Smash Bros Ultimate DLC: every new character and when you can play them

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the biggest and possibly best Smash Bros fighting game for our Nintendo consoles. But if you've fought your current Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters to the point of exhaustion, do not worry – there are likely to be a slew of add-on fighters on the way.

Game director Masahiro Sakurai has pointed out how much bigger the list could be and we feel it will be quite some time before Smash Bros DLC hits the market.

With over 75 characters already playable, you're unlikely to run out of steam, but Nintendo uses its DLC packages to battle some of the fans' real favorite characters. Rare's legendary bear and bird duo Banjo-Kazooie has now joined the squad and released a surprise announcement for Fatal Fury's Terry (another legendary figure from the 90s), which will be released later in November. There's a lot to do with every character introducing new styles, moves, stages and soundtracks.

But what downloadable content / Ultimate DLC players can hope for in 2019 and what is already available? Here is our list with all the details, and how to make sure you do not miss anything.

Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters

The actual draw of Smash Bros DLC is in the fighters. Nintendo has angered a total of five fighters over the next year, all but one of which was announced – and a winter 2019 release window for the last one that looks likely …

Piranha Plant (available for download)

A potted plant does not seem to be the best choice for an action-packed fighting game, but Piranha Plant is a classic Mario nemesis from decades – Nintendo is sure to play by its own rules. You can see some of Piranha Plant's moves in the video below, including a monstrous final smash with Petey Piranha.

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Players who purchased Super Smash Bros Ultimate by the end of January 2019 had the option to download the fighter prematurely, but Piranha Plant is now available at the Switch eShop for $ 4.49 (4.49 GBP / 7.80 AU) ,

Joker (available for download)

no, not The Joker. Nintendo teased the trickster of Atlus' paranormal RPG Persona 5 shortly after Ultimate with a sophisticated animated teaser that you can see below. Smash Bros' version of Joker maintains the graphics style of the original material, with some stylish slides and jumps, handguns and some supernatural powers to help you win the fight …

Persona 5 is an exclusive PS3 / PS4 version, which makes Joker's appearance on a Nintendo console even more intriguing – and speculation that Persona 5 might come to Nintendo Switch.

Hero (available for download)

All fans of the Dragon Quest franchise got a real treat at this year's E3: No, but no four Dragon Quest heroes in a DLC package. With a large selection of attack, dodge, and effect spells that act as skins, and the greatest number of moves every fighter has in play, this is a vivid addition that effectively gives you four new characters to play with.

There is an announcement trailer (above) and a more detailed video stream describing the various moves and abilities of Hero.

Every hero has an MP ad – yes, just like the game – that consumes mana each time you cast a spell: be it to heal yourself, throw yourself in the air, turn yourself into metal, or open other way. Definitely a fighter for the more strategic players out there, as there are many ways to play with them. You can even work kacrackle!

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Banjo Kazooie (available for download)

Damn right. Banzo-Kazooie is finally here, wrestling for years with Rares legendary bird-bear duo for the Smash Bros series. While Rare is now a subsidiary of Microsoft, the beloved developer had previously been closely associated with Nintendo, and it is heartwarming to see one of his most famous creations re-included in the family.

It looks like Kazooie can help with jumps and ranged attacks while Banjo uses fists and melee items. We hope that we can finally beat Mario with a banjo, as we have always dreamed.

Terry (coming in November 2019)

You know, Terry! From the deadly rage? The 1991 game on the Neo Geo console? Okay, this may be a little less well-known than some of the DLC fighters on this list, but this character from the classic Fatal Fury Fighting franchise of the '90s fits in perfectly with the best of them.

With just a brief announcement in Nintendo Direct in September, there's no idea of ​​Terry's Moveset, though it's likely to be closer to Ryu's from Street Fighter than Princess Peach or Kirby. Surprise us, Nintendo.

Smash Bros Ultimate Challenger Packs

Technically, you do not just get a new fighter with every DLC pack. The new fighters (except Piranha Plant) each come in a package called "Challenger Pack", which in addition to the new character also contains thematic soundtracks. You can buy each of the five Challenger's packs individually for $ 5.99 (£ 5.39 / £ 7.80).

Alternatively, you can purchase an All-Inclusive Fighters Pass for $ 24.99 (£ 22.49 / $ 32.50), which will give you every package on arrival, as well as a Mii-Fighter outfit based on Xenoblade 2's Rex.

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Smash Bros Ultimate DLC licks and rumors

So what about the remaining unannounced characters? There are rumors of regular leaks, some of which are more reliable than others. We've heard calls to Banjo Kazooie so many times that we hope it actually happens – but it just shows that Nintendo can still surprise us. (Although we would like to see Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon on the list, it may be too much to ask.)

Proactive data capture from Smash Bros Ultimate seems to have anticipated the joker announcement (with a file name ending in "Jack"), while another file named "Brave" may refer to the Dragon Quest fighters listed above. The whole conspiracy theory can be read at Games radar,

Could we see Doomguy on Switch? (Photo credit: Bethesda)

Could we see Doomguy on Switch? (Photo credit: Bethesda)

(Picture credits: id Software)

There are also reports from the shotgun Demonslayer from Doom, listed on the list, and given Bethesda's growing port library for the Nintendo Switch, we think that's pretty likely. With Doom Eternal On the 22nd of November this year, we have enough time to release a Smash Bros trailer with the devastating Doomguy.

It is worth noting that the confirmed DLC listed above is only the 2019 roadmap or possibly short for the new 2020 year. We heard from Masahiro Sakurai, Game Director of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, that there are many more DLC fighters.

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