Nvidia’s next-gen Ampere graphics cards could be just around the corner

Nvidia's Ampere graphics cards, which showcase the next generation of companies switching to a 7-nanometer process (or should that be a drop?), Could be the latest gossip on the graphic grapevine in the first half of the year Be introduced in 2020.

This new rumor states that a launch could possibly take place early next year – although it could be the summer – but it must be taken with a stronger than usual dose of salt.

This particular speculation comes from a post at Igor's Lab (discovered by Wccftech), though there are a number of guesses about it (the author writes that the next-generation Nvidia GPUs in the first half of the next "are finally coming "should be year).

However, this is not the first time we have heard about Ampere next year. DigiTimes previously thought that was the case and cited sources claiming that Nvidia will use Samsung's 7nm EUV process to manufacture these graphics cards.

The successor to the current Turing RTX charts, which will be released in mid-2020, also makes sense in relation to the previous version of the Nvidia release plan, which roughly matches the expected intergenerational pace.

And, of course, this would mean that the company could sell AMD's notorious Navi-based "Nvidia killer," which is expected to hit the market in the middle of next year. If this actually succeeds, AMD's GPU killer naturally has the wrong goal in mind …

Still, we should not be overly carried away by speculation, and as this might in some ways be ideal for Nvidia – even if the company plans to do things like this, these plans may not materialize.

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Cheaper cards?

Talk about Nvidia's move to Samsung for its next-generation 7nm production with graphics cards also needs to be treated with great caution as Nvidia made it clear earlier this year that its next generation GPU will continue to be produced by TSMC. Although the company has noticed that Samsung is already used for the production of graphics products, it will do so both These manufacturers for next-generation GPUs.

Obviously, it is not clear exactly how this will affect or whether the rumor that Samsung points to Nvidia may favor that rumor for 7nm – especially given the recent reports of TSMC's difficulties in meeting 7nm demand, with additional support for 7nm Pressure is on Apple has now launched the iPhone 11 production.

Who knows, in the end, people are excited about the prospect that Nvidia will use Samsung's 7nm EUV process, which could mean that amp graphics cards will not only benefit from better performance than their predecessors, which is to be expected but EUV means that chips are cheaper to manufacture.

Which in turn could mean that the successor of the RTX 2080 does not blow up such a big hole in your bank balance, which is obviously something that people really hope for. Turing pricing was not friendly to consumers, so much is for sure.

Finally, we must of course take into account that the first amp products could be heavyweight high-performance computing offerings (the successor to Volta), but as we said earlier, the timing of new consumer video cards is apparently about right.

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