Should you buy Argos Care to protect your Black Friday purchases?

Argos will be offering some big deals on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, but if you're going to checkout, you'll have to make a decision: should you hand over a little more money for an extra policy on your Argos Black Friday deal or the chance Use and waive to pay the lowest possible price?

Almost all new laptops, phones, appliances and other electronic products come with a warranty from their manufacturer, but they only cover faulty products. If you have an accident or your product is stolen, you can take your home insurance, but you have to pay a deductible, and your reward will be successful next year if you make a claim. This is where Argos Care comes in …

What is Argos Care and what does it cost?

Argos Care (provided by Domestic and General) is not just a guideline – there are several options that offer different levels of coverage. Here we have explained the plans that are best for home appliances, computers, phones and devices. However, there is also a special option for jewelry and watches as well as one for furniture.

The cost of Argos Care varies by product type, price and manufacturer's warranty. Domestic and General has provided a comparison tool that allows you to compare it to other providers.

In a hurry? You do not have to decide immediately – you have a generous 45-day period to decide if you want to add Argos Care to your order. If you would like to add it later, you will use your receipt to visit a stationary Argos store and your products will be insured from that date.

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Argos Monthly Care

The Argos Monthly Care policy is only available in stores. However, if you have purchased your Black Friday bargains online, you can still request them by sending your order confirmation to Customer Support. Payment is made by monthly direct debit. Keep your bank details ready.

Argos Monthly Care covers accidental damage (which will occur immediately, so you will be insured even if you drop your laptop on the way out of the store), after-factory protection and unlimited repairs. Their products are insured worldwide, so you can go on holiday worry-free.

If your product is thoroughly broken and can not be repaired, Argos will replace it with a new one or you will receive a voucher for the same value.

If you have bought a phone, it will be covered for theft by force (robbery) or from a burglary, but if you've gotten a lot on a premium laptop, it would be wise to add it to your home insurance or into a special equipment insurance for the Invest case of theft. If your phone costs more than £ 150, you must claim a deductible.

Argos breakdown help

Argos Breakdown Care is worth considering if you have found a lot on a device such as a washing machine, a clothes dryer, a refrigerator or a dishwasher on Black Friday. It covers accidental damage and outages after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Domestic and General will send a technician as soon as possible so you do not have to give up on a necessary device for a long time. You receive unlimited repairs and are insured worldwide.

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If it can not be fixed, Argos replaces it with a new appliance or passes a bundle of coupons to the same value.

Argos Breakdown Care does not cover loss, theft, cosmetic damage (ie no scratches and signs of wear) or intentional damage. The installation of your Black Friday bargains or the disposal of old equipment are also not covered.

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Argos replacement care

As the name implies, Argos Replacement Care does not cover repairs – only replacement if your Black Friday purchase fails unexpectedly. The product will be replaced immediately as-for-like, so you will not be bothered.

They are immediately secured against accidental failures and after expiry of the manufacturer's warranty against breakdowns. They are not insured for loss, theft, neglect, cosmetic or willful damage, accessories not included with the product, or failures covered by other insurance policies.

Should you get Argos Care on Black Friday?

The answer depends largely on how risk averse you are, but there are good reasons to consider doing so, even if it adds a little to the overall cost.

Argos Monthly Care may be a good investment for phones and computers (especially laptops) that can easily be accidentally damaged. However, first use the insurance comparison tools and make sure you do not have the proper insurance. For example, some current accounts contain mobile phone insurance.

If you buy a large device, Argos Breakdown Care can be a wise decision. Talk to other insurers before you take the plunge. You may also find that the manufacturer offers additional insurance that could be cheaper in the long run.

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Remember that you have 45 days to decide. So you do not have to hurry to make a decision in the heat of Black Friday sales.

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