New on Netflix this week: The I-Land, Bill Burr, Unbelievable, Terrace House + more

With so many TV shows and films coming to Netflix in Australia every week, it can be hard to track the many new features of the service as they become available.

To help you find something Really New: We will release weekly updates listing all new shows and movies appearing on Netflix Australia. In addition, the week's biggest and most important releases will be presented and a brief overview of the best shows and films of the week will be given.

Well, well, here's what's new at Netflix for the week of 9-15 September 2019. For a full list of all Netflix Australia updates for the entire month, see our Guide to What's New at Netflix Australia in September 2019.

The highlights of this week

The ego country (09.12.2013)

(Image credits: Netflix)

The Netflix original series The I-Land is a sci-fi thriller in which a group of people are trapped on an island without being able to remember who they are or how they got there. Now these strangers must fight to survive the harsh realities of life on an island. If you think the plot is reminiscent of the classic Lost series, we will not blame you – let's hope that The I-Land, beyond its familiar premise, becomes something truly special. Stars Kate Bosworth and Sibylla Deen.

Bill Burr: paper tiger (09.10.2013)

Bill Burr: paper tiger

(Image credits: Netflix)

Bill Burr, one of the game's biggest stand-up comics, is also known as an actor and podcaster. His latest Netflix special, Paper Tiger, is a snappy review of the state of the world presented in his inimitable Boston style. Filmed in front of a crowded house in the Royal Albert Hall in London, Burr delves into Michelle Obama's book tour, the problem with male feminists, his bathing problems and why his personality influences his marriage. You can also find three of Burr's other stand-up comedy specials in service.

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Unbelievable (09.13.2019)


(Image credits: Netflix)

Incredibly, a show that deals with difficult issues has already received a lot of praise from critics before the release. Based on real-world events, the series follows Marie (Kaitlyn Dever), a teenage girl who reports on her reported rape and eventually revokes her. This causes two women detectives (Toni Collette of Australia and the American actor Merritt Wever) to investigate evidence that could reveal the truth, even though they are states that are not affected by the crime itself.

Townhouse: Tokyo 2019-2020 (09.10.2013)


(Image credits: Netflix)

The premise for the brilliant Japanese reality series Terrace House sounds like Big Brother, but is far more than the sum of its parts. Six strangers share a house in Tokyo while cameras film them. Every member of the household is looking for love while living under the same roof. Unlike Big Brother, however, members are free to leave home to work, exercise, make appointments, or do whatever they want. This helps to inform how the other roommates see them, and gives viewers a unique window into Japanese culture and the respectful way in which relationships and courtship evolve in the home. But it's not all serious – a jury of comedians watches as each episode unfolds and captures itself several times to make humorous comments on what they've just seen. Simply put, Terrace House is one of the best reality shows on Netflix and it deserves your time.

Everything that comes to Netflix this week


TERRASSENHAUS: TOKYO 2019-2020 (10/09/2019)

The I-Land (09.12.2013)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato (13/09/2019)

The Ranch: Part 7 (13/09/2019)

Unbelievable (13/09/2019)


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Big girl (13/09/2019)


Bill Burr: Paper Tiger (09.10.2013)


Evelyn (09.10.2013)

The Spirit, declared (12/09/2019)

Hello, privilege. I'm & # 39; s, Chelsea (13/09/2019)

Los Tigres del Norte in Folsom Prison (15/09/2019)


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (13/09/2019)

T2: Trainspotting (14/09/2019)

Our godfather (10/09/2019)

BLACK LAGOON: Relays 1 & 2 (13/09/2019)

Number of employees (13/09/2019)

Problems with the curve (15/09/2019)

War Dogs (15/09/2019)

Storks (15/09/2019)

The Tuxedo (15/09/2019)

War of the Worlds (15/09/2019)

The Mask (15/09/2019)

What about the rest of the month?

Of course, the list above only shows the shows and movies that will be released on Netflix next week. Click here for a complete list of all September services.

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