New on Netflix this week: El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Rhythm + Flow, Fractured + more

With so many TV shows and films coming to Netflix in Australia every week, it can be hard to keep track of the many new features of the service as they arrive.

To help you find out what's new, we publish weekly updates that briefly list all new shows and movies that appear on Netflix Australia. In addition, the week's biggest and most important releases will be presented and brief information on the best shows and films will be released this week.

Well, well, here's what's new in Netflix for the week of October 7 through October 13, 2019. As you can see, it's relatively light on new content this week, but there are still some great options.

For a full list of all month-long services, see our guide to the new features of Netflix Australia in October 2019.

The highlights of this week

El Camino: A breaking bad movie (10.11.2013)

(Image credits: Netflix)

In its series finale, the groundbreaking show Breaking Bad provided a real sense of closure for longtime fans who managed to complete all the major story threads, without resorting to the frustrating ambiguity that disappointed viewers like Lost and The Sopranos. That's why we need to ask ourselves why Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan would return to something that had already had the perfect start, but given his fantastic track record, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt here. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie was filmed secretly just a month ago and revealed to the fans. This weekend is finally here and we can not wait to see what Gilligan has in store for Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) escaping the law since the last moments of Breaking Bad Season 6.

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Rhythm + flow (09.10.2019)

Netflix's Rhythm + Flow

(Image credits: Netflix)

Rhythm + Flow is a weekly series in which emerging MCs step on stage to impress some of the industry's biggest names. Major judges include Cardi B, T.I., Chance the Rapper, but you can also count on guest appearances by greats like Snoop Dogg. Be forewarned – the language in this show is pretty clear as the jurors themselves share their share of the speeches. That said, if you love rap music, this could be the hip-hop talent show you never knew you wanted.

Broken (10.11.2013)


(Image credits: Netflix)

It's been a while since we contacted Sam Worthington from Australia, but now the Avatar star (Avastar?) Is back in the Netflix original thriller Fractured. After a visit to the emergency room of his injured baby daughter, Ray Monroe (Worthington) is briefly separated from his wife and child. Seems normal, but when Ray decides to check on his daughter's progress, the hospital announces that she is not registered as a patient or a family consultant. Did the hospital kidnap Ray's family or did he go crazy? Ray will stop at nothing to find the truth.

Anything else that comes to Netflix this week


Game! Tennis Juniors (07/10/2019)

Haunted: Season 2 (11/10/2019)

Insatiable: Season 2 (11/10/2019)

Plan Coeur: Season 2 (11/10/2019)


Riverdale: Season 4 (10/10/2019)


Cloudburst Wonderful Journey into the Arms of a Chic (11/10/2019)

La influencecia (11/10/2019)

The Forest of Love (11/10/2019)

Banlieusards (10.12.2013)


Martin Matte: La Vie, La Mort … Eh La La ..! (10.14.2013)


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The scary story of Captain Underpants Hack-a-ween (08/10/2019)

YooHoo to the rescue: Season 2 (11/10/2019)


Ultramarine Magmell (10/10/2019)


Pitch Perfect 3 (07.10.2019)

Shrek (10.11.2013)

Pine (10.11.2013)

Da Kath & Kim Code (13/10/2019)

Kath & Kimderella (13/10/2019)

Inside Man (11/10/2019)

Back to the Future Part III (11/10/2019)

Billy Elliot (10.11.2013)

Bring it on: fight until the end (11/10/2019)

Elizabeth (10.11.2013)

Mercury rises (11/10/2019)

Life (11/10/2019)

Kick-Ass (10.11.2013)

The purge (11/10/2019)

Brewster's Millions (11/10/2019)

The crazy professor (11/10/2019)

Sophie & # 39; s Choice (10/11/2013)

The story of Despereaux (11/10/2019)

Jaws: The Revenge (11/10/2019)

Life (12/10/2019)

The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones (12/10/2019)

Sicario (13/10/2019)

What about the rest of the month?

Of course, the list above only shows the shows and movies that will be released on Netflix next week. Click here for a complete list of all October services.

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