Samsung Galaxy S11: what we want to see

We do not expect the Samsung Galaxy S11 to be released for a while, as Samsung is expected to continue its annual telephone publishing cycles in or around February 2020 – but we've already seen some hints and hints for what we can expect ,

In addition, there were some features we did not expect on the Samsung Galaxy S10, and there were aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the Samsung Galaxy A80 and the Galaxy Fold that would work well in a new Galaxy S flagship.

Inspired by all these phones, we've put together a list of the things we want to see in the Samsung Galaxy S11, or whatever the next Galaxy S phone may be (it could be the Galaxy S20, considering it from phone companies offered) seem to jump directly from 10 to 20 when telephones are numbered).

See below, but first you'll find everything we've heard about the Samsung Galaxy S11.

Latest news: We just heard a rumor about it The Samsung Galaxy S11 and the Galaxy Note 11 may not come out technically. It is likely that Samsung is trying to combine the two phone areas to develop the Galaxy One. We've heard this rumor before about the Galaxy S10, and it turned out to be wrong. So take it with a pinch of salt.

Cut to the hunt

  • What is it? The next Galaxy S smartphone from Samsung
  • When is it out? Expected February / March 2020
  • How much does it cost? Probably more than $ 899 / £ 799 / AU $ 1,349

Release date and price of the Samsung Galaxy S11

At the end of February 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 was released together with the Samsung Galaxy S10e and the Galaxy S10 Plus. Since Samsung usually releases its phones at annual intervals, we expect the Samsung Galaxy S11 to come out in February or March 2020.

The Galaxy S10 cost $ 899 / £ 799 / AU $ 1,349 for the cheapest storage size and rose to $ 1,149 / £ 999 / AU $ 1,699 until its launch.

We would expect the price of the Samsung Galaxy S11 to increase slightly as the Galaxy S10 was more expensive than the Galaxy S9.

Considering the usual price increases for Galaxy S mobile phones between the generations, we would expect them to cost about $ 1,000 / £ 900 / $ 1,500 for the cheapest version and even more for more storage.

Samsung Galaxy S11 News and leaks

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S11 is still far from 2020, but that does not mean that there are no rumors, leaks and speculation over the phone that is already on the Internet.

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A Samsung announcement on May 9, 2019 about the introduction of new 48MP and 64MP camera sensors could be an indication of what is to be expected on the back of the Galaxy S11 if the company wants to improve its capabilities in smartphone photography.

A later leak confirmed that the main camera sensor of the Galaxy S11 differs from all previous Galaxy phones from S7 to S10. That does not necessarily mean it's this 64 megapixel sensor, but it probably seems.

& # 39; Tech Samsung Announced & # 39 ;: We know that the company has developed a 12GB mobile DRAM that allows the phone to read memory faster. So this is another obvious candidate for the Galaxy S11.

According to Sina, the Galaxy S11 may also be the first mobile phone with a tiny 5nm chipset that could surpass the performance of other cell phones.

As for the chipset, the Snapdragon 865 has been compared to scores that surpass all other phones. It is likely that US versions of the Galaxy S11 use this chip, so that's promising.

One thing we may not get is an in-display camera, because while Oppo and Xiaomi are already putting the technology to the test, one source suggests that Samsung will wait for the technology to "mature" first, and in the meantime stick to it becomes pinhole cameras – albeit smaller.

However, there is a possibility that there are two screens because Samsung has patented a design (discovered by LetsGoDigital) with a smaller second screen on the back of the phone, as you can see above.

This would completely eliminate the need for a selfie camera since the second screen could be used to frame photos with the main camera. We doubt that we will see this design – all kinds of things are patented and often not made.

In other news, it might be worthwhile to look for rumors and leaks in relation to the "Picasso". according to Leaker Ice Universe, is the codename that Samsung currently uses internally for the Galaxy S11.

We can also look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for information on possible specifications and features. For example, the Galaxy S10 will probably not have a headphone jack because Samsung threw it overboard for the very latest touch. Likewise, there probably will not be a Bixby button.

However, by freeing up space that would have been used for a headphone jack, Samsung may be able to increase the battery and / or make the case thinner.

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But how about a rumor: Could the Galaxy S line be stopped and the Galaxy S11 never see the light of day? That's what a source suggests that the S11 and the Galaxy Note 11 will be merged to create the Galaxy One, a new series that combines all the premium features of Samsung in one smartphone.

Sure, we've heard that from Samsung phones and it turned out to be wrong, but given the similarities between the two, we can not completely rule that out.

Samsung Galaxy 11: What we want to see

While the first rumors are coming up, it's really a long way to go until we see the Samsung Galaxy S11. This is good news as Samsung has plenty of time to consider our suggestions.

So, listen, Samsung, here's what we want to see from the Galaxy S11. Please do not let us down.

1. Better camera specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S10 features three rear view cameras: the 12MP main sensor with a regular lens, the 12MP second sensor with a telephoto lens for distance shooting, and the 16MP third sensor with an ultra wide angle lens.

The three lenses are generally what we expect from a smartphone camera, but the resolution is much lower than many other phones.

Phones like the Honor 20 Pro have a 48 MP main snapper, which is a big improvement over 12 MP. Even cheap mobile phones are now sometimes delivered with four lenses (the extra is usually a time-of-flight or macro close-up sensor) to compete in the smartphone camera game, Samsung needs to improve its game with the Galaxy S11.

The four cameras of the Honor 20 Pro. Picture credits: Trustedreviews

We've heard that Samsung is working on a 64 megapixel smartphone camera that could be built into the Samsung Galaxy S11. If that's true, the new phone would blow its competitors out of the water.

2. A 3.5mm headphone jack

If you scratch your head, think of the Samsung Galaxy S10 does They have a 3.5mm headphone jack, "you're right – but it's perhaps the last of its kind.

Newer Galaxy smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy A80 have thrown the headphone jack overboard, leaving Samsung apparently behind many other smartphone companies when it comes to eliminating the physical headphone jack.

But since many, many people still use non-Bluetooth enabled headphones, this is a feature that we would like to see in future Samsung smartphones, especially given that they are considered one of the few high-end smartphone manufacturers still be used.

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3. Different arrangement of the front cameras

The Galaxy S10 was one of the first phones with a front-facing pinhole camera, which means that the front snapper was in a cutout Within the screen in the corner.

The pinhole camera of the Galaxy S10 Plus. Picture credits: Trustedreviews

The pinhole camera of the Galaxy S10 Plus. Picture credits: Trustedreviews

Theoretically, this is a useful feature that replaces the top-notch, so you have more screen space. In practice, however, the hole occupies just as much space as a strip of screen between the camera and the edge, which is currently not visible. t used.

In the future, we would like the Samsung Galaxy S11 to take a different direction – Samsung itself has announced it will drop the pothole in favor of a camera under the screen, but that could still be some Galaxy S phones that line.

4. Higher battery capacity

The Galaxy S10 had a 3,400 mAh battery – that's fine, but you have no hope it lasts more than a second day, especially if you use your phone frequently.

We hope that the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S11 exceeds this limit – there must definitely be more capacity to accommodate the new technology of the phone, but we would like a serious capacity improvement, perhaps 4,000 mAh or higher ,

5. More start colors

The Galaxy S10 is available in a few colors, mostly in prisma white and black – but we always love a vivid design in a phone, and Samsung phones have often been a bit boring.

Samsung Galaxy S11

The vibrant Samsung Galaxy S10e. Picture credits: Trustedreviews

We do not ask for the crazy patterns of a Huawei or Honor cell phone, but it would be nice if the Samsung Galaxy S11 came in a few different colors on the market.

The Galaxy S10 has some colors that are only available in certain regions, such as: Yellow, green or red. However, if Samsung made these designs available in all regions right from the beginning, the design would be much more enjoyable.

6. Affordable 5G

We assume that there will be a Samsung Galaxy S11 5G – after all, there was a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and by the time the S11 is launched, 5G will be available in many countries.

However, the Galaxy S10 5G is even bigger than the Galaxy S10 Plus and therefore massive and expensive. There are currently no affordable 5G smartphones on the horizon, but Samsung could really be one step ahead of the curve if the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S11e had a low price and run on 5G networks.

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