Skullcandy Venue Review


If you can not afford to buy Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones, Skullcandy Venue is a decent substitute. Although the sound is not as good, not as well done and the noise cancellation is not as effective, the sound is thoughtful and fun.


  • Fun sub-bass amplification
  • Its clearer than you think
  • ANC is ideal for city streets and office

The inconvenients

  • ANC fights loud and very low frequency noise
  • Low mediums
  • Build seems slightly cheap

Key specifications

  • Price: $129.99
  • Tile integration
  • Battery life up to 40 hours (24 with ANC)
  • 3.5 mm socket
  • Case included
  • Bluetooth
  • 40mm dynamic drivers

The Skullcandy Venue is a cheaper alternative to “world beater” helmets like the Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose QuietComfort 35 II. They have similar characteristics: long battery life, active noise cancellation and, of course, Bluetooth. The Skullcandy Venue also features a Tile integration, which you will not find in other pairs, apart from the Bose SoundSport Wireless.

This is the same system used by mosaic sensors that you could put in your wallet or attach to a keychain. The Skullcandy Venue is a helmet that you can not lose. Not easily, anyway.

The sound quality, construction and active noise cancellation will not worry Sony – and I would have liked even more its pair if it was a cheaper piece without the side mosaic – but the additions are new and these headphones are rock-solid with a pleasant sound.

Skullcandy Location


Features Skullcandy Venue – The “lossless” helmet that lets you know where you’ve put it for the last time via an app

How does the Skullcandy Venue Tile feature work? You install the app on your phone, which recognizes the headphones as if they were one of Tile’s panels.

The app allows you to view your pair’s “Location History” and, what’s really useful, to find your Venue headphones if they have disappeared into your home. This alert triggers a frequency offset alarm that moves quite well, as it is triggered by Skullcandy Venue’s own drivers.

They need energy and must be within Bluetooth’s reach for it to work, of course. But that’s why the place history feature is so important.

Skullcandy Location


Design Skullcandy Venue – Generally comfortable to wear with some neat touches

The Skullcandy Venue looks like a classic classic headset. I’m a fan of the more sober designs that Skullcandy has published in the last 18 months. Some might call it boring. I call it “not so good”

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However, I am also used to Skullcandy headphones at more aggressive prices than the Venue. And during the first days of testing, I assumed that they were cheaper than them. This is part of my preconceptions, and partly thanks to the construction of Venue.

Almost all of these earpieces are made of plastic and have an internal metal band that gives the headband its characteristic structure of shape retention. The frame, the cups, the faux leather that rests on the foam pad: all plastic.

Skullcandy Location


Skullcandy uses a soft, soft-touch plastic for the cups, but the headband is a harder, less expensive plastic that would look more comfortable on a pair of less than $ 100. However, I did not notice the slightest crack that other online reviews suggest – and I walked and walked a bunch of miles with them.

A low weight is the main benefit of an entirely plastic design. There is no sense of place that hangs over your head. The band has a good clamping force, probably because it is a street helmet rather than a pair intended for an imaginative / hardly peruvial audiophile class.

Skullcandy Location


I noticed that the Skullcandy Venue tended to cause my ears a slight discomfort after an hour or so. That’s because the pads are big enough, but the “holes” they contain are not big enough to hold my ears. Are my ears huge? Not really. You will need small enough for each piece of cartilage to fit in these pads.

This is not a rare problem, however. It’s almost done with normal sized headphones that have a pretty firm grip and classic pads.

There are some other small touches to the design of Skullcandy Venue. Five buttons are shared between the two cups, but they are tastefully arranged in two rubbery lozenges that avoid a peppery look. One side duplicates the functions of a standard 3-button remote. You can change the volume, skip tracks and, with a long press, activate the digital assistant of your phone.

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The other side has the ANC button and an LED power indicator. Most brands other than Sony and Bose do not offer much active noise suppression. It’s hard to understand, it seems.

Skullcandy Location


Skullcandy Venue Features – A Pleasantly Surprising Noise Removal Performance

The cancellation of Skullcandy Venue’s noise has pleasantly surprised me. While walking on a busy road (on the sidewalk), the noise of passing cars is reduced to a whoosh similar to that of the Jetsons. It removes the noise of air conditioners and the most irritating noise in offices.

Active Venue Noise Cancellation is more than just a feature, as it is used in almost any high-end headset. As one might expect, however, it does not really compare to the Bose QuietComfort 35 or WH-1000XM3.

It can fight against the intense and low frequency noise, which then passes to the Skullcandy site, like the flooding of water coming from a broken dam. I would still classify this as one of the best ANC headphones under $130 I’ve heard in terms of noise cancellation. This can make noisy environments more pleasant.

Skullcandy Location


The battery life of 24 hours is also good. This extends to 40 hours if you use the wired pair with ANC enabled. There is a 3.5mm plug on the cup, though (as usual) it ends with a 3.5m plug rather than a USB-C or Lightning plug.

You load the Skullcandy Venue using a micro-USB cable, which now seems very outdated. Of course, many people still have micro-USB phones, but if you’re ready to spend $130 in headphones, chances are you’ve already left the job.

Skullcandy Location

You get a semi-hard case in the box: bonus

Sound Quality of Skullcandy Venue – A Pleasant and Fun Interpreter

The Skullcandy Venue has 40mm speakers and an unexpected sound from the once-aggressive Skullcandy. These headphones have no ridiculously swollen bass or even a typical low bass sound.

They have a little more punch, but it’s almost exclusively in the very low and low frequencies. This is the territory of the real bass subwoofer, what you seem to feel as much as to hear. This is an approach that allows the Skullcandy Venue to give the bass drum a fun energy without the obesity of the bass or the darkening of the helmets.

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Skullcandy Location


Sennheiser also uses enthusiastic sub-bass in his Momentum couples. And comparing the place to the Momentum 2.0, bass amplification is even more localized in this set.

The result is a headset that can provide the nice bounce you want for dance music, while giving the impression of a clear and reasonably balanced signature. I would not call the Venue triple the kind of dream of high-end headphones, but it is pretty well resolved and offers clarity without sibilance or harshness.

Skullcandy Location


This type of approach reminded me of the Audio Technica ATH-M50X, so I found this pair for a comparison. And that’s where I discovered the real weakness of the Skullcandy Venue: mediums.

There is just not a lot of presence or detail for them. Audio Technicas have better mediums, which leads to a much better reproduction of the deeper male voices in particular. Listen carefully to the Skullcandy Venue and you will hear a white point in the range of sound information revealed by some songs.

The Audio Technica pair also has a wider sound, better separated, but this pair is particularly good at it.

Skullcandy Location


Should I buy the Skullcandy Venue?

The Skullcandy’s Venue are handy headphones for those who would like the Sony WH-1000XM3, but can not afford it. They do not sound as good, are not as well done and their ANC is not as effective – but I was pleasantly surprised by their thoughtfulness, if not quite perfect.

However, if you are looking for a wireless headset worth less than $130, I recommend it. Audio Technica ATH-M50X. This pair does not have an active noise canceling feature or the Smart Mosaic feature of Skullcany Venue. So there is always a real value here.

Skullcandy Venue
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The Skullcandy Venue is a cheaper alternative to "world beater" helmets like the Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose QuietComfort 35 II. They have similar characteristics: long battery life, active noise cancellation and, of course, Bluetooth. The Skullcandy also comes from Tile Integration, which you will find in other peers, from the Bose SoundSport Wireless.

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