Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review


A powerful and flexible way to protect your home, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a step forward compared to battery models. It is a better choice if you have a doorbell powered by the area because you can reduce the areas of motion detection activity on the number of alerts you receive. A slim body and a choice of housings gives this doorbell a beautiful appearance and you get everything you need for installation in the box.


  • Night vision in color
  • Choice of colors in the box
  • Excellent performance and activity zones

The inconvenients

  • Have to answer in landscape mode
  • The view of the timeline is a little tricky to use

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: £ 229
  • 114 x 47 x 20mm
  • 1080p resolution
  • 160 degree field of view
  • Cloud registration via subscription
  • Night vision color
  • Amazon Alexa

As good as the Ringtone video doorbell 2 The fact that he needs a battery means that it is a rather heavy kit to install. If you are looking for something more orderly, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro could be the one for you. Permanently wired, the bell takes up less space and has appropriate motion detection areas, rather than relying on a PIR motion detector.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro – What You Need to Know

  • Installation: The ring provides everything you need in the box and the slim doorbell must fit on most door frames. As this model is wired, you can choose a professional installation.
  • Detection performance: The permanent diet means that you can set activity zones, limiting the number of alerts to only the people who show up at your door.
  • Quality of image: There is no HDR on this model, so backlit people can lose a bit of detail, but the picture is clear and the night mode all in color is excellent.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro looks great and contains everything you need to install it in the box.

The Ring Video Pro call bell sounds much neater than Ring Video’s thick 2 doorbell. Since the Pro must be permanently connected, it is not necessary to have a battery. While I needed a corner stand to install the Video Doorbell 2 in place, the Pro was installed because of the small door frame of my Victorian home.

You also have a choice of front plates in the box so you can choose the color you prefer or the one that best fits your door. The result is a much neater bell with a more professional appearance.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro choice from the front

A choice of facades ensures that Ring Video Pro matches the color of your home

The tradeoff is that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro must be wired permanently. It requires a 24V transformer to power it, and most British doorbells are in 12V. Fortunately, Ring provides a transformer in the case, designed to be mounted on the DIN rail of your consumer device. Complete instructions are provided, although you may feel more comfortable asking a professional to install your bell.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Transformer

The transformer in the box is excellent, so you have everything you need to get started

If you do not have wiring, Ring just started selling a plug-in adapter. All you have to do is to pass the supplied wiring from a nearby power outlet up to the doorbell. You may only need to drill only one small hole as part of your door. This is an interesting addition that could make the installation much simpler for many.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro AC Adapter

The plug-in adapter means you can install the doorbell easily if you have a socket close enough

As most British internal bells and chimes operate on 12 V, there is a good chance that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro will not work with your existing ringtone to alert you when someone has pressed the button. Ring provides a junction box: you unscrew the power cables from your chime and insert them into the box.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro bypass

Your old chime will probably not work. You will need the junction box.

Technically, if you have a 24V chime, you will not need to, and Ring Pro can ring your internal doorbell. Anyway, it’s nice to see that Ring also provides a plug-in chime that you can place anywhere in your house and that you can set to ring when someone rings at the door .

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Note that if you wire the Ring Video Doorbell 2, it should work with your existing chime without any modifications, as this doorbell can be powered by a standard 12V transformer.

Permanent power supply allows you to obtain appropriate motion detection areas with the Doorbell Video Ring Pro

All Ring Video Door ringtones can be set to record videos when they detect motion, but Ring Video Doorbell Pro has an advantage over its battery-powered siblings: appropriate motion detection zones. When the camera is continuously powered, motion detection is performed in the cloud by checking the video stream: the movement inside an area is recorded and an alert is sent. This means that you can very carefully select the areas you want to monitor, which greatly reduces the number of alerts you receive.

Video Ringtone Pro Motion Zones

The activity zones help reduce the number of alerts you receive.

Battery-ring rings use a PIR motion sensor. You can set the range and areas used, but I found that the number of notifications with Doorbell 2 was higher than the number of Video Doorbell Pro. Even though the Pro gives you fewer alerts, I like the Snooze feature of the app that stops motion notifications for a given period of time (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours ), which is handy if you have people coming in and a lot of them, like workers doing work at home.

The recordings are saved in the cloud if you have a Ring Protect plan, which costs £ 2.50 per month (£ 24.99 per year) for a doorbell, with a storage period of 30 days. If you upgrade to £ 8 a month (£ 80 a year), you get a 30 day registration for an unlimited number of devices. If you have more than three Ring cameras, such as the Stick-up cam and Floodlight Cam It is an excellent value for money.

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In any case, the cloud subscription is cheaper than that of its rival Nest Aware. Hello nest Bell, though I should point out that Nest gives you a continuous recording, so it captures everything.

Tap the live view in the app and you can use the timeline to go back to see the events. It would be helpful for each event to have a thumbnail to make it easier to see what you want, and the timeline could be smoother. currently, it’s quite laborious to go back in time if you have a lot of events. However, you can use filter options to switch to a specific day and display alerts by type (movement, ringing, and direct), although the filtering option only appears after you have selected one day or that you sweep back to view the last event.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Live View & Events

The timeline allows you to browse recent events, although it might be slightly smoother.

You can also use the Recent Activity menu, where you get a long list of recorded events. You can filter by event type (Motion recordings, Ringtones, and Live View), but this view is possible with event thumbnails.

The image quality of Ring Video Doorbell Pro is excellent, but the integration and the Alexa application could be subject to some modifications.

When someone rings at your door, your phone is notified to inform you that someone is at the door of entry. It can take up to 30 seconds for the alert to go off, which should be fast enough to capture most people, even smugglers trying to get her out of your yard.

In a boring way, the app always opens in landscape mode, which makes your phone much harder to hold than if you could respond in portrait mode. This is a minor complaint and the quality of the voice for the two-way conversation is excellent.

Doorbell Pro Video Ring Somone at the Entrance Gate

You can only answer in landscape mode, which is a bit frustrating

The quality of the image is also generally excellent, thanks to the camera’s Full HD sensor. I found that people were detailed during the day, although the position of the sun (my door is facing south) meant that a strong backlight could make the faces a little dull. Unfortunately, this camera does not have HDR to help correct the problem. Nevertheless, I could easily work the details in the faces and the video was very sharp.

Doorbell Pro Daytime Sample Video Ring

There is no HDR, so backlit faces can lose a bit of detail

At night, Video Doorbell Pro can activate a color mode rather than rely on an IR-lit black-and-white image. The result is amazing, with the best quality I’ve seen from a doorbell, making it easier to see who’s at your door.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Night Sample

The night vision in color is fantastic

If you have installed Amazon Echo devices with the Ring skill, a doorbell also rings the message from your smart speakers. If you have a Echo show or Echo Show 5, you can also answer the door, although you have to do it, indicating the name of your ring device, for example “Alexa, answer the main door”. It’s a little noisier than Nest Hello and Google Nest Hub integration, where the smart display shows a video of who is at the door and has on-screen controls to answer. There is currently no integration of Google Assistant, not even for viewing the video stream.

Ring Video Door Pro Show Echo

The integration of Echo Show is a good thing, but it would be better if you automatically see a preview of your doorway.

When responding to the help of an echo show, the quality of the video and voice is excellent and I found this option faster than playing with my phone when I was at home.

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It’s nice to see that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro can work with Samsung SmartThings, as well. You can watch a live video, but you can also use the motion sensor and the camera button to trigger other events. For example, you can turn on a light automatically when you press the doorbell button.

Video Ringtone Pro SmartThings Ringtone

Ring video ringtones integrate with Samsung SmartThings

An IFTTT channel can do something similar, although these automations can often be a little slow to work.

Should I buy the Doorbell Pro Video Ring?

Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the best doorbell sold by Ring. It’s more orderly and more aesthetic than the Doorbell Video Ring 2. Thanks to its permanent power, the motion detection areas are better. This, in my opinion, makes the Pro worth buying if you have or can power your home. the Video doorbell 2 makes more sense if you can only use the battery.

The main competition comes from Nest Hello, which is also permanently powered. The Ring Pro offers better night vision, but Nest Hello has facial recognition and continuous recording. You will need to determine which features are best for you. In the end, it can boil down to something simple: what smart speakers you have.

Nest Hello only broadcasts pushes from Google Assistant devices and you need a smart Google display to answer. Ring Video Doorbell does the same, but only with Amazon Alexa devices.

In the end, apart from a few minor annoyances, the Doorbell Video Doorbell Pro is a stylish and elegant way to protect your door entry – and its price is reasonable because the box contains everything you need. If your input gate is powered, I would buy this model over battery powered Ring devices.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review
Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review 1

Verdict A powerful and flexible way to protect your home, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a step forward compared to battery models. It is a better choice i

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