OnePlus 7 Review: More affordable and still superb


This is a regular and slightly predictable update of the OnePlus 6T that clearly attempts to attract those who have not updated in recent years. If you come from a OnePlus 3T or even a 5 or 5T, the difference should then seem significant. It is a high-value phone that rivals the excellent Xiaomi Mi 9.


  • Oxygen OS user experience
  • First-rate performance
  • Great battery life

The inconvenients

  • Lacks the versatility of the Pro Camera
  • No wireless charging
  • No resistance to water

Key specifications

  • Price of examination: $461.52
  • 6.4 inch FHD + OLED display
  • Dual main camera 48 / 5MP
  • Snapdragon 855 SoC
  • 128GB / 256GB of storage
  • 3700mAh battery
  • 6 / 8GB of RAM
  • UFS 3.0

the OnePlus 7 Pro announced  by the company this year, but it was not the only one to launch. The OnePlus 7 standard is also here, seeking to attract tighter hand string holders to the latest generation of company phones.

The OnePlus 7 is the bridge between last year and OnePlus 6T and this year’s 7 Pro, using different bits of both devices to create a handset that looks like this one this year Xiaomi Mi 9 and Asus ZenFone 6.

Although the 7 is still aiming to offer a flagship experience at an extremely competitive price, unlike the previous OnePlus phones, it does not try as hard as the “Pro” model. On the one hand, it means that it lacks features that help it just as much to stand out, on the other hand, it starts at ¬£ 150 less than the beefier OnePlus 7 Pro .

The camera of OnePlus 7 is always a big update

The main camera on the back of the 7 is equipped with 48 megapixels Sony IMX586 sensor. It has become a very popular component on many top-of-the-line phones today, which means that its capabilities depend on OnePlus’ ability to provide competent software to complement the hardware involved.

Despite the number of megapixels, the OnePlus 7 takes 12 megapixel stills by default via a process called “bin binning”. Basically, it treats four standard pixels as a large pixel, which allows a greater amount of light to be used in the resulting 12-megapixel shots.

Of course, a watchful eye will notice that there is missing at the back of the 7 at least one member of the camera configuration of the 7 Pro, but it goes even further, with only a 5-megapixel depth sensor that accompanies this 48 megabarres main sensor – in place of the Pro’s ultra-wide and telephoto sensors.

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Macro OnePlus 7 angled on the table

Overall, the image quality is promising and, as long as it is not versatile compared to the Pro model, the versatile camcorder is perfect. This is a clear improvement over the 6 and 6T, which have already demonstrated more efficient image management by the OnePlus photography team.

OnePlus 7 camera samples of natural light pots

The plans contain many details, an impressive dynamic range and pleasantly rich colors.

OnePlus 7 camera sample soldiers natural light

In terms of low-light shooting, OnePlus 7’s capture capabilities have certainly been improved (presumably through software adjustments) since the initial launch of OnePlus 7 Pro, where the 48-megapixel camera left much to be desired. to desire. There is always noise and grain in the darkest areas, but it’s a lot less invasive, while keeping the details is surprisingly good.

Most things get better even when you activate the Nightscape mode of the phone. This is not going to worry Google Night Sight, but it’s a boon for photographers photographed in harsh lighting conditions.

OnePlus 7 Review: More affordable and still superb 1

You can expect remarkably better color capture and dynamic range. In addition, most of the above-mentioned noises are also solved. However, all this is done at the expense of the finer details, with a voluminous smoothing that rounds out the contours of the complex aspects of a scene.

OnePlus 7 Review: More affordable and still superb 2

Portrait mode is also adequate. When you activate the mode, the smoothing is final, even if the virtual beauty mode is not activated, while the dynamic range appears wider, with more color variation and higher saturation, especially on the face.

The effect of depth – or bokeh – seems pleasantly natural, I would only like to be able to adjust the strength of the effect, whether at the time of capture or afterwards, a common ability to many competitors.

The OnePlus 7 incorporates the latest processor, lots of memory and a big battery

Despite its slightly lower reputation than its big brother, make no mistake, the OnePlus 7 is as well equipped as any other flagship product.

Numbered OnePlus phones have always been powered by Qualcomm’s latest silicon. Although this trend has never been in doubt for the high-end Pro, there was a chance we could see the cheaper mid-range boat. CPU instead. Fortunately, this is not the case here.

The OnePlus 7 has the same Snapdragon 855 processor, combined with 6GB or 8GB of RAM. The result is a phone that, in my tests, has reached the peak of our current benchmarking tests, competing to take the lead in front of competitors such as the Black Shark 2, the iPhone XS and, unsurprisingly, the OnePlus 7 Pro .

As you would expect from a phone using this chipset, it’s very fast. OnePlus has always made sure its phones are as fast as possible, and this is certainly the case here.

Storage starts with a generous 128GB as well, but you can splurge for the bigger 256GB if you prefer. As usual with OnePlus phones, there is no expandable storage, but with so much internal space for the price, most users will not have to worry about it. to worry that this becomes a limitation.

OnePlus 7 perspective rear right on the table

Much of this performance comes from Oxygen OS, which remains my favorite Android address. This is partly due to the loyalty with which Google darkens the Android user experience, supplemented by some smart additions that enhance comfort and flexibility.

Some of the latest features are also among the most memorable, with Built-in recording recording now in native mode, Zen mode to completely block 20-minute pass notifications and new Fnatic mode, which frees phone resources to make your gaming experience as smooth as possible.

There is also a battery of 3700 mAh that uses the same fast charging technology that has been used for some generations by OnePlus.

The big battery of the phone allowed me to spend two days of regular use and, while my initial test was an anomaly, the 20 W fast charger was able to recharge the OnePlus 7 in less than 90 minutes, with almost half of the battery (47%) complete after only 30 minutes.

The OnePlus 7 shares its design and screen with the 6T, and it’s not a bad thing

If OnePlus used the internal components and camera of the 7 Pro, it is the design and display of the OnePlus 6T.

Visually, the OnePlus 7 looks almost identical to the OnePlus 6T. The front keeps the notch in dewdrop, the back looks like a slippery pebble and there is no headphone jack. There is also no wireless charging or official IP address for water resistance. Given the price of £ 499, I do not complain too much.

OnePlus 7 Angle Alert Picker Macro

If you inspect the 6T and 7 side by side (as I did), you will notice that the company’s signature alert selector, which serves as a physical flip between the “ringing” profiles, “vibrator” and “silent”, in particular The earphone grille, meanwhile, concealed in the top edge of the phone above the dew-drop notch of this 16-megapixel front camera, is a lot wider.

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The new alert selector is perfectly nice to use and could offer a better grip because of its lower height, while the headphone let me believe that it would be easier to hear the recipients at the other end a call.

In reality, it takes a little research to find the point of attention of the listener. The extended design should only serve to differentiate old and new phones, even if only aesthetically.

OnePlus 7 Handheld

It’s possible that the 6.4-inch FHD + does not match the glorious AMOLED Fluid 90Hz Quad HD + panel that you’ll find on the OnePlus 7 Pro, but the display remains excellent. The colors are striking, there is a decent range of screen modes (P3, sRGB, etc.) and as it is OLED, you get a perfect and deep black.

The fingerprint on the display has also been tightened, which is a good thing given the slowness with which she felt before.

Should I buy OnePlus 7?

This is a regular and slightly predictable update of the OnePlus 6T that clearly attempts to attract those who have not updated in recent years. If you come from a OnePlus 3T or even a 5 or 5T, the difference should then seem significant.

If you want to upgrade from OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T, the updates are less obvious. The camera will be better and the performance should be too. It remains to be seen if the improvements will require an upgrade.

That aside, whatever your point of view, it is a phone of excellent value for money, very competitive compared to the excellent Xiaomi Mi 9.

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