Some of the best PC games ever get giant price cuts for GOG’s 11th anniversary sale

You are staring into the abyss of another weekend and have nothing to do with it? Help the outstanding GOG PC gaming store celebrate its eleventh anniversary by selecting some of the best PC games of all time, the price of which has been lowered as part of its birthday sales.

GOG, a Steam competitor and your first port of call for retro PC games, currently offers a variety of great deals, from modern classics to PC gaming masterpieces.

If you save up to 80% off the usual price, visit to learn more, or scroll down to make a selection.

Best PC games in GOG sales

Although GOG used to focus on classic PC games, it's also full of great new titles these days. Here are our top finds from the previous sale.

The sale ends on Monday so be sure to drop by the weekend when you're looking for a bargain.

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