Nintendo’s new Switch Lite also suffers from Joy-Con drift, gets added to lawsuit

Nintendo's Joy Console controllers for the switch console have received more and more criticism regarding a problem with their joysticks, and this problem now seems to be on the new Switch Lite.

In particular, a number of original switch users have reported that the analog sticks on their Joy-Con controllers would register a slight one-way movement even in a neutral position. This problem was called Joy-Con Drift.

ONE In July, a class action lawsuit was filed against Nintendoand now some owners of the all-new Switch Lite console (released on September 20) have joined the cause as they have the same problem with their recently-purchased handheld device.

One of the main problems with the Switch Lite is that it does not provide detachable controllers and the freedom they require. Instead of just replacing the (still somewhat expensive) Joy-Con devices, the entire console must be used to be repaired or replaced when it experiences a doubtful joystick.

An update?

At the time of the initial filing, Nintendo's official policy on this matter resulted in users having to ship their faulty controller, wait several months, and pay a large amount to repair and return it.

Shortly after the lawsuit, however, it was found that Nintendo will replace your Joy-Con for free If this issue has occurred and already paid customers (at least in the US) receive refunds, even for out-of-warranty consoles.

It is worth noting that these latter details were only discovered through a gap in the company's internal communications. Nintendo has no official explanation for this program. Therefore, ask your local service representative what the situation in your area is.

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Nintendo has not commented on any problems with the Joy-Con-Drift on the Switch Lite. If you live and are affected in the US, you can join the class action lawsuit.

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