Surface Studio 3: what we want to see

It's high time for Microsoft to introduce Surface Studio 3.

After all, that is Surface Studio 2, which was released in late 2018, may have high quality Nvidia Pascal graphics, but runs on Intel 7th generation Kaby Lake Laptop chips. And these 7th generation laptop chips are pretty outdated these days, so the Surface Studio 2 is probably getting a bit dated.

It's obviously not that Surface device running on an Ice Lake processor that has recently surfaced on Geekbench. We also have no credible rumors about it. So we still have to speculate on what the Surface Studio 3 will look like.

We're not sure when we'll get hard information about the new Surface Studio 3, especially since the Surface Studio 2 is still relatively new. Microsoft cryptically announced a mysterious event on October 2but we doubt that the Surface Studio 3 will appear.

In the meantime, we have to settle for a kind of wish list. However, make sure that this page is bookmarked as we keep you up to date on the latest news and rumors.

Cut to the hunt

  • What is it? The next Surface Studio PC
  • When is it out? TBD
  • How much does it cost? At least $ 3,499 (approximately £ 2,720, $ 4,850)

Release date of Surface Studio 3

We are not sure what to expect at the event on October 2nd. We do not expect to see the Surface Studio 3 soon, but only time will tell.

The original Surface Studio has been on the market for more than two years and will be released in December 2016. Surface Studio 2 will follow in November 2018. Given these two releases, Surface Studio 3 is unlikely to be released before the end of 2020.

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However, in the short time since its release in late 2018, significant advances have been made in mobile processor and graphics technology. That alone could force Microsoft to update its desktop sooner rather than later.

Surface Studio 3

Surface Studio 3 price

Both the Surface Studio and its successor are expensive devices. Both means a huge effort for artists. One can safely assume that the Surface Studio 3 will be at least as expensive.

The Surface Studio 2 has already raised the price by $ 500 ($ 800) to the original price of $ 2,999 ($ ​​4,699) and users $ 3,499 ($ ​​5,499, approx. £ 2,720).

If Microsoft decides to raise the price even further, it will hopefully mean that the Surface Studio 3 is equipped with the latest hardware when released.

Surface Studio 3

What we want to see

The Surface Studio 3 is already an extremely niche device, so it's difficult to make comparisons with existing products to create a wish list. However, since we at Trustedreviews do not believe that there is a perfect product, we hope to see the following in Surface Studio 3 when it hits the road.

Come on, Thunderbolt 3
We understand, Microsoft: You do not want to pay the Intel Thunderbolt 3 standard license. It's understandable, but that has one downside: everyone else is doing it.

There are so many storage drives, monitors, and other peripherals that rely on Thunderbolt 3 to do the job. This is especially true for professional products. By 2020, if we expect to see Thunderbolt 3 on flash drives, it will be far from essential. Also for the Surface Studio 3.

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The Surface Studio 2 already has the USB-C port – there's just one more step to take. For a machine that is in the focus of professional artist setup, the lack of Thunderbolt 3 – especially for that price – is unjustifiable.

Hardware that is up to date
To put things into perspective very quickly, the Surface Studio 2 was introduced in November 2018 with Nvidia 10-series graphics and Intel Kaby Lake processors. The Pascal graphics are logical – Nvidia has not released them RTX graphics of the mobile class to CES 2019,

But Intel started Coffee Lake The H Series mobile processors were already in use in April 2018 – more than half a year before the Surface Studio 2 hit the market. We do not say that the Kaby Lake chips do not do the work, but that the Coffee Lake processors do the work faster.

Is it too much to expect a current processor? We do not know which "sea" Intel will be running in late 2020, but Microsoft: Please insert the newest processor in Surface Studio 3. Because when you deposit over thousands on a computer, you earn up-to-date hardware.

Up the screen resolution
We're not saying that the Surface Studio 2's display is not high enough, but why stop at 4,500 x 3,000 pixels? We think monitors like that Dell UltraSharp UP3218K only become more common – especially for creative people.

We therefore want Surface Studio 3 to take the screen resolution to the next level. We do not say we should go straight to 8K, but maybe we could see something in between – better than that iMac Pro Display to make it a superior option for future Apple conversions.

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After all, nobody really knows what the Surface Studio 3 will look like. However, stay on this page and if we see something we will update this article.

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