Sony AG9/A9G Master Series 4K OLED TV


If you can afford it, the AG9 is a fantastic flagship product. The invisible Acoustic Surface Audio + sound system is ridiculously good, and the image processing chops on the screen are breathtaking. The absence of Freeview Play really keeps things off.


  • Bright and efficient HDR performance
  • Unsurpassed HD SDR optimization
  • Excellent audio performance

The inconvenients

  • No support HDR10 +
  • No free reading

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: £ 3799
  • 4K OLED UHD TV with Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos audio
  • Android Oreo TV OS
  • Acoustic Surface Audio +

The flagship KD-65AG9 Master Series 2019 OLED TV from Sony combines sleek, minimalist design with welcome performance enhancements over its 2018 models.

With a set of great features, it’s just as appealing if you’re looking for a high-end artist for movies, sports or games. Qualifications include Netflix calibrated mode and IMAX Enhanced certification, while HDR is up to HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision standards.

Available in screen sizes of 55, 65 and 77 inches, this is the mid-level offer found on our test bench. We think it’s arguably the best Sony OLED TV to date.

Design and construction of 4K Sony KD-65AG9 OLED TVs – The AG9 adopts a less offensive attitude towards design

Sony KD-65AG9

In terms of design, the AG9 takes a less profound approach. The panel resides in a minimal enveloping frame, with barely an air gap separating it from the central foot. The brand Bravia, barely visible, is positioned at the bottom left.

As with the previous OLED Master Series, the set uses innovative acoustic stirrers to project sound from the OLED panel itself. This latest version of Acoustic Surface Audio + has been modified to create a greater range of bass and treble and works remarkably well.

The back connectivity is good. The screen has four HDMI HDCP 2.3 18 Gbps 4K HDMI inputs, all supporting up to 2160/60 in 4: 2: 0 and 10 bits in 4: 4: 4 and 4: 2 : 2. The HDMI 1 input also offers an advanced eARC.

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Sony KD-65AG9

Additional connections include three USB flash drives (one for HDD recording), an AV mini-plug, a headphone jack (if you do not intend to use a Bluetooth headset), an optical and Ethernet digital audio output . Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are standard. You have the choice between terrestrial or satellite tuners.

There are even stereo clip terminals to power the TV center speaker mode. Connected, the AG9 can function as a dedicated center channel in a multi-speaker system.

The kit comes with a single zapper, a nice RF remote control with a neat aluminum face, a simplified button configuration and a built-in microphone.

Sony KD-65AG9

Features and Convenience of Sony KD-65AG9 OLED 4K TVs – A good suite of features, although the TV lacks Freeview playback

Sony KD-65AG9

Sony has long supported the Android TV operating system and its loyalty is starting to bear fruit. The smart platform is the latest Android Oreo implementation and is extremely usable.

Chromecast is integrated, works well with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices, and has support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. Television does not have Freeview Reading, but instead offers a YouView overlay with much of the same functionality. Streaming apps include YouTube, Netflix, Video premium and Rakuten TV.

Sony KD-65AG9 4K OLED TV Performance – Exceptional Picture Quality

Straight out of the box, the image quality impresses – the images are crisp, lush and vibrant. The harmony between processing and panel performance is often fascinating.

Presets include Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Game Custom, Graphics and Photo. Standard is the best option for most content, thanks to an eye-catching, eye-catching APL (medium-level image). The Vivid mode of the screen is also quite entertaining, at least in animation (Japanese superhero manga One-Punch Man, on Netflix, is a burning delicacy of retina).

Much of this impact is due to the brand’s X1 Ultimate image processor, which offers a host of tips to maximize eye pleasure.

An enhanced pixel contrast booster enhances color and contrast in bright areas, while object-based super-resolution technology detects and analyzes individual objects from a scene, intelligently enhancing contrast, details and the color.

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The maximum HDR brightness in standard mode averages about 750 nd with a standard HDR measurement window of 10%, but can reach 900 nits when measured with a 5% window, which more accurately reflects HDR images from the real world reflections , fireworks, etc.).

Sony KD-65AG9

It should be noted that if you watch in Custom mode, set by Sony to better match the mastering monitor of the brand, the HDR peaks do not exceed 650 nits.

The AG9 also does a fabulous job with HD SDRs on a daily basis. Indeed, the processing of its SDR images really distinguishes this Sony from its competitors. Since most of us watch more HD videos than 4K, this skill set should not be underestimated.

Similarly, the 4K X-Reality PRO image enhancement is seamless, giving HD content depth and detail that is immediately rewarding. The ability of the AG9 to promote nuances is highlighted in Spider-Man: Homecoming (Netflix HD), where the extraterrestrial arms factory of Toomes jokes (subjectively) better than the details in HD. When Michael Keaton arrives for the first time in his flying vulture armor, there are tons of details in the wings.

Clarity of movement has always been a strength for Sony. Here, its Motionflow XR processor, available in Auto and Custom modes, offers enviable clarity and smoothness. If you want maximum detail in fast sports, go for personalization (with softness on 2, sharpness on weak). This preserves clarity and smooths horizontal pans.

However, Motionflow is not always recommended – what works for the sport is not necessarily good for the cinema.

For example, in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Blu-ray UHD, Chapter 8 “Snoke Suppression”), Kylo Ren smashes his helmet against an elevator wall. With Motionflow, XR solved the image problems around his head as he evacuated his frustration. Off, the motion seems clearer and more dramatic.

Games and audio on TV KLE-KD-65AG9 4K Sony – Fast gaming performance and Surface Audio + delivers outstanding sound

Sony KD-65AG9

Games are an area in which Sony has made a significant improvement over its previous OLEDs. Traditionally, the brand was lagging behind rival OLED publishers, which is ironic given its PlayStation legacy. However, the AG9 is a big step in the right direction. The dedicated game mode offers an entry delay of 26.5 ms, well within 30 ms generally considered the starting point of a decent gaming experience.

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As mentioned above, the performance of the Acoustic Surface Audio + device is fantastic. The scene takes place in Baby Driver (Netflix), dynamic and exhilarating, made even more percussive by two woofers mounted on the back; the sound stage controlled by panels is animated by the movement.

Indeed, the only significant upgrade of the soundbar would be for Dolby Atmos. Although the TV’s audio system is stereo, you can stream Dolby Atmos from Netflix and Amazon Prime via HDMI.

Should I buy Sony KLE OLED 4K KD-65AG9 TV?

If you can afford it, the AG9 will not disappoint – it’s a fantastic flagship product. The invisible Acoustic Surface Audio + sound system is ridiculously good, and the image processing chops on the screen are breathtaking.

The AG9 has only two obvious drawbacks, one major and the other minor: the lack of Freeview playback (YouView is a bit awkward) and the lack of HDR support for HDR10 +. Although neither one nor the other are pacts, they will cause a pause in thinking.

That said, few 4K premium displays on the market are as comprehensive as the AG9. It’s a dream UHD flat screen with which to live.


Score in detail

  • Characteristics 9
  • Image quality 10
  • Design 10
  • Sound quality 10
Sony AG9/A9G Master Series 4K OLED TV
Sony AG9/A9G Master Series 4K OLED TV 1

Verdict If you can afford it, the AG9 is a fantastic flagship product. The invisible Acoustic Surface Audio + sound system is ridiculously good, and the im

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