OnePlus TV release date, specs, and everything we’re hoping to see

You will probably know OnePlus as the fast growing smartphone brand from China, which has found a large following in the production of high quality mobile phones, which still manage to significantly undercut the increasingly astronomical price of the competition (we look at it as the iPhone XS) Max). But do you know the OnePlus TV?

OnePlus is now trying to reiterate the trick with a new Smart TV, which will come on the market sometime in 2020. It will be launched in India and China for the first time in September 2019 – with four different model sizes, from the 43-inch television to the giant 75-inch display – with the possibility of another global rollout sometime thereafter.

Speaking of a Bluetooth remote control rather than an infrared remote control and a Dolby Atmos speaker system that could outperform other midrange televisions in terms of audio, what exactly is the OnePlus TV and what can not others do? ?

TO UPDATE: The OnePlus TV will have a pretty rocking sound system when a new Amazon product page is correct. According to The information we found The TV has eight separate speakers with a total power of 50 W and can play Dolby Atmos soundtracks.

Cut to the hunt

  • What is it? The first smart TV from the smartphone manufacturer OnePlus
  • When is it out? September 2019 in India and China
  • Where will it be published? First India, then China, North America and Europe (if everything goes according to plan)
  • How much does it cost? If you know OnePlus, it's a mid-range product that does not sell on its own

The OnePlus 6 was one of the best midrange phones of 2018

Release date of OnePlus TV

When will the OnePlus TV be released? We know that Smart TV will hit the market in September 2019, according to a blog post by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau.

Lau also confirmed that the smart TV will first be launched in India and the smartphone company "is working hard to launch OnePlus TV in North America, Europe and China", while OnePlus is trying to build "partnerships" with local and regional content providers ,

This release date in September is much earlier than originally anticipated: in an interview with the Indian daily Economic Times in December 2018, Lau stated that there was no official launch date, but that the release date for 2020 was the rough plan.

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Lau added, "India will be one of the first markets on which OnePlus TV will be available, it will be available through Amazon, we have not set a deadline yet because we want it to be the best there is."

There is still no official endorsement of the availability of OnePlus TV in Western markets, although a wider global release beyond Asia is likely to depend on how much attention the product attracts when it publishes.

To update: The OnePlus TV will be launched in India at the end of September, followed by other markets.

Smart TV

Rumors about OnePlus TV specifications

Leaky OnePlus TV specifications

Leaky OnePlus TV specifications

(Image credits:

As we approach the start date, more details about the OnePlus TV appear. GizmoChina got a Google Play Developer Console list of OnePlus TV that revealed the internal specifications of the upcoming Smart TV.

The OnePlus TV is powered by the MediaTek MT5670 processor. This is not a very popular chipset, but has four cores clocked at 1.5 GHz. The graphics are taken over by the Tetra-Core GPU Mali G51. The TV will have 3GB of RAM and run a customized version of Android TV 9.

The listed resolution is 1920 x 1080, as this is the maximum resolution that Android TV supports for menus. The panel has a 4K resolution and can play compatible content in this resolution.

OnePlus TV release date, specs, and everything we're hoping to see 1

(Credit: Amazon India)

In the audio department, the OnePlus TV now has eight discrete speakers that are Dolby Atmos capable. The overall performance of the speakers is only 50W – not much more than your regular Samsung or LG – but it could offer a pretty solid audio upgrade compared to your old flat screen.

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, also tweeted about the "Gamma Color Magic" image processor developed specifically for the set, claiming it would have the "widest color gamut".

OnePlus TV price

There are not yet any prices for the OnePlus TV – or whatever you'll call it – but OnePlus's strategy in the smartphone market has been to offer mid-range products that outperform the competition by about 20 to 30 % of the price undercut.

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The final price could range from $ 600 / £ 500 to $ 1,000 / £ 800, depending on who is using OnePlus to lock the horns. However, we would be surprised if this price is not enough. It's safe to say that it will not be cheaper than the OnePlus 6 handset ($ 529 / £ 469), but it's hard to predict with so little information.

In an interview with the Economic Times, CEO Pete Lau said he expects "a flagship killer like we do with smartphones at a very competitive price."

OnePlus TV: What's in a name?

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, announced the set for the first time in a blog post at the official OnePlus forum – and not at a striking launch event that matched the brand's customer-oriented outlook.

A few days later, a follow-up post invited forum members to suggest names for the new television. Ten finalists received a complimentary pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless for their suggestions (see below), and one winner received his own OnePlus TV and send hotel stay for the set's first launch event.

Now, of course, we know that the OnePlus TV is officially named, as everyone else called it: the OnePlus TV.

OnePlus TV: What we want to see

A medium sized TV

Do you remember when 40-inch screens seemed too big? Today's TV market is evolving into ever-larger 55-inch and 65-inch screens, even as the average home shrinks.

If OnePlus could offer a well-made 40-inch TV that does not save on resolution or smart features-a modern device that actually fits consumers in their living rooms-we might see it make a splash.


4K display

4K is the buzzword of the present, and if this resolution is not achieved, the OnePlus TV is hard to sell. We expect OnePlus to be looking for a 4K medium-quality TV – a TV that does not try to keep up with the OLED front-end vendors, but does not settle for a low resolution.

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The sleek OnePlus design – for a reasonable price

The success of the OnePlus series of smartphones has been the ability to remain affordable compared to the competition – even though the company has moved more toward high-end devices in recent years.

And just as important are OnePlus phones to look good, The smart TV must be sleek in design to stand out as a lifestyle product as well as a TV. Can you take a leaf from the smartphone arena with a few more inventive color options (like a limited edition red TV)?

An outstanding smart TV platform

Given the fact that the OnePlus smartphone series runs on Android operating systems, it is not surprising that OnePlus TV runs on the Android smart TV platform. A Bluetooth SIG listing strangely describes the device as a "unique Android TV." We therefore expect some extraordinary features based on Bluetooth enabled remote and smartphone connectivity.

As a rule, Google does not allow changes to the third-party Android operating system. It will therefore be interesting to see if OnePlus has been granted an exemption or what changes can be made without changing the basic software of the TV.

Android TV

There are many benefits to Android TV, as it is a widely used platform that comes with Chromecast and therefore offers a large number of integrated streaming services.

It's also prone to software bugs, and what we really want to see in a OnePlus TV is a smooth user experience that's worth more than any other quantum dots in the world.

A connected service

We hope the OnePlus TV will find smart ways to connect to handsets: using your phone as a stand-alone remote control, using a smartphone app to browse the TV guide, or flipping through Netflix Catalog and easy casting of videos and pictures to the set.

With the smart home sector bigger than ever before, it's really surprising that Alexa and Google Assistant are integrated right from the start, so you can easily connect to other devices in the home.

We will follow closely the OnePlus TV announcement in the coming months. So stay tuned – if you're sure you need to look at it.

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