Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders have been canceled… just before release date

Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders have been canceled... just before release date 1

After a long and winding road, the Samsung Galaxy Fold release is nearby. After being launched in February, with a scheduled release date in April, there were a number of setbacks, breaks, and staggering release dates for the foldable phone, but Samsung then announced a release date in September for sure. It does not look like everyone gets their cell phone the first day.

Several Twitter users from the US said that Samsung had canceled their pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold. We had expected to see the foldable launch on September 27th (a date not officially confirmed by Samsung), but these fans might have a hard time getting it.

In the email that canceled the order, Samsung said it needed to "rethink the entire customer experience," and that makes sense – since customers originally ordered the device in February, they made some drastic changes, and the new one Samsung Galaxy Fold is a slightly different device. Samsung probably wants customers to place their orders and know what they are getting.

Samsung also offers $ 250 to customers whose pre-orders have been canceled. This is a nice bonus. After the noise of things you can use it on any Samsung phone or product.

You can also pre-order for the new Galaxy Fold, so that the pre-order of the device is far from completed.

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This means that Samsung's decision to cancel pre-orders for Galaxy Fold is probably not due to the fact that the newer device is just as worried as the first, but to the fact that customers should not feel betrayed or betrayed. That seems to be a pretty good PR in our books.

We have never heard of Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders being canceled anywhere in the world. So this could just be a US phenomenon. The handset was launched in South Korea on September 6 and pre-orders were not canceled there, and we have no news that they will be canceled in the UK where they will be launched on September 18th.

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