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The final football simulation of 2020, PES 2020 takes what you love about the series and makes it more satisfying and entertaining without sacrificing the simulation. However, the lack of captivating online and offline game modes holds it back.


  • The gameplay is in top shape
  • Miss Kicks and Finesse Dribbling are welcome additions
  • Impressive pictures


  • Online game modes are not exciting
  • Master League Remastered disappointed
  • Need for AI improvements

key specifications

  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Developer: Konami
  • Genre: Football
  • Release Date: Out Now

Another year, another entry into the PES franchise. However, PES 2020 brings with it a number of changes. Some may be considered near-surface, while others have had the biggest impact on the game in years.

For PES staff, this seems to be another iterative update, but this is not the case. For those returning to the series, or for newcomers, it will immediately appear more sophisticated.

PES 2020 graphics look better on the field and in the menus than ever before. The chunky and boxy PES interface is a thing of the past.

On the field, the player models continue to improve and From the point of view of the camera, the game looks stunning and catch up with its main rival quickly.

SPE 2020

PES 2020 feels great – it seems Konami has developed the PES formula and has almost perfected it.

Every year PES shoots to further establish its abilities the A real football simulator, but in recent years, the game has come to short due to the chaotic graphics and the tight gameplay. However, these specific concerns are virtually non-existent.

Instead, we get something that really feels like a football game that lets you vary your style of play and see your opponent in their own way. Slow buildup or fierce counterattacks – PES 2020 can do it all.

Do not make mistakes, it is not always easy to implement your best plans. PES 2020 rewards you for playing the game as if it were a real game, and that you need a fraction of a second longer to consider what the real consequence of your decision would be.

In the past, the PES guilty of having punished you a bit too much in your goal of creating the ideal football sim. This year’s edition does not sacrifice this idea, but it rewards you for a deliberate game and leaves you anxious to try again if it does not succeed.

SPE 2020

A new feature that embodies the balance between simulation and fun are the new “missteps”. Mishaps occur when you get carried away. If you try to play a quick pass or shoot for the first time while your player is pointing in the wrong direction. The missed shot fumbles your player on the ball and possibly loses possession. If missteps were implemented incorrectly, this could be a groundbreaking addition. Konami was brave to add it; and it has paid off.

Misbehings are not intrusive, but they sit in the back of the head and encourage you to refine your game. The millisecond you need to make sure your player controls the ball also gives you the ability to instinctively think about your next move. This makes the whole game feel a bit more appealing.

At the other end of the ball control scale is the new “Finesse Dribbling”. Finesse dribbling feels like a whole new idea, though it’s not – and that’s partly because of the placement on the gamepad.

SPE 2020

Many football sims have a feature that slows dribbling, sometimes to calm the game. sometimes to fool an opponent and dodge him properly. Finesse Dribbling feels a bit more fluid than previous implementations and is therefore much more useful.

If you want to use finesse dribbling, use the right stick while already using the left stick. The implementation feels awkward at first, but is something that you have to master.

His addition is another step toward realism. Skills exercises can be challenging for those who use them well, but when they are “mastered” They can look a bit silly when strung together. Finesse Dribbling provides more life effects to get past defenders: light touches and subtle shades.

While Finesse Dribbling is an outstanding innovation, PES 2020 also sets the standard for dribbling. The awkwardness of the player movement has long been a criticism of PES, but things have improved considerably in this respect.

SPE 2020

The entire PES 2020 experience is a wonderful way to experience football. The offensive game is a huge highlight.

With PES 2020, you can intelligently select passports as you work your way up the field. You can use some carefully selected dribbles to get into a dangerous position and perhaps most satisfactorily find the perfect pass in a crowd.

PES 2020 is tidier than ever, but one area that could bring improvements is the AI ​​of your teammates – but it’s not all bad. The AI ​​on attack moves always seems to be active when players are constantly making sharp runs. Intelligent runs allow you to periodically issue passports to split the defense.

The disadvantage is that the runs actually occur too often. If you want to slow down the game, your teammates do not always play ball. You may be looking for a short pass and are close by without a free man. Your teammates are already running away from the defense. A little restraint would be a big improvement here.

The defensive AI also has its problems. When you play against a decent opponent, you sometimes have the feeling that your defenders are not visible when you need them. The effect can be mediated by quick thinking or modified tactics, but is not ideal.

SPE 2020

The gameplay is really the standout theme in PES 2020; it is remarkable This is not all that is new this year.

One of the most striking is the new camera: “Stadion”. It allows a more dynamic tracking of the ball than the traditionally more stationary wide-angle view. At first glance, it seems like a big change, but you’ll get involved quickly.

Aside from the white lines, the biggest change is Master League Remastered – PES 2020’s attempt to rejuvenate its career mode. Unfortunately, “Remastered” seems to be just a buzzword.

The main triumph of Master League Remastered is that the transfer system is finally being repaired. Previously, the value of the players was extremely unrealistic. Fortunately, Konami has clearly recognized this and stated that this time he used real data to improve the transfer market.

The core of the allegedly re-invented Master League is a new dialogue system that has appeared in non-verbal cutscenes in FIFA’s career mode for several years. The feature is not very good at FIFA and largely annoying in public employment services. You quickly tire of sitting through a litany of elevator music as you watch character models go back and forth.

SPE 2020

The dialogue system of PES 2020 is best when your decisions influence the game. Whether it’s learned from a coach that a player is upset, or whether you declare that you will definitely win the league this year. The feature is interesting, but it would be better to render it as a text-based system and avoid unnecessary cut-scenes.

The online modes remain largely unchanged and, frankly, not exciting. These online modes are now referred to as the “eFootball” on the home screen according to the new official name of PES 2020. It is The only innovation is “Matchday” and there is not much to report. The mode is simply a different shot of FIFA’s equally exciting “Match Day Live” mode.


It is undoubtedly the final football simulation of 2020. PES 2020 takes what you love about the series and makes it more satisfying and entertaining without sacrificing simulation. However, the lack of captivating online and offline game modes holds it back.

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PES 2020 Review |
PES 2020 Review | 1

judgment The final football simulation of 2020, PES 2020 takes what you love about the series and makes it more satisfying and entertaining without sacrifi

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