Razer Turret (Xbox One edition) Review


The Razer turret (Xbox One edition) represents a breakthrough compared to the original. The custom switches made by Razer are not suitable for everyone, but they are more than enough for competitive games. This, combined with an improved mouse and a large rug, makes it a great option for players sitting on a couch. But as a stand-alone product, better wireless gaming keyboards are available for your money.


  • Solidly built
  • Innovative mouse pad
  • Huge upgrade on the original

The inconvenients

  • Razer does not go for everyone
  • Very big
  • Uncomfortable for long gaming sessions

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $247.51
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connection
  • Razer mechanical switches
  • Until 11 o’clock autonomy
  • 16,000 DPI sensor
  • Dimensions: 194 x 390 x 36.93 mm

Razer’s original turret was an interesting but compromised beast that aimed to be the ultimate wireless keyboard / mouse combo for PC lounge gamers.

It offered an innovative booth design and loading mechanism. This, coupled with a foldable mouse pad, has allowed the original Razer turret to reach its goal. But the use of chiclet keys finally gave the impression of being inappropriate for a competitive game.

That’s why we’re pleased to see that Razer is trying to create the ultimate keyboard for parlor games with its brilliant new Razer (Xbox One Edition) turret, which – thanks to godly gods – has the appropriate mechanical switches.

Razer turret design (Xbox One Edition) – Away from the original

The use of Razer’s mechanical switches is not the only change made by the company to the new turret. These are good and bad in equal measure.

The keyboard has been completely redesigned. In addition to the new switches, Razer’s has discontinued exclusive load support. This is great because you can now load the keyboard using any USB cable. As an added benefit, the company also includes a port and cable that allow you to charge the included wireless mouse using the keyboard.

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The disadvantage is that an already large product takes much more space. One of the strong points of the turret’s original support was the space gained space by anchoring the keyboard and mouse vertically. Razer also did not load the keyboard with multimedia shortcuts and macro keys. I can forgive the lack of macros, but the lack of media control gives a sense of delay on the Corsair K63.Razer Turret Xbox Edition

The included 2.4 GHz wireless dongle makes it easy to set up on both the Xbox and the PC: insert it into a USB port and you’re done. The Chroma backlight still looks great on the keyboard and mouse, and is very easy to customize via Razer’s Synapse app. The only problem is that the main user interface of the Xbox is not configured for mouse input. You will have to navigate in the main menu using the arrow keys.

Other than that, I’m a big fan of the new pop-out mouse pad. Unlike the previous turret, the new version allows the mouse pad to slide on the right side of the keyboard. The mechanism is much more robust and can store the carpet if you use the turret in the office.

Razer Turret Performance (Xbox One Edition) – Ideal for Living Room Games

In terms of performance, the Razer Turret Xbox edition is generally good, but presents some compromises resulting from its orientation towards the tower / lounge game.

The biggest elephant in the room is its size. The use of mechanical switches is excellent, but the keyboard is significantly larger than the original turret. When the mouse tray is out, it is almost two feet wide and weighs 1860g. Even if it is a keyboard without a 10-key keyboard, the new turret looks a bit awkward.

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But for me, the intelligently designed mouse board makes up for that. In addition to being larger than the original turret, the new tray is magnetized. This seems to be a slight improvement, but it prevents the mouse from falling to the ground or flying into the room when you get up or adjust your position.Razer Turret Xbox Edition

Personally, I prefer the Corsair K63 red switches to the new Razer Mechanical Green switches of the new turret, which have a more noticeable tactical hump and feel a bit like the Cherry MX Blues. But the updated board and the new mechanical keys allow you to play competitive first-person shooters in your comfortable chair, away from the office – which I can not say about the original or the K63, which There is no removable mouse pad.

The mouse is also generally good. The 16,000 DPI mouse is a custom version of the Razer Mamba, which is not a bad thing. The mouse has a compact and ergonomic design with two side buttons, a touch control wheel and DPI controls on the top.

The only drawback is that as it is on your lap, the playing angle is less than it would be on an office setup. This means that prolonged sessions can seem a bit painful, despite the well-sized wrist rest of the keyboard. It’s a shame, because the battery life is pretty good and I easily spent at least 10 hours on the Razer turret, with the backlight on, before having to look for a charging cable.

Razer Turret Xbox Edition

Should I buy a Razer turret (Xbox One edition)?

If you’re a console or PC lounge player looking for a reliable and well-built wireless gaming keyboard to use on your lap, the Razer turret is pretty much your only option at the moment.

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As far as gaming keyboards are concerned, I’m not completely sold on Razer’s custom switches. But the mouse, the clever design of the tablets and the long battery life make it an excellent option for the users it is intended for.

The problems associated with its heavy weight and its imposing design, combined with strong competition from Corsair, whose K63 is a better autonomous wireless gaming keyboard, however prevent it from scoring points.


The Razer turret (Xbox One edition) represents a breakthrough compared to the original, with an improved mouse and a large carpet that makes it an excellent option for players sitting on a sofa. But as an autonomous product, there are more economical alternatives.

Razer Turret (Xbox One edition) Review
Razer Turret (Xbox One edition) Review 1

Verdict The Razer turret (Xbox One edition) represents a breakthrough compared to the original. The custom switches made by Razer are not suitable for ever

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