Pro Breeze 40-inch Tower Fan Review


If you want a fan capable of providing a powerful airflow, the Pro Breeze 30-inch tower blower fits perfectly – it’s one of the most powerful tower blowers we’ve got tested. With this power comes the disadvantage of noise; you will definitely hear this fan in action. The quality of the construction is not quite as good as we expected at that price, so you might want to look elsewhere for something a little more elegant.


  • Prodigious air circulation
  • Remote control

The inconvenients

  • Noisy
  • Basic control panel and remote control
  • Needs several slower speeds

Key specifications

  • Exam price: £ 70
  • 40 inch tower fan
  • Remote control
  • Three speeds
  • Seven hour timer

The Pro Breeze 30-inch tower fan is one of the largest models on the market. With a 45-watt AC motor, it promises to evacuate the air in abundance. Indeed, our tests have confirmed, but it is done at the expense of noise and fairly basic features compared to other tower fans.

40 Inch Pro Breeze Tower Fan – What You Need to Know

  • Fan performance: This ridiculously powerful fan produces a close-up of fast air and a real breeze in the room. In fact, this could be done with a slower setting.
  • Sound performance: It’s noisier than some of the tower’s fans, aggravated by a slight moan that is more distinct from the background noise.
  • Use and features: A remote control is welcome, but overall, this fan has few features and its basic controls might be easier to see and use.

The 40-inch Pro Breeze Tower Fan causes a hurricane

With a little over a meter high, the 40-inch Pro Breeze tower fan is about as big as the fans. However, if you look closely, you may feel embarrassed by the fact that it is actually a 32-inch tower fan, sitting slightly at the top of an 8-inch riser. To be honest, with 53 cm (21 inches) long, its grille is larger than usual even for a 36 inch tower.

Turn it on and its power becomes immediately clear. Up close, you will feel a strong breeze all the way up the grille and a powerful movement of air even across the room. In fact, if there is too much force at the default setting, the lowest setting, at three settings, you will want to be directly downwind only during the hottest days. Even then, you would want to be at a distance.

Although it is not much noisier than usual for a tower fan, the ProBreeze emits a slight groan that is more distinct from background noise. Closing the ProBreeze alongside two other fans in the tower seemed to make by far the biggest difference in the noise of the room.

There are basic controls, but the 40-inch Pro Breeze Tower Fan gives you what you need

The 40-inch Pro Breeze Tower Fan has relatively basic controls and does not have all the features. Its top panel houses touch buttons for power and oscillation, and also offers the ability to scroll through its three speeds and set a sleep timer.

Math enthusiasts will appreciate the simple LEDs that display them in binary form, turning on for combinations of four, two and one hour to indicate up to seven hours in one-hour increments. The control panel, however, is pointing up – even if you are sitting nearby, it is difficult to discern the information it presents.

Pro Breeze 40

The basic control panel at the top provides access to all fan functions.

The fans of the tower do not usually swim with functions. Although this one has a 90 degree swing and a remote control, there is no ionizer, fan mode control or thermometer. The remote is basic, reflecting the same four buttons on the fan itself. There is no Night mode, although the fan lights are not as bright as some.

Pro Breeze 40

The remote is as basic as the control panel

The 40-inch ProBreeze Tower Fan is a big fan, producing matching numbers

At its lowest setting, this fan accelerated the air at an incredible frequency of 4.4 m / s, measured at 15 cm. From 1 meter, it had fallen to 2.6 m / s; but even at 2 meters, it was still 1.7 m / s. At full power, we measured 4.8 m / s at 15 cm, falling to 2.8 m / s at one meter and 2.0 m / s at 2 meters.

Unfortunately, this prodigious air movement causes a lot of noise. At one meter from the front, we measured 46.2 dB at low power and 54.5 dB at maximum. Even when the sample was sampled at right angles, completely away from the airflow, we recorded a minimum of 43.4 dB and a maximum of 48.8 dB.

Power consumption was also high compared to fans with more efficient DC motors. Even at the lowest speed, this fan consumes 24 watts and reaches 35 watts at maximum speed.

Why buy the 40-inch ProBreeze Tower Fan?

It is a remarkably efficient fan, able to move large amounts of air over long distances. As such, it could be an ideal way to circulate the air in relatively large homes or in a small office. However, its lack of advanced features and inconvenient controls makes it less convenient than we would like, and its comparatively high noise levels prevent it from operating in quieter environments. In most cases, we would be happier with a quieter fan, even if it was slightly less efficient.

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