Samsung Galaxy S11 camera could have a 108MP sensor, as well as a powerful zoom

Samsung's next expected flagship smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S11, which is expected to hit the market in early 2020, and a recent leak indicates that it will be equipped with camera technology to chase all other Samsung smartphones out of the water.

The leak came from the Korean news site The Elec, which claims that the Galaxy S11 will be equipped with both a 108-megapixel camera sensor and a periscope lens that supports up to 5x optical zoom.

We've already heard of Samsung's 108MP camera sensor when the company introduced it, though we thought it was a Xiaomi smartphone at the time. So far we have not seen a handset that was sold with the snapper, even though the Mi Mix Alpha concept phone has it. Rumor has it that Xiaomi is working on some others.

A 108-megapixel sensor would have far more megapixels than snappers, which are currently found in smartphones and are at 48 megapixels. The newer camera would capture color, light and contrast better and take more detailed pictures so you can enlarge them without losing quality.

In addition, The Elec recommends equipping the Galaxy S11 with a periscope lens that allows 5x optical zoom. This means that you can zoom five times without affecting the picture quality.

However, this optical zoom may overlap with the 108MP sensor, allowing you to zoom digitally to get even closer. With digital zoom, a picture is cropped when zooming in, and with 108 MP, you can get very close with high picture quality.

But is that probable?

It is worth noting that The Elec is by no means a proven or reliable source. Take the leak with a pinch of salt. However, since Samsung phones are manufactured in Korea, the local press is often closely associated with manufacturers, so this is not excluded.

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However, there are other reasons to doubt the leak. The Samsung Galaxy S10 came with a 16 megapixel and two 12 megapixel snappers.

If Samsung were to equip the Galaxy S11 with this 108-megapixel snapper, it would be a turnaround for the company, which would see higher numbers in its cameras, as is the case with Chinese smartphone companies.

This seems unlikely, as Samsung, like Apple, seems content with its mid-teen megapixel at the moment – at least in its flagships.

It's worth noting that Samsung, like the Galaxy A80, used a 48-megapixel snapper, but it seems that this only applies to the A-Series midrange. For Samsung, it would be a big change to bring a sensor with high megapixels in the S or even touch range.

We'll find out if the Samsung Galaxy S11 has a 108 megapixel camera sensor and a 5x optical zoom in February or March 2020, or not, as we expect to see the new smartphones. Stay tuned to Trustedreviews for the latest information and news.

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