Nikon Z50: everything we know so far

Nikon's first foray into the mirrorless full-frame camera market has been quite successful, but the camera maker has been quiet since the introduction of the Z7 and Z6 models, with the exception that it suppressed the rumors of the D6 and confirmed the professional DSLR for sports is definitely in Development.

However, there is talk of Nikon expanding its mirrorless product line. However, instead of expanding the overall catalog, a mirrorless APS C-Crop sensor camera appears to be coming. That would of course make sense if Sony would announce the Alpha A6100 and A6600 almost at the same time as Canon released the EOS M6 Mark II.

It is rumored that the upcoming APS-C Snapper without mirrors is the Z50. Therefore, Nikon has apparently chosen a name format for its mirrorless models. Looks like a single-digit nomenclature – like Z (x) – indicates a mirrorless full-screen shooter, while two-digit or possibly zero-ending indicates a mirrorless APS-C option.

If rumors about the Nikon Z50 apply, this is the first mirrorless APS-C camera from the Japanese manufacturer. However, it remains to be seen where Nikon will position this snapper – either as an option for enthusiasts, by resetting some of the Z7's pro-level features, or by offering a similar feature set as the C6 in crop form. Sensor format.

One thing that seems pretty safe is that the Z50 will be equipped with two new lenses at the start. That gets us neat in Nikon's mount options. We'll have to wait and see if Nikon decides to emulate Sony and use the Z-mount over the entire mirrorless palette, or whether the APS-C cameras are different from the mirrorless full-screen cameras.

There is still much to discover, but here is what we already know.

Nikon Z50: release date and price

There is no official word as to when the Nikon Z50 will be on the shelves, but it seems the market launch is imminent. Nikon rumors suggest that this could happen on October 10th. Check out the Christmas shopping period.

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In terms of price, it's hard to judge, as we still are not sure where Nikon will position the Z50. However, if we extrapolate the announcements made by Sony and Canon in August 2019, we would not be surprised if Nikon had beaten a price of around $ 1,000 on the device (around the mark of £ 800 / $ 1,700), assuming The Z50 is an enthusiast. Degree camera.

Rumor has it that Nokishita has been able to find and tweet US prices for the camera and its kits, with the body alone priced at $ 856.95 (around £ 700 / $ 1,273) becomes. That's a pretty good price – almost as much as the Canon EOS M6 Mark II, which has a retail price of $ 849.99 / £ 869 / $ 1,699.

If there is anything with this price leakage, it is very likely that the Nikon Z50 has enthusiast-level features that are a competitive option for those who want to switch from APS-C DSLRs to mirrorless devices.

Nikon Z50: sensor

It was thought that the Nikon Z50 could capture a 20-megapixel image sensor. That would measure the mirrorless APS-C camera with the D7500 – one of the best DSLRs we've ever tested – and the D500 with both DSLRs with a 20.9-megapixel CMOS sensor.

If that's the case, there's a chance the Z50 will replace one of the DSLRs, which means it's probably a camera for enthusiasts.

Nikon Z50: Design

The only physical feature of the Z50 that has been included in the rumor list is a 3-inch swiveling LCD display on the back. We're not sure what a swiveling LCD screen is, though this may indicate a flip-up screen that can be raised 180 degrees to get a forward-facing view needed by vloggers.

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That said, it would not be a bit of a surprise if the Z50 were equipped with a 3.2-inch tilt-angle touch screen that both the D7500 and the D500 are currently equipped with.

While we know nothing else about the physical properties of the Z50, Nokishita tweeted a photo of the alleged camera itself.

(Image credits: Nokishita)

If the above picture really is the Z50, the upcoming camera seems to be very similar to its older full-frame siblings. Unlike the Canon EOS M6 Mark II, the Nikon Z50 will have an integrated electronic viewfinder even though the camera maker has filed patents showing an APS-C case without a viewfinder.

Like the existing Z Series Snapper, the Z50 is said to have only a single card slot, and since the older cameras are an XQD slot, it would not be a bit of a surprise if Nikon continues this trend.

Nikon Z50: key specifications

According to Nikon rumors, the Z50 will have a burst speed of 11 fps. This seems to be moving in the middle of the mirrorless area of ​​Nikon, as the Z6 can continuously shoot at up to 12 frames per second while the Z7 can shoot up to 9 frames per second.

If this specification is true, it is also faster than the D7500 and the D500 with burst speeds of 8 fps and 10 fps respectively, making the Z50 a decent option for sports and nature photographers.

While in-body image stabilization is becoming the norm in mirrorless cameras, there is a possibility that the Z50 can do without IBIS. We therefore hope that the lenses, which are supposed to come onto the market next to the new camera, will be stabilized.

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Nikon Z50: video specifications

4K video recording is definitely the norm, so we're pretty sure this will be the case with the Z50 with a frame rate of at least 30 fps. It would be interesting to see if Nikon manages 4K / 60p recordings to remind Sony that the Alpha A7S III from Nikon is still not seen.

Nikon Z50: Battery

There are rumors that the Nikon Z50 will use a newly registered EN-EL25 battery (7.6V, 1120 mAh) that does not have a CIPA rating at the time of writing. So we have no idea of ​​the battery life, which depends heavily on the image processor under the hood, the shooting specifications and much more.

Where the Z7 and the Z6 arrived without a battery grip, the Z50 is likely to introduce a new handle for the Z series snapper. Nikon Rumors recently released a picture of a battery grip attached to a Z7 case. However, there were no buttons on the handle itself. Whether the new MB-N10 battery grip provides control is equally uncertain, but at least those who wish to extend the battery life of their Z-series cameras have the opportunity to do so.

Nikon Z50: lens options

According to Nikon Rumors, there are two lenses besides the Z50 – a Nikkor Z 16-55 mm 1: 3.5-6.3 and a Nikkor Z 50-250 mm 1: 4.5-6.3 zoom lens. These seem to be kit lenses, and how well they work is still open at this time.

As an APS-C camera, however, there will be a 1.5x focal length multiplier, and these lenses will provide a slightly larger zoom (for example, the 50-250mm have an effective focal length of about 75-325mm).

Nokishita has determined the pricing information for each lens at $ 296.95 ($ 243 / $ 440) and $ 349.95 (approximately $ 286 / $ 520) respectively.

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