Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect Review


The Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect is a fairly basic wireless earphone, but it does a good job. They lack the warm sound of a SoundMagic E11BT, but they provide good sound quality and robust workmanship.


  • Safe seat
  • Set filter
  • Affordable
  • Robust construction


  • Lean character to the sound

key specifications

  • Test price: $99.95
  • Set filter
  • IPX5 rating
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Note foam earplugs

The T5 Ultra Connect is the first wireless in-ear from British audio brand Rock Jaw. They offer more than 11 hours of battery, HD audio support, switchable tuners and an IPX5 rating.

What is Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect?

The Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect was originally released in 2018, but was upgraded to IPX5 earlier this year with the IPX4 rating.

Available for less than $100, Rock Jaw has managed to produce a set of wireless earphones that are good value for money in the T5 Ultra Connect.

Design and Construction of the Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect – A sturdy pair of wireless earphones with some eye-catching details

Given their price, it is unlikely that you will look at the T5 Ultra Connect and expect first-class materials. They come with a modest, matte black plastic construction that has more function than style.

The neckband is narrow, so it never feels like it rubs on the back. Jog up and down and there’s no problem with them fluttering around in an uncontrolled manner, although you may need to watch out for the in-line microphone that suddenly appears in your peripheral view during energetic sessions.

Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect

Most of the money was spent on the headphones, which are very impressive. The brushed aluminum coating gives them a much higher quality look and feel.

Although the L & R logos differ between the individual ear cups, the type is low. Due to the reflectivity of the aluminum coating in sunlight, it can easily be overlooked. An easy way to ensure that the in-ears are properly in the ear is that the inline microphone is always on the right side.

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The fit may initially feel loose, as the earphones stick out of the ear when using the standard earphones. However, there are a number of different sizes of silicone earplugs, from small to large, small and large comply fit versions, as well as a medium bi-flange earplug to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect

And despite this initial unwieldy feeling, the Rock Jaws fit very well, resting between your inner and outer earlobes. There were a few times when I wore them in the gym that I was afraid they might fall out. They never did it for their honor. The noise isolation is above average and locks out the external noise due to the secure fit.

The magnets on the back of the earphones are a nice touch. If you do not want to carry them and bundle them together, make sure they are connected and that the cables are not tangled.

Features of Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect – Pretty standard in the functional department

Although they are wireless, the T5 Ultra Connect is not really wireless because the headphones are connected to each other via a single cable with an inline microphone. On the inline microphone are touch buttons for playback and volume (of course), which also double for other purposes.

It is frugal to use it if you press the volume key “+” for a long time to jump to the next title, and if you press and hold “-” for a long time you will get back.

The middle “O” key serves several purposes. For playback, it is the stop / start button. Tap and it’s the button to turn on the T5 Ultra Connect. Hold down the key when it is off and the key to pair with a Bluetooth source. If you use voice assistants, double-tap gives you access to Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Bluetooth is version 5, although you need a compatible Bluetooth 5 device to make the most of it.

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Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect

The inline microphone has a USB-C port for charging. According to Rock Jaw, the T5 Ultra Connect can play for more than 11 hours, which seems about right in our time. The E11BT of the SoundMagic surpasses them within 24 hours and is a few pounds cheaper than the T5.

They are sweat-proof to IPX5, which means they can withstand water from a nozzle if you are ever in such a situation. This is an improvement over version 2018 (IPX4), making it even more suitable for sweaty workouts in the gym.

Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect Performance – Good sound, but not the warmest headphones

The T5 Ultra Connect comes with tuning filters labeled with different colors. Gold is the standard option and provides a balanced sound between highs and lows, silver provides more pleasing bass and black enhances the highs. All you have to do is remove the foam tips, turn the filter already inserted, and screw in your preferred option.

Using the Gold standard option and the T5 produces a sound that is clear, detailed, and wide enough to create a sense of space. However, they are not particularly warm earphones. In fact, they are pretty meager and the mids can occasionally sound pretty harsh.

A piece of In The End from Collision Course’s album and the lyrics of Jay-Z are harsh and less melodic, and it’s a feature that resonates with the vocals of other tracks by other performers. It’s not a grid, but it does have a rough texture that limits the effect of the T5.

Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect

A cross section of the T5 Ultra Connect with the tuning filter in the middle

The change between the different filters and their effects is immediately apparent. Listen to the soundtrack of The Landing from the First Man with the silver bass filter, and the drum beats that accompany the track have more weight and resonance. If you plug in the black treble filter to hear the same title, the taste of treble is sweeter with extended strings, but the bass is reduced.

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The Gold standard option is clearly the best for those who want a balanced sound. However, if you want to hear bass tracks or pick up the highs of a track, the option to switch the filter is an advantage.

Wireless performance was absolutely stable with only a few instabilities. Aside from some dropouts in high traffic areas (which is to be expected), you can count on the T5 Ultra Connect to be pretty tacky for anything you do.

Should I buy Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect?

The Rock Jaws are not equipped with numerous features or tricks. In essence, it’s a pretty basic pair of wireless earphones that do a good job.

The sleek character of the playback means they are not as fluid as the SoundMagic’s E11BT, which has a longer battery life and is cheaper, but the Rock Jaws have a better IPX rating.

Tuning filters let you customize your music to your liking. With good sound quality and rugged finish, the Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect headphones should be considered for every athletic type.


The Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect is a fairly basic wireless earphone, but it does a good job. They lack the warm sound of a SoundMagic E11BT, but they provide good sound quality and robust workmanship.

Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect Review
Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect Review 1

judgment The Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect is a fairly basic wireless earphone, but it does a good job. They lack the warm sound of a SoundMagic E11BT, but the

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