Sebo Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner Review


Its fabulous use, its awesome look and its excellent suction performance for animal hair make the Sebo Felix Wild Epower a great buy for homes with carpeted floors, and it also does well with stairs. The only disappointment was in the hard floor detection test in which the machine pushed my ground a lot. If you mainly have hard floors, you may want a different cleanser.


  • Excellent carpet cleaning
  • Ideal for dog and cat hair
  • Cleans up to the edge
  • Very handy
  • Good tool for stairs
  • Funky look

The inconvenients

  • So-so-pick-up on a hard floor
  • Consumable costs in bags and filters

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: £ 289.90
  • 700W motor
  • Removable floor head
  • Cleaning range of 11m
  • Variable suction power
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Adjusting the height of the floor
  • Two tools
  • Five-year warranty

Fun looks, a leopard-print cover, a cleaning bag and an ultra-handy headboard make Sebo Felix Wild Epower a deliciously different vertical cleaner. It is equipped with a 700 watt power adjustable motor with an aggressive brush bar with height adjustment for different stacks of mats. The main cleaner can be removed from the floor head for mobile cleaning.

An excellent cleaning of the rugs up to the edge and easy steering make the Felix Wild an excellent performer for homes with carpeting, but he struggled with my oat recovery test on a tiled floor and hard. Pets are not a problem for the Felix Wild, with its remarkable collection of animal hair and its well-designed cushioning tools for sofas and pet beds. It is a little heavy when worn, but it allows a good cleaning of the stairs. For homes carpeted with pets, the Sebo Felix Wild Epower is a versatile, efficient and aesthetic vacuum cleaner offering great freedom of cleaning.

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Sebo Felix Wild Epower – What You Need to Know

The groovy appearance and excellent cleaning of the carpets make the Sebo Felix Wild Epower a pleasure to use

The Sebo Felix Wild Epower has a lot of fun with its leopard-print look and its soft and ultra-maneuverable action. The assembly is simple: you simply insert the main cleaner into the floor head, attach the hose and you are ready to go. The quality of workmanship, fit, feel and finish are top notch, up to the leopard print cover.

Sebo Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner Review 1

The power of the faucet is plentiful and, combined with the four-position brush bar, provides optimal cleaning results on a wide variety of carpets. Although you could turn off the brush bar on hard floors, the Felix Wild was a bit too wild for my conservatory slabs, pushing up more oats than picking them up.

The vacuum cleaner includes a flat nozzle for spider webs high and difficult to access, as well as a cushioning tool. These attach to the flexible hose that surrounds the body. The device can be raised from the floor head and easily transported through the long side handle. It is not very light in this mobile mode, but the nozzle has been very effective to penetrate the corners and reach high enough areas. On my carpet steps, the padding tool gave excellent cleaning results.

Sebo Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner Review 2

The floor head is a slightly odd asymmetrical shape and features a single brush bar with stiff nylon bristles. There is a four-position brush height adjuster with an indicator that flashes red if you are too high on the mat. Lower the level until the indicator becomes green and you get the most effective cleaning. Pretty cool, I must say.

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Sebo Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner Review 3

The Sebo Felix Wild is a bit noisy but easy to adjust

This powerful engine and this aggressive brush bar are not extremely quiet. My sound pressure meter reached 80 dB, aspiring short-pile carpet, which is about the 79 dB claim of the energy label. It’s a bit rowdy for a modern cleaner but far from deafening.

On the handle, the on / off switch also serves as a suction level slider control, which increases power when you advance the thumb. For both small and large users, you can adjust the height of the handle and wrap the long 9 meter cable around its extended hook for storage.

Sebo Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner Review 4

The Wild Felix Sebo uses a bag that helps keep the dust out of the air

Consumable costs include replacing the well-made and efficient Sebo dust bag. Thanks to the green protective caps on the bags, you will not end up in a cloud of dust when you empty the bin. Allergy sufferers take note.

The filtration is classified in the S class thanks to the combination of the bag, an engine filter located under the bag and the leopard package with the fun shape which is also the exhaust filter. All are replaceable rather than washable. The user manual recommends replacing the motor filter every 20 full bags and the exhaust filter every 40. At this point, you can switch from the leopard print model to a completely different model, such as the Felix model. Oriental white patterns or Felix heart.

Sebo Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner Review 5

Sebo Fresh air fresheners provide a pleasant touch. Just insert one into the filter bag and a pleasant scent of oranges fills the room. If you need a little more versatility, Sebo offers a wide range of optional heads, hoses and tubes compatible with Felix models, ranging from parquet tools to disco polisher, an intriguing name.

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Should I buy the Felix Wild Epower Sebo?

The Sebo Felix Wild Epower offers excellent cleaning of rugs to the brim, a shiny collection of animal hair and a leopard-print look. Its freely swivel neck facilitates suction, allowing you to clean under sofas and bypass obstacles. With the body detached from the floor head, it works well on stairs, although its vertical cleaning range is limited because there is no extension tube. You get some handy tools and half a dozen scented deodorants that appear in the filter bag, giving the room a pleasant orange scent while you vacuum. The bag seals well for removal, so you do not get dusty after cleaning. There are no other filters to clean, which means the Felix returns to maximum performance with every change of bag. Aside from a disappointing oat detection test on a tiled floor, this powerful vacuum cleaner has given excellent cleaning results.

Sebo Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner Review
Sebo Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner Review 6

Verdict Its fabulous use, its awesome look and its excellent suction performance for animal hair make the Sebo Felix Wild Epower a great buy for homes with

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