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Powerful and economical cordless lawn mower, the Stihl FSA 45 is the ideal choice for gardens up to 250 m of curbs. With its PolyCut blades, the FSA 45 reduces the size of the grass, even the longest, and also helps to control weeds. Despite its low price, the FSA 45 is lightweight and flexible and offers height adjustment, handle adjustment and a rotary cutting head. An integrated battery means slightly shorter operating times, but this is not a problem for smaller gardens.


  • Very flexible
  • Powerful cut
  • Extremely light

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: £ 99
  • Wireless Stimmer
  • 1100 x 270 x 255mm, 2.4 kg
  • PolyCut Blade and Optional Line
  • Cutting width of 230mm
  • Rotating head

What is the Stihl FSA 45?

We are used to seeing high-end tools for professional and passionate Stihl gardeners, but this trimmer is different. Priced under £ 100, the Stihl FSA 45 is a cordless grass trimmer with built-in battery for smaller gardeners.

Powerful action, many tuning possibilities and excellent operating times make the FSA 45 the ideal tool for less demanding gardens, where a more powerful tool would be excessive.

Stihl FSA 45 – What you need to know

  • Handling – Very light and extremely adjustable, this trimmer is easy to handle and can adapt to virtually any job.
  • Grass cut – Cut easily in the grass, leaving a clean cut; but go slowly on larger tufts of grass.
  • Weed cut: Can cut individual weeds easily enough, but it is not ideal for thicker tussocks or brambles; you will want a slightly more powerful trimmer for these jobs.

Stihl FSA 45 design – Easy to install and adjust

It may be the cheapest wireless trimmer in the Stihl range, but you would not know it. The FSA 45 is lightweight (2.3 kg) and has a traditional orange and white color scheme, while offering a reassuring feeling of hardness.

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It’s also exceptionally practical. The length of the shaft can be adjusted (1100-1300mm), and you can adjust the main handle and the cutting head to get exactly the desired angle. The result is an extremely comfortable trimmer, no matter what your size, posture or shape. The head also rotates for the vertical cut.

Stihl FSA 45 height adjustment

You can adjust the height of the trimmer and change the angle of the handle to make it easier to grip.

Below, there are two PolyCut blades rather than the traditional stretching line. These have been designed to provide precision cutting and are easily replaceable thanks to the tool-free design that allows you to unclip a broken part and drag a new one. Stihl even offers five additional storage spaces on the tree so you can trade quickly when you need it. Replacements cost £ 8.99 for a pack of 12.

Stihl FSA 45 PolyCut Blades

PolyCut double blades offer a clean method for cutting grass

Stihl recommends soaking the blades in the water before using them as this makes them softer and less likely to break when they hit a hard object. You can also use a pre-cut mower line if you prefer, from your local Stihl supplier.

Before use, the activation key – such as a large car fuse – must be inserted into the body, then the two comfortable hand releases must be activated to start the FSA 45. Only one speed is proposed.

Stihl FSA 45 controls

You have to press both buttons to start the trimmer, and the key must be inserted

Stihl FSA 45 Performance – The trimmer works brilliantly on the grass and lasts longer than long enough for small gardens

The battery is pre-installed and the FSA 45 must be charged with the AC adapter plugged into the main body. From flat, a battery takes 3 hours 30 minutes to charge, although you can get 80% in 2 hours 25 minutes. The battery then lasts 20 minutes, which, according to Stihl, is enough to cope with grass edges up to 250 m. It’s a lot for a small to medium garden.


A series of LEDs on the handle indicate the remaining charge estimate, allowing you to check as you go to the end of your battery charge.

State of charge of Stihl FSA 45

LEDs indicate the remaining charge of the trimmer

I am happy to say that his estimates are fairly accurate and that the Stihl FSA 45 will cover the distance with a small load. Attacking a small garden with very tall grass, after being left for two weeks in a combination of sunlight interspersed with torrential rains, the FSA 45 not only managed the borders but was heavy enough to shorten lawn mower grass through.

The performance is excellent, the double blades to shorten the turf limits compared to the Gtech ST20, which uses a single plastic blade. Facing larger tufts of long grass, the FSA 45 was sometimes blocked. But a slower cutting movement, tackling fewer blades of grass at a time, still solved the problem.

Stihl FSA 45 at work

The lawn mower does a quick job on lawns

When weeds were thicker than a pencil, FSA 45 took some time to cut – but did the job without complaining. However, I found that I had to fight weeds individually; thicker tufts of weeds or brambles proved to be a little too difficult for this model. For this work, you will need a brushcutter or trimmer with more power, as well as possibly a selection of cutting heads, such as the Stihl FSA 56.

For tree trunks and more delicate plants, a flip-up metal protection allows you to get closer to you without having to cut something you should not – or break a blade. In any case, the light body made the FSA 45 pleasant to use and I never got tired holding it.

Stihl FSA 45 plant protector

The protector prevents you from cutting where you do not want to go

Should I buy the Stihl FSA 45?

As always with this type of product, the use is the determining factor to determine if it is the trimmer that suits you. If you have a small garden (less than 250 m of curbs) and want to deal mainly with weeds and weeds, Stihl FSA 45 is highly recommended. Excellent build quality, outstanding performance and ease of use make it a great value cutter.

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In fact, for most jobs, the FSA 45 is better than the similar Gtech ST20, which has only one blade. The advantage of Gtech is that the ST20 has removable batteries. So you can extend the operating time by replacing one battery with another. This is useful if you have another Gtech kit using the same batteries.

That said, if you need something more powerful, you’re no better than the Stihl FSA 56, which has replaceable batteries and works brilliantly. This is a particularly smart choice if you own another Stihl product using the same batteries, such as the excellent Stihl RMA 235.

No solution takes away the Stihl FSA 45: it’s not just the most economical trimmer we’ve tested; it is the best mower for small gardens without a doubt.

Stihl FSA 45 Review
Stihl FSA 45 Review 1

Verdict Powerful and economical cordless lawn mower, the Stihl FSA 45 is the ideal choice for gardens up to 250 m of curbs. With its PolyCut blades, the FS

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