Nokia 7.2 (2019) Review: Hands on

First impressions

With a starting price of € 299, the Nokia 7.2 is a really tempting prospect. It seems to have a good screen, a powerful camera and all the advantages of the Android One software.

Key specifications

  • 6.3 inch HDR screen
  • Three cameras at the back, including a 48-megapixel sensor
  • Android One
  • Headphone port

The Nokia 7.2 has just been announced to IFA 2019 and this looks like the most interesting phone of the brand for a long time. At a price of 299 €, you get a 48 megapixel camera, a beautiful screen and a design that represents a clear improvement over the flagship product, Nokia 9 Pureview.

My favorite Nokia phone from the recent license agreement with HMD Global was the Nokia 7 Plus. It was not the most brilliant nor the most particular, but it focused on the basics and kept the price affordable. This is exactly what the Nokia 7.2 (or Nokia 7 2019) does.

Nokia 7.2 price and release date

You will be able to win the Nokia 7.2 in September for 299 €. We have not yet confirmed our rates for the UK, but we will be sure to update this article when we know more.

Nokia Screen and Camera 7.2 – Nokia focuses on two delicate areas for affordable smartphones

With the Nokia 7.2 – and to some extent, the cheapest Nokia 6.2 – the Finnish brand really focuses on two areas: the screen and the camera. It turns out that these two aspects are often neglected by the phones of the most affordable segment of the market.

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The screen measures 6.3 inches, passes almost from one edge to the other and is divided only by a small notch of dew drop protruding from the top. This is also what Nokia calls PureDisplay, that is, it has a dedicated Pixelworks processor that provides upward SDR to HDR conversion. During my briefing for the phone before his IFA At the unveiling, Nokia representatives said that the screen could reach 500 nits of brightness while providing improved dynamic range and higher contrast than previous Nokia phones.

Although it is difficult to really evaluate the quality of a screen after one hour of use, the Nokia 7.2 FHD + panel has it all to please that you do not see often with phones at this price.

Nokia 7.2 (2019) Review: Hands on 1

Then there is the camera – or the cameras to be precise. Like a whole set of phones in 2019, the Nokia 7.2 provides a 48-megapixel main sensor, boosted by a five-megapixel depth sensor and an eight-megapixel ultra wide angle camera. Nokia hopes that this 48 megapixel snapper will stand out from rivals by its use of Zeiss optics and by the impressive number of bokeh portrait options available to you in the very well-designed camera application .

Like many other phones with such a high megapixel count, the Nokia 7.2 uses pixel binning (here called Quad Pixel technology) to capture 12-megapixel images with this sensor, which turns four pixels into one. I only played a quick game with the camera during our brief briefing. I will therefore keep my final verdict on the quality of his performances until the full examination – but my first impressions are very positive.

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Nokia 7.2 design – Probably the best Nokia phone from HMD

For these new phones announced at the IFA 2019, HMD is totally immersed in the Nordic context of the Nokia brand in terms of design inspiration. There are clean lines everywhere, with a simple overall appearance and very little ugly branding.

The back has a soft glass finish, with the lighthouse green hue bouncing off the light in all directions. I like the fact that the back is so dull, which makes it resistant to fingerprints.

The cameras are housed in a circle of glass with a circular fingerprint sensor below. There is a USB-C port at the bottom, a dedicated key to free Google Assistant on the side and a headphone jack.

The simple design can also be found in the software. This is an Android One phone and, as such, comes without any additional user interface layer on Android. All that Nokia really did is add its own camera app.

Nokia 7.2 (2019) Review: Hands on 2

Being an Android phone One places this in the foreground for software and security updates, Nokia already calling an Android 10 compatible phone. How long will it take before the last version of Android by Google does reach on this phone?

Nokia 7.2 Specs – The Only Area in Which the Nokia 7.2 Feels Mid-Range

In the Nokia 7.2, you’ll find a Snapdragon 660 chipset, 4/6 GB RAM and a 64/128 GB storage. While Nokia said it was looking firmly at 5G support for affordable phones in the future, this device remains a 4G phone.

The battery is a 3,500 mAh unit that can be recovered via Qualcomm’s Quick Charge feature and Nokia representatives have claimed two days of use between charges.

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Nokia 7.2 (2019) Review: Hands on 3

Nokia 7.2 – First verdict

With a starting price of € 299, the Nokia 7.2 is a really tempting prospect. It seems to have a good screen, a powerful camera and all the advantages of the Android One software.

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