Sharp 120-inch 8K TV Review

First impressions

The Sharp 120-inch 8K screen will not come to your local power dealer anytime soon. For the moment, it is at least a prototype designed to make headlines and arouse interest – and in this sense, its mission is accomplished.

The flow IFA technology show in Berlin introduced the nascent world of 8K TVs with two new extremes. On the small end of the spectrum, Samsung has unveiled the first commercially available 55 inch 8K TV. However, the new record – and frankly more exciting – of the biggest 8K of all time is back to Sharp, with its new 120-inch monster.

In part because Samsung had stuck his TV 55 inches 8K At the top of its imposing 8K screen, thus requiring a scale to be able to read it properly, and partly because it’s questionable whether 8K is really worth having a screen of less than 65 inches , we decided that our first look time would be better spent in front of Sharp’s new 8K monster.

Sharp TV 8K 120 inches

The record of the TV 120 inches 8K Sharp.

120 inch 8K TV picture quality very sharp – a breathtaking performer

Unlike Samsung’s beginner in the 55-inch, the record-breaking Sharp record in the 120-inch was not hard to find. He dominated the IFA booth entrance of the company as an additional wall. Seriously, it is difficult to express how much a huge 120-inch screen appears compared to the 85/88-inch 78K TVs that are suddenly stunted by other IFA brands.

Since the impact of 8K resolution becomes more obvious with each centimeter added on a TV screen, it makes sense for Sharp to use the screen size to display its own 8K acquisition information. Especially in a year when the brand wants to draw attention to its new desire to create an “8K +5G ecosystem. This is based on the idea that 5G is the best solution for providing the huge amounts of data associated with 8K video streaming.

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As you would expect, the impact of inserting 7,680 x 4320 pixels in a 120-inch screen is blinding for anyone who sees it. Those involved in the world of technology and accustomed to large, low-resolution displays will immediately appreciate the sharpness and additional details, as well as the lack of visible pixel structure.

However, even accustomed consumers can immediately appreciate how much the 8K images on the Sharp 120en display look more like real, immediate images. It was almost amusing to see how the screen prevented IFA visitors from seeing it, often hearing comments such as “it’s like looking out the window” or “it’s like being there really”.

Sharp TV 8K 120 inches

The record of the TV 120 inches 8K Sharp.

Every good 8K screen I’ve seen so far has made it look like you’re not watching a screen anymore. However, no one has done it on a scale as big and as stunning as the Sharp 120-inch model.

The levels of detail are so extreme that you almost stop seeing them as details. In fact, you stop thinking about the image as being composed of pixels. The three-dimensional feel that the details of the 8K offer in conjunction with a high dynamic range is more intense than usual at the epic scale that fills the view provided by this Sharp display.

Despite its colossal size, Sharp provides images of impressive brightness. They have shown no problem competing with some exceptionally severe IFA showroom lighting, aided and abetted by a low reflection display.

In addition, we were pleased to see that Sharp has gone to the trouble of equipping its 120-inch display with a color gamut that is large enough to avoid the bleaching effect you get on the displays that drive the brightness beyond the levels at which their color performance can adapt. On the contrary, the most colorful images in Sharp’s demo are incredibly rich and vibrant.

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The contrast of the screen also looks very good. There is no flat, milky appearance in the imagery that is a sure sign of poorly contrasted screens. In addition (and very impressively given its size), its brightness controls appear sufficiently precise and localized to offer ultra-striking HDR reflections on the plans of the sun, lampposts and night-time windows of the city.

Sharp TV 8K 120 inches

The record of the TV 120 inches 8K Sharp.

Better still, these brilliant reflections did not appear with a clear “halo” of backlighting around them.

I have however noticed some problems. On occasion, the flesh tones seemed slightly yellowed. In addition, while the screen supports a fairly wide viewing angle compared to the standards of the LCD screen, you can see a little more flowers around bright objects as you move lower on the sides of the screen. the screen. One or two planes containing soft and relatively uniform colors in the background appear slightly pulsed.

In addition, each time the red Sharp logo on a white background appears in the actual demo, some parts of the screen look much darker than others – almost as if a shadow was applied to them. This reveals the difficulty of getting uniform lighting on such a screen area.

Finally, the level of heat emitted by this massive screen is incredible. You can smell it up to 2 meters away. as you venture to less than a meter to try to spot the physical structure of the pixels, you begin to feel like a dinner in the microwave. I shudder as I think of how much power he burns.

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Sharp 8K TV 8K – early verdict

Sharp’s 120 “8K display will not show up at your local power dealer anytime soon. For the moment, at least, it’s just a prototype designed to make headlines and arouse interest – and, in this respect, it’s its mission accomplished.

After all, even if most of us mere mortals will obviously never be able to consider installing a 120-inch display in our homes once you’ve seen the irrefutable evidence of what 8K can do on Sharp’s IFA show, any ideas you might have The 8K image quality can not make the difference to the quality of the image.

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