Slack launches Dark Mode and data residency

The popular workstation chat and collaboration software Slack puts a dark mode on their desktop version and the company also announced that it will bring the data residence for the service later this year.

The new dark desktop mode of the software is available for all platforms, and users of Windows, MacOS and Linux can now switch from the traditional light theme of the service. Slack has also enabled dark-mode variants of the software's existing sidebar themes.

Slack product manager for accessibility, George Zamfir, explained why the company decided to add a dark mode to their desktop app after doing so for their iOS and Android mobile apps:

"The Dark Mode is an important feature for many people. It is helpful if you work at night or in low light conditions. We know that many are dependent on it for accessibility, such as visual impairment, migraine or other visual disturbances. "

data residence

With companies around the world starting to use Slack for their internal communications, the company also released a blog post announcing a new data management feature that empowers companies to gain more control over their data.

Since Slack is based in the US, most of the data is stored there. However, teams in highly regulated sectors such as financial services, government and health care must comply with the requirements of the GDPR and other data protection regulations requiring them to keep their data in the country in which they operate.

Later this year, when Slack's Data Residency feature is introduced, global teams will have more control over where their data is stored. Frankfurt [Germany] will be the first data region outside the US, although the company plans to add more regions later.

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Existing Slack customers can either move their organization's or their team's data to new residential regions as soon as the feature is available.

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