address, its browser data can not be identified.

Surfshark's new service allows people who live or travel in highly restrictive countries to access blocked websites. In many cases, these restrictions are enforced by interfering with DNS addresses, and Trust DNS can resolve these changes.

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Interested users can download Surfshark's new Trust DNS app from the Google Play Store.

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