RHA T20 Wireless Review


Overall, the RHA T20 Wireless headphones offer a very good package. At a price of £ 200, they are expensive, making them within reach of true wireless offers, such as the Sony WF-1000XM3. They offer a good set of features, if not quite up to date, but the real plus is the audio quality.


  • A lot of spatial depth
  • Complex mid-range detail
  • Good separation
  • Can be used with or without wire

The inconvenients

  • Higher mediums slightly hard or unrefined
  • The sound could be slightly wider
  • The design of the choker is not suitable for runners

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $249.95
  • Dual coil drivers
  • 12 hour battery
  • 10 pairs of points
  • 3x pairs of sound filters
  • Transport case
  • Bluetooth
  • Wired cable included

The RHA T20 Wireless Headsets enter the market at the most expensive end of the spectrum, placing them among the most established brands – as well as in front. The T20s can switch between a wireless and wired connection, the latter for high resolution audio tracks. They also have interchangeable tuning filters for those who want to change the bass or treble level when playing their music.

What are the RHA T20 Wireless?

The RHA T20 Wireless are wireless headphones with a neckband for more discerning listeners. They cost almost as much as the genuine wireless Sony WF-1000XM3 at £ 200, so their sound quality has a lot to prove. Overall, this is a good set of headphones.

T20 wireless

RHA T20 Wireless Design – A pair of stylish headphones

The RHA T20 Wireless are high-end wireless headphones. In this case, as in many other areas of technology, this means that their composition is not entirely plastic.

The T20 ear cups have an injection-molded stainless steel shell, which provides a sensation of exceptional strength. They also look classier than the old cable-wired RHA T20, as there are no color-coded necklaces to determine left and right headphones.

The cable winds around your ear – another “pro” touch that also prevents them from falling to the ground if they come out of your ear canal.

The ORS does its best to avoid such cases; Like other RHA pairs, the T20 Wireless offers a range of almost unparalleled advice.

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T20 wireless

There are foams, standard silicone tips and double flange pairs. If you can not find the set that’s right for you, then maybe the in-ear headphones do not suit you. By saying that, there are no ultra-tiny tips.

Note that the cable is removable. The small MMCX connectors hang from the neckband to the headphones, giving the T20 Wireless an additional value angle. The Shure MMCX RMCE-BT2 RM Bluetooth adapter cable costs € 140 and is probably less convenient because it has a battery pack that must be clipped onto your clothes.

There is even a “wired” cable in the box. This is another case where the RHAs are more generous than necessary.

T20 wireless

I do not recommend using the RHA T20 Wireless while running. Wear them during the run and the ends of the headband bounce up and down on the clavicle. I ended up putting them under my t-shirt to keep them in check.

Apart from rigidity, the RHA T20 Wireless is suitable for exercise. RHA says it resists IPX4 water and is sufficiently resistant to perspiration and occasional rain.

Features of the RHA T20 Wireless – Although these headphones do not have the latest technology, they will suit most listeners.

On the technical side, the RHA T20 Wireless are simple wireless headphones. They use Bluetooth 4.1 instead of 5.0 and support aptX for better streams, but not for aptX HD and LDAC, almost lossless.

The life of the battery is not innocuous for a model of headband, 12 hours. Huge progress has been made recently in this area, with the SoundMagic E11BT lasting longer than 24 hours and the true wireless Sony WF-1000XM3 surviving for up to eight hours.

T20 wireless

USB-C charging

This is a last generation endurance, although for most people it is perfectly healthy and practical. The RHA T20 Wireless at least warns enough that the battery is about to be depleted – more than any other pair.

You will hear the approximate remaining battery level when you turn on the earphones, voice prompts starting when you reach (seemingly) the level of 40%, and each gradation below.

T20 wireless

Standard 3-button remote control

The real design extras are about the sound and not the built-in features. These headphones have unusual “dual coil” dynamic speakers, much like concentric speakers, with two sets of magnets for better control of the coil.

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The RHA T20 Wireless also has removable filters. These are seen in the opening of the listener and modify the sound by changing the final “tunnel” through which the sound moves. It may seem strange, but the same technique has been used many times in high-end headphones, including those of the very expensive Phonak Audéo range and RHA’s own T10i and T20 models.

T20 wireless

You choose between standard “reference” tips and those that put a little more emphasis on treble and bass. The ORS sells replacement products online, in case you lose one.

RHA T20 Wireless Sound Quality – In general, this is an excellent pair of headphones, although it is possible to refine the refinement in some areas.

I mostly listened to the RHA T20 Wireless using the reference tips. Each set makes a slight difference, but it’s important to understand that it’s all about subtraction. These filters simply slightly alter the sound just before it reaches your eardrum.

The bass filter has a foam-like layer, the reference filter a thinner layer and the bass filter is an empty tunnel barring the grid at the end. The bass filter of the RHA does not amplify the bass, it attenuates the treble.

T20 wireless

The overall sound quality is excellent. Here are some of the most “hi-fi” wireless headphones you’ll find below £ 200.

I was very impressed by the complexity of their mid-range details. They draw more voice texture than the Sennheiser IE2 BT, and the RHA mediums also sound less compressed.

The RHA T20 Wireless also features deep, punchy and relatively light bass. Their low end seems somewhat enhanced, but it is a wise choice for headphones designed for general enjoyment, rather than to satisfy the restricted audience of audio-quality extremists.

However, the best features of the RHA T20 Wireless require careful listening for a complete appreciation. You do not have an extremely wide sound here. Their canvas is not as big as that of the Sennheisers, but the spatial imagery is complex and attractive, and its depth is good. The photo is not a wall filling, but it is detailed.

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T20 wireless

The separation is also better than the Final E4000, a pair of headphones that could be considered a rival, if Final ended up creating a wireless version.

Combine a decent separation with energetic bass and you get a sound that’s good for casual listening and a more thoughtful type.

But I do not think the T20 Wireless will please everyone. High-mids are a bit difficult, which is the case with most RHA headphones I’ve heard. This can give a certain advantage to some high registry songs.

It is not enough to make the headphones whistling or severe; not ideal if you like your silky-smooth and refined sound. It also hurts the otherwise natural voice rendering.

This effect can be mitigated a bit by using the bass filter, although this is my least favorite among the three “profiles”.

T20 wireless

Should I buy RHA T20 Wireless?

The RHA T20 Wireless are excellent wireless headphones, if you are not bothered by true wireless technology.

Their sound could be more expansive, and slightly softer or refined in some places. Nevertheless, they are satisfactory headphones if you are looking for quality sound. Having the choice to use them wired or wireless is welcome – and the decision to bundle the cable shows that, as always, RHA is generous with its accessories.

I would be clear for sports use, though; the neckband bounces too much for comfort.


Overall, the RHA T20 Wireless headphones offer a very good package. At a price of $250, they are expensive, making them within reach of true wireless offers, such as Sony’s WF-1000XM3. They offer a good set of features, if not quite up to date, but the real plus is the audio quality.

RHA T20 Wireless Review
RHA T20 Wireless Review 1

Verdict Overall, the RHA T20 Wireless headphones offer a very good package. At a price of £ 200, they are expensive, making them within reach of true wirel

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