Samsung Galaxy S10 now has DeX support

If you are considering upgrading from a Galaxy S10 to a Galaxy Note 10 to use the latest version of Samsung's DeX, you should restrain yourself as a new software update brings many of the best features of the Note 10 into the S10.

A software update for the Galaxy s10, s10 plus, and s10E is currently being rolled out in certain regions, including support for DeX-PC connectivity, Live Focus blurring effects when capturing video, and the latest Android security patch.

In a press release, Samsung explained how users of the Galaxy S10 can use the latest version of DeX:

"The update also supports Samsung DeX for PC. Once users download the app from, they can start Samsung DeX on their PC or Mac by simply connecting their Galaxy S10 to their computer via a USB cable. A link to Windows support has also been added. This means that users of the Galaxy S10 can wirelessly connect to their Windows 10 PC, easily view their content, send and receive messages, and sync current photos directly from their computer. "

DeX support

While DeX was first available as an accessory for the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, Samsung decided to revise DeX for the publication of the Note 10 and allow users to access apps on their smartphone from their computer without the need for a separate monitor is.

DeX may not be for everyone, but with the option of using it on the Galaxy S10, the Korean hardware giant offers more users the opportunity to try it for themselves.

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The wireless update for the Galaxy S10 is now also available for users in Germany and Switzerland. This could mean that it is only available for variants of the S10 that use the company's Exynos processor. The US version of the S10 and other regional variants use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, so the latest feature update is likely to be available later.

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