Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review


The best high-end Android tablet. Virtually the only current high-end Android tablet.


  • Long battery life
  • speaker
  • Bold screen
  • Powerful processor
  • Fun stylus


  • The cheaper S5e also has some of the best parts
  • No headphone jack

key specifications

  • Valuation Price: $649.99
  • Snapdragon 855 CPU
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 128 GB of memory
  • 10.5-inch Super-AMOLED screen (2560 x 1600 pixels)
  • Android 9
  • AKG spokesman
  • S-Pen
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life

What is Samsung Galaxy Tab S6?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the best Android alternative to an iPad Pro. It has a large display, high-quality technical data, a great pen and costs a lot.

You pay $649.99 for the Wi-Fi version and £ 689 for the 4G version. If that sounds too much, do not forget that the 11-inch iPad Pro costs £ 269 more with half the storage space when adding the Apple stylus. Of course, today even the basic iPad supports the pencil. A 128 GB iPad plus pencil costs £ 498 – that’s £ 120 less.

This is the best Android tablet, but if the pen is not a big factor, consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. It costs much less and still does all the usual tablet jobs perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 1

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Design

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a similar style to the Galaxy Tab S5e. The back is made of aluminum like the iPad and not glass like last year’s Galaxy Tab S4.

In phones, aluminum has become somewhat of a middle class design, but I find it more desirable than glass in a tablet. The anodized finish has a pleasant texture and just feels less fragile in your hands.

This tablet has a 10.5-inch display. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a similar size to classic 10.1-inch tablets due to a reduction in screen margins.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 2

It’s big, but not a monster like the 12.5-inch iPad Pro. Some of his statistics are also very iPad-like. It is extremely thin (5.7 mm) and quite light at 420 g. The main problem with the design is the same as with the Galaxy Tab S5e – there is no headphone jack, which seems to push people even more brazenly to buy wireless headsets than phones without a jack.

An in-screen fingerprint scanner is a neat “invisible” extra. Press the on / off button to display the position of the scanner on the screen. This is probably less practical than the page scanner on the Tab S5e, as it unlocks in two steps. The scanner itself, however, is fast and reliable.

The pen mechanism of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the only part that visually highlights the tablet. In the back a flat groove is cut, in which the pin engages and is easily held by magnets. There is even a small wireless charging panel that fills the pen’s battery.

Why a battery? Like the 10+ note, you can use the S-Pen key to remotely trigger commands, such as For example, stopping your music or taking a photo in the Camera app.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 3

The groove does not stop you from losing the pen in any way. I have already spent some small periods of time searching for the thing. But drilling a hole in the case, like the Note 10, would probably mean losing a considerable part of the battery. This is not a wafer-thin pen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – pen and drawing

It’s a rather chunky plastic pencil with a great feather that largely suppresses the stuttering feel of most stylus pens as they slide across the glass surface of a screen. Drawing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 feels natural: there is little delay in typing, and doodling is fun.

I drew aimlessly on the tablet for a few hours to see if it was much better than the competition. I think Samsung comes closer to the Apple Pencil-like quality feel here than some earlier pins.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 4

Pen Up is a bit crappy, though. This is the preinstalled Samsung character software. It includes many of the right tools, a user-friendly frontend, and some fluffy painting exercises for kids, but besides something like Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, it’s garbage. Sorry, Samsung.

Pen Up lacks most advanced features of this program. That’s okay for an app to access, but the performance is also bizarrely bad, with frequent delays as Pen Up tries to figure out how your brushstrokes should respond to the existing “digital color.”

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 5

Sketch with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

However, install Sketchbook Pro or similar, and you have a good time ahead of you. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 pen seems to be made for this software, and drawing has been the most fun for a long time.

The pen is pressure-sensitive (4096 steps), and adding that to the surprising depth of Sketchbook Pro gives you an appealing and useful drawing tool. But does it seem like a pro-grade? No. Just like an iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 does not have access to the industry-standard apps that professional users actually use, and Android has fewer great drawing apps than iOS (there are still many).

There are also a few problems. While you’re drawing, you accidentally press the pen button to bring up the pen’s navigation bar. That gets annoying.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 6

There is also little reason to use the pen as the main navigation method in Android. The touch controls feel more natural, though the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 offers great handwriting recognition. You can write longhand wherever you use the virtual keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – screen and speakers

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a 10.5-inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Just like the Galaxy S5e, this is an OLED display that offers very deep blacks and rich colors.

The customization options are the same as the latest Samsung high-end phones. You can choose between the color modes “Natural” and “Alive”. None of these modes offer the ultra-reserved sRGB color optimization of older Samsung tablets. The maximum brightness does not necessarily correspond to the 1200 Nits of the Galaxy Note 10+. However, there is enough energy to use the tablet outdoors.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 7

Samsung claims the maximum brightness is 500 nits. I used a colorimeter and LED light to put the tablet in a bright environment. The peak was 440 nits, and the last 100 only come in with plenty of ambient light.

The sharpness is good and although I do not think the color calibration or screen architecture is the same as the 10+ grade, this is just the best screen you’ll find in an Android tablet.

This is also the first HDR10 + tablet that should not surprise anyone, as HDR10 + is a Samsung standard. Amazon Prime Video has some videos that use this standard. The tab S6 is an excellent way to watch movies and TV, HDR or not.

Again, the speakers help. There are four drivers positioned to provide stereo sound when the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is operated in landscape mode.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 8

This quartet offers real meats to the mids, great compatibility for tablet speakers and even a touch of bass. That tablets with a thickness of less than 6 mm can deliver this kind of sound is very impressive. I hear podcasts on my phone all the time, and the speakers on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 are a huge improvement.

However, this is only a slight improvement over the Tab S5e speakers, also developed by AKG.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Software

The software of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is similar to that of Samsung phones, with one important difference: DeX is much more useful here.

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DeX is Samsung’s desktop-like interface for Android. This is an important addition if you want to use this tablet instead of a laptop, as it enables advanced windowed multitasking and provides more information and links.

For this you need the keyboard accessories worth 159 euros. Samsung did not send us one. Buy a laptop if you pay for more than £ 750 and really want a laptop experience. There are many great value for money options, especially from HP and Acer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 9

Without a keyboard and DeX, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 feels like any other Samsung tablet. It runs on Android 9.0 with Samsung’s One interface. This retains all the usual Android basics, but the app drawer is not arranged as a scroll but as a page. You can also add folders to these pages to organize your collection more aware.

Newer Android features can also be found here. In the Digital Wellness section of the settings menu, you can set usage timers per app. This is very handy if you frequently overuse YouTube or social media apps, or want to make sure your kids do not play PUBG for hours each day.

As always with Android tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is not quite as creative as an iPad. As mentioned earlier, there are some better art apps like Procreate for iPad OS. And while Android now has some decent audio sequencing and composition apps, these are either less user friendly or less versatile than Garageband.

For many, however, there is just as much potential here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 10

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which is also used by the US version of the Galaxy Note 10+. This is a top-end CPU of the most popular manufacturer of such chipsets.

It is very powerful and achieves 10885 points (3528 per core) in Geekbench 4. This value is not far behind an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 laptop processor, although the comparison of these mobile CPUs with those of a laptop is not a comparable result.

The only performance issue I noticed was Pen Up. This is almost certainly related to the encoding of the app and not the performance of the CPU. You also get 6GB of RAM in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, which should be helpful when creating large, multi-layered image files.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 11

Qualcomm’s GPUs are about as impressive as the CPU side. The Snapdragon 855 has an Adreno 640 graphics chipset that is the most powerful one you’ll find in an Android device at the time of release.

You can play very demanding games like Ark: Survival Evolved with maximum graphics. And PUBG is executed with the highest graphics setting. It even manages to make the normally scratchy-looking PUBG look pretty good, as you can use anti-aliasing. This smoothes the jagged edges of the polygons.

Gaming performance outside the pen is also the main advantage of the Galaxy S6 over the S5e. In 3DMark’s Sling Shot Extreme, the S6 gets 5467 points. The S5e makes just 1596th According to this benchmark, the disparity of GPU performance is actually greater than the price difference between the two Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is one of the few tablets with a moderately interesting camera equipment. There are two on the back: one is a normal camera, the other has a wide-angle lens. Because it’s a tablet, you can imagine it being used for family portraits to shorten the time you need to “push in” people.

But do not confuse this with a range of cameras designed to compete with Samsung’s top or mid-range phones. Samsung has kept the software so open that I can find out the underlying hardware. There is nothing exciting here.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 12

The main camera of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a Samsung S5K3M5 sensor, which is used as a zoom of the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Our width sensor is the S5K5E9, which is used in the entry-level Motorola Moto E6 as a selfie camera. This is not high end hardware.

However, the experience of using it is perfectly fine. There are some shutter lag times, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 does not feel annoyingly slow. The large, bright screen is great for taking outdoor photos, but it also seems to be one reason why people still think that tablets are great devices for taking photos.

The results are also much better than most tablets. At best, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 photos look full and punchy, and the HDR software perfectly compensates for the differences in brightness in a scene. The detail level of the main camera is also good.

Both cameras even make it possible to make scenes seem brighter than they are to the eye when there is little light in indoor scenes that look dull.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 13Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 14Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 15We’re seeing some weird color issues with lenses here, but the software has done a good job of minimizing the impact on dynamic range

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 16

The bad parts? One reason that the main camera image can look punchy is that the colors are often overheated. The wide-angle camera is synonymous not so detailed and has no auto focus.

Also interesting is the direct comparison of the images of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with those of the S5e. In some areas, the S5e looks more detailed at the bottom, but the dynamic range of the Galaxy Tab S6 looks much better. While the “simple” parts of an image look better on the “cheaper” tab, this more expensive model is better suited for difficult scenes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – battery life

Like the Galaxy Tab S5e, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a 7040 mAh battery. This tells us that tablet batteries fit the case, not for the price.

It’s a very high capacity for such a slim tablet. One hour of Wi-Fi streaming with Netflix at 50% brightness lowers the battery level by 8%, suggesting that the video will run for about 12 hours.

Samsung claims to have 14 hours of endurance that you might achieve by reducing the brightness and playing locally stored video instead of streaming the material. The Tab S6 is in the same league as iPads for endurance.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 17

Should I buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S6?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the best Android tablet. That sounds great until you realize that hardly anyone else makes them – all of Amazon are budget purchases and his biggest rival is Samsung’s own Galaxy Tab S5e.

There are only two major advantages over the 5e, which starts at around £ 250 less. It contains a pen, and you can not use the pen with the 5e, even if you buy one separately. The Galaxy Tab S6 is also much more powerful, which is noticeable in demanding games.

Is that worth 250 pounds? Before you say “no,” remember that Apple charges £ 100-120 for its Apple Pencil. You get twice the space in the entry-level model, and the Snapdragon 855 is at least two miles above the Snapdragon 610 of the Galaxy Tab S5e.


The best high-end Android tablet. Virtually the only current high-end Android tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review 18

judgment The best high-end Android tablet. Virtually the only current high-end Android tablet. advantages Long battery life speaker Bold screen Powerful pr

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