New iPhone 11 release date, price, news and leaks

The launch of the iPhone 11 is later today and we already have a clear picture of what we can expect from Apple's next iPhone.

Although we do not know exactly how the iPhone 11 launch will develop, leaks indicate that we will see three new phones, including a potential successor to the "affordable" iPhone XR, which we tentatively call the iPhone 11R.

The third handset is currently expected to be the iPhone 11 Pro, though it is sometimes referred to as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Therefore, it is not clear what the device will be called when it comes to the store.

Latest story: The iPhone 11 product line is announced today. According to a new rumor before the product line will have a new coprocessor, with the help of Apple tags can be found and the augmented reality can be improved.

Looking for a massively updated iPhone? You will probably be disappointed this year as the upgrades we hear about are not particularly exciting. Due to the leaks we have noticed on the new phones, they will be remarkably similar to the 2018 iPhone series.

We have some experience in sifting through these rumors – we have been around for over a decade now – and nothing we have picked up suggests that we will see something particularly new or innovative.

That said, Apple's slogan for the iPhone 11 launch is "Just by Innovation" with a modernized Apple logo – maybe there are still one or two surprises in the making.

We are here Not expected this year: 5G in the new iPhone to drop the Lightning connection, or a foldable phone. All of these products will appear in future iPhones, but we're almost certain that they will not be available this year – and that could be the point where we see the iPhone Pro when or when it does.

Cut to the hunt

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What is it? The new iPhone 11 will be Apple's next flagship
When is it out? Today later, on the 10th of September
How much does it cost? Probably not more than last year's iPhone XS

The most important change will be a camera upgrade – we now expect three sensors for the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max and only two for the iPhone 11R – with advanced features for each model.

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More interesting is whether Apple will push ahead with the iPhone 11R (if that's what they call it), as the iPhone XR is the phone most represented on its iPhone home page – suggesting that the cheaper phone is the star of the world could be show this year.

Some smart features have been reported to be added for recharge, and Apple may have finally added a feature users have been looking for for a long time. Read on to see what Trustedreviews Experts expect for the new iPhone in 2019.

In addition, you should expect more today from Apple, as allegedly the Apple Watch 5 is announced and details for the release of new software will be released, namely iOS 13, watchOS 6 and iPadOS.

You can follow our iPhone 11 live blog, where we post all the details of the new gadgets as they go on stage.

We've summarized the key iPhone 11 leaks in a small video to give you a quick overview of what to expect.

New release date for iPhone 11

  • Start date of the iPhone 11: Today, September 10, 2019
  • Expected pre-order date of iPhone 11: September 13, 2019
  • Expected release date of the iPhone 11: 20 September 2019

Apple will be launched today (Tuesday, September 10) at 10:00 am (PT) or 1:00 pm (EST) or 6:00 pm (BST). In Australia September 11th is at 4am (AEDT).

This date allows Apple to launch its iPhones long before the end of the year. As for the new pre-order date for the iPhone 11, Apple is tending to pre-order on the post-launch Friday. We therefore expect that this will be the 13th of September this year.

The new release date for the iPhone – the first time you can hold the phones in your hands – is expected to be a week after the pre-order, Friday, September 20, when earlier versions are available.

This seems to have been confirmed by insiders – and Apple's newly established NYC store will open for the occasion.

This forecast was confirmed by a Wedbush analyst who claimed that the three new iPhones launched in 2019 – the iPhone 11, 11 Max and 11R – were all being put up for sale at the same time as the production process in this one Year so mature. Again, little indicates upgrades.

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And it may not just be the new iPhone series coming out this day – we may also see the Apple Watch 5. This time you can also stream the entire event on YouTube.

New iPhone 11 Prize: Will It Still Be $ 1,000?

  • The price for the iPhone 11 is expected to start at $ 999 (£ 999, $ 1,579).
  • There could be a new pricing strategy

The price of the iPhone 11 will almost certainly not fall this year – especially for the & # 39; most important & # 39; new iPhone. After all, Apple has both the iPhone XS and the iPhone X priced from 999 USD (999 GBP, 1,579 AU $) offered. Without a massive change in design or functionality, a price increase is unlikely.

With the news that Apple is not selling as many iPhones as predicted, there is a chance that the price of the iPhone 11 will be cheaper – although we expect a price stop rather than a price cut for Apple.

However, the new iPhone 11R – depending on the new camera technology – could be a lot cheaper. A cheaper iPhone than last year (where the iPhone XR debuted for 749/749 US dollars) could happen if not much hardware changes … but if Apple chooses the higher-performance camera, the same price might apply are maintained in our opinion.

The addition of the iPhone 11 Pro rumor – which, it should be noted, is based on a single tweet (one of the following) does I have some form to find the right names for previous iPhones. I would suggest a price increase for the phones.

However, with analysts predicting that the new phones will lack novelty, we do not expect excessive costs.

If you're in the United Kingdom and you're ready to buy the new iPhone at the time of publication, you can register your interest with certain retailers to be the first to know about their best prices. Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse both have such pre-registration pages, and will give you £ 30 cashback if you pre-register and then buy the phone.

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New iPhone, iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?

What does Apple call the iPhone 2019? It's a tricky thing: Apple has pushed its name into a corner. Roman numerals may remain, but how does the iPhone XI look like the iPhone XS?

Apple calls the handsets loud "iPhone 10" and "iPhone 10-S". In this sense, the iPhone XI seems to make the most sense, but if the older models are retained, there will be an X, an XS and an XI (along with an XR) – and the iPhone 11 is easier to understand.

New iPhone 11

The iPhone XS and XS Max are great, but there is still room for improvement

This does not easily show the best and most desirable model. So, could Apple do what it has known for years and simply opt for the "new iPhone" as the "main" XS replacement and continue with the same iPhone XR name, albeit with a small specification upgrade?

As mentioned above, the iPhone Pro could be added to the mix to bring it into line with its iPads (and even MacBooks) in terms of naming.

That is, we have now seen the names "iPhone 11", "iPhone 11 Pro" and "iPhone 11 Pro Max", which were listed by a housing manufacturer, so we can not exclude the moniker "Pro". iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, seems very unlikely.

But Apple has already eliminated numbered increments for Mac, MacBooks, TV and iPads. A "new iPhone" would therefore be a logical next step – even if iPhone 11 would be most convenient for consumers looking for the apparently best new phone.

New iPhone 11 camera: the biggest change

We expect Apple to go the toughest this year, unless everything The leaks are fake. The iPhone 11 camera is likely to have a larger, more square lens array on the back of the device.

This is the only real hardware upgrade we see of Apple this year. The iPhone from 2019 has improved image capture capabilities. Schematic representations point to the same, and most chassis leaks point to the same square cutout.

Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said one of these lenses may be almost invisible, adding that the selfie camera will be raised from 7 to 12 megapixels.

New iPhone 11

A source claims that just The iPhone 11 Max will have an array of three cameras, but that seems pretty awesome when Apple made a big deal in 2018, declaring that the iPhone XS and XS Max were almost identical except for the screen size – we expect three lenses For both upper ranges 11 variants and most leaks follow this theory.

What will these lenses be? Well, Smart Money suggests there will be three 12-megapixel lenses: one, the "standard" photos (with decent low-light capabilities), a zoom lens, and a new wide-angle option that opens up a new world of photography.

This source indicates that the third lens of the iPhone 11 does not have optical image stabilization, which would be an interesting measure, and that the flash will be even brighter and more useful.

"The latest leaks and rumors indicate that the main camera will be significantly improved to surpass some of the best Android phones like Google Pixel 3 and Huawei P30 Pro."

James Peckham – Telephone Editor

The same source is Likewise We assure that the image processor inside will be improved, but we would expect nothing less from a brand that is likely to highlight camera performance as the primary reason for buying the new iPhone range.

Apple's Neural Engine has impressively boosted the photo quality of the iPhone XS, so with another leap, the brand's ability to capture photos that look good, thanks to intelligent algorithms tailored to their needs, can continue.

Smart Frame features would be a better way to enhance the snapshots you'll be making in the near future. However, we are still in the dark about what this would bring at the moment.

There is strong rumor that the iPhone 11 will have a feature in the Galaxy Note 10 that allows the videos to perform background defocusing in real time – a true live video editor.

Elsewhere we have heard that the iPhone 11 & # 39; new & # 39; 12MP sensors and will provide enhanced photography, with the three lenses seemingly working in a coordinated RGB mode. One of the lenses should also offer a 120-degree field of view.

What about the front camera? Well, there we will (apparently) get an updated 10MP sensor – but the same indicates that the new iPhone 11 will have 14MP and 10MP sensors on the back, which seems unlikely. Still, upgrading to selfies would be a welcome addition.

A laser-powered 3D camera was also supposedly designed for the new iPhone 11, but it's more likely that we'll see this on the iPhone for 2020 (if anything) to truly demonstrate the advanced reality of the new iPhone (AR) capabilities.

Unfortunately, the notch looks like it will stay the same size – though camera technology is shrinking, as one source says the score remains the same this year. This is consistent with the rumors that the size of the phone case does not change, which makes sense.

New iPhone 11 design

What will the new iPhone look like? Actually quite simple: quite similar from the front (after the leaks that we have seen). The biggest change will be on the back: a hefty square bump to hold these triple lens cameras.

We picked up a video from Mobile Fun above that shows the best rendering of what most people expect from the iPhone 11 when it comes out later this year. You can also see a similar design in a video showing unofficial dummy handsets that were created based on leaks.

In fact, this design shows up in about most of the leaks we're seeing right now. The three-camera system is used for the iPhone 11 and 11 Max, while the iPhone 11R still gets the big square bump, but only two lenses.

The square lead does not look as attractive as we've come to expect from iPhones, but Apple might get a surprise to make sure Samsung, Huawei and Google are not losing much ground.

We've seen tremendous improvements in camera quality there, and while Apple's iPhones are still great for taking pictures on the move, an extra feature like a wide-angle lens would be something special and would explain the extra size of the sensors.

In the past, a Leaker took a picture of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus before starting – but with a phone that looked suspiciously like the iPhone 11R, with a dual (instead of a triple) lens, depending on the location of the flash.

Whether both are real is up for debate (the quality of the snapshot is not very good, and you'd expect Apple to get a better result at this early stage of development), but it does show what the design might look like in the real world.

New iPhone 11

iPhone 11 case dummies (Credit: SlashLeaks)

In terms of the triple-lens camera, this can be seen with the dummies that leaked up. It's not confirmed yet, but this is in line with what we've heard so far – we'll take an early look at the likely iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max.

Image 1 of 2

Picture credits: @OnLeaks / DigitIndia

Picture credits: @OnLeaks / DigitIndia

Picture 2 of 2

Picture credits: @OnLeaks / DigitIndia

Picture credits: @OnLeaks / DigitIndia

Back to the iPhone 11R, reports indicate that the new phone will land in purple and green tones – in addition to the current selection of black, white, yellow and red – with coral and blue that appeared after shards of new disappearing material ,

These shards were leaked by respected Apple writer Mark Gurman, who also revealed that the new iPhone range has this larger camera protrusion in new body parts used by third-party manufacturers to secure your iPhone.

We've heard elsewhere that all three new iPhones could be available in black, white, gold and dark green tones, while a source adds that some models may have a subtle "rainbow finish".

Another leak from CashKaro and OnLeaksI suggest that the new iPhones have a smaller (and more circular) mute button, but that will barely beat the roof when the new iPhone 11 is announced on stage.

Now and then rumors circulate about a frosted glass back, but (at best) it is probably a small variant, which does not refer to the design style of the iPhone 11 – even if this would contribute to an improvement in wireless charging.

New iPhone 11 Display: same or changing?

Right: Let's make one thing clear: There will not be a flexible iPhone this year. While we've seen patents so far, that's how the rumor mill is cranking over a twisted Apple device – and that makes sense, considering how many problems Samsung and Huawei had with their bent phones.

What will the iPhone 11 display look like? Well, that's smart money for now to say that things will stay the same. Rumor has it that the 5.8-inch screen retains the same resolution, with the bezels shrinking slightly, even though this was an extra line for a bigger "leak" that says the iPhone will have a central camera – which we do not believe it will happen.

While some reports say the display size remains the same, others believe that the main iPhone 11 will be larger. We believe that the same 5.8-inch screen will remain on the iPhone 11, as the production for Apple will be cheaper than the production of a new size.

"Do not worry about a foldable new iPhone or even a 5G iPhone in 2019 – Apple is likely to play it safe this year and double the form factor of the iPhone X from 2017 onwards."

John McCann – Deputy Editor

Another way to cut costs is to drop the 3D touch element on the screen, according to investment bank Barclays (which claims to have spent time with the supply chain in Asia). This feature allows you to press harder to open a new menu. That would be replaced by a more powerful haptic engine that would … do something.

According to 9to5Mac, this is known internally as "switching haptic", and the source code of iOS 13 refers to Haptic Touch, which would replace the on-screen intelligent 3D touch menus.

The same confusion about screen size does not seem to prevail for the iPhone 11 Max screen. Some suggest the display the same size as the iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches), but fans must wait until 2020, until Apple grows it to a sizeable 6.7 inches.

The best leaks also suggest that Apple will stick to the same (cheaper) LCD screen for the new 11R on an OLED display for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max, which would cut costs and extend battery life. Although a source adds that the LCD screen of the iPhone 11R will have some improvements, such as: For example, a better anti-aliasing.

We have also heard reports that the two OLED iPhones use the same screen type as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Samsung usually makes a different screen for Apple, but the use of this screen is not a bad thing, since these areas are present some of the best displays.

However, they may receive an upgrade in the form of more protection, allegedly using new splinter protection technology (possibly both on the front and back of the lens).

These details were recently "outed" in a tweet, but really just rounded up and confirmed what we really already knew.

However, what we can be relatively sure of is the continued use of the considerable Apple score on the new iPhone phones, which is indispensable for accommodating the various sensors and cameras used for Face ID.

There is a report suggesting that Apple is considering bringing Touch ID back in the form of a built-in fingerprint scanner. However, this feature is currently being announced for the iPhone 12 (expected in 2020), so you will not be able to see it on the iPhone 11.

New iPhone 11 battery and features

The battery for the iPhone 11 was repeatedly discussed controversially, and users asked each year for a little more juice from their device. The good news for them is that a few clever tricks for the new iPhone in 2019 could be helpful.

One we are Not The new iPhone is expected to lose the Lightning connector, the Apple-only connector that connects all sorts of accessories. Several rumors say that it could be replaced by USB-C, but it seems (for now) that this will not be the case.

We have heard several times now that there is no USB-C. So do not expect a change from Lightning.

That means we could see a compromise here: Apple could Finally Bundles in the 18 W charging block, which can charge the iPhone faster. The catch: The USB-A end (the connection that most of us think of when imagining a USB cable) would be eliminated on a smaller USB-C, allowing for faster juicing. Another rumor supports this theory by using the same advanced charger Apple introduced last October with the iPad Pro (2018).

Having this in the box would be a nice addition to the wireless store, which can almost certainly be continued. Wireless charging can be done in two ways, which means you can drop the AirPods in a wireless charging case on the back of the iPhone 11 and charge them while you're on the go.

What about the battery? Well, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects the iPhone 11 to have up to 25% more battery power than the current iPhone XS to enable this backward loading without compromising battery life in a single day.

There are rumors that the iPhone 11 will include a 3,200 mAh battery (estimated at 2,658 mAh), the iPhone 11 Max 3,500 mAh (from 3,174 mAh), and the iPhone 11R 3,000 mAh (estimated at 2,000 mAh). slightly higher than the 2,942mAh of the iPhone XR). However, it will be difficult to assess to what extent this corresponds to Apple's reluctance to share the exact capacity of each iPhone.

Huawei and Samsung phones already have a so-called "reverse wireless charging" and it is well marketed as an important selling point – so it makes sense that Apple would like to offer it as well.

"The iPhone 11 may not look very different, but the new three-lens camera will provide a serious upgrade that can compete with more powerful Android phones."

Matt Swider – Global Managing Editor

The iPhone 11 Max could not get as A big upgrade, but a 15% boosted battery boost would still be a big leap forward compared to the current Max device – and without the device getting any fatter thanks to possible upgrades in screen technology.

However, we have heard elsewhere that the iPhone 11 Max will have a 3,969 mAh battery, which would be quite a upgrade. However, the same source states that the charging process is still stuck at slow 5W levels, unlike the 18W rumor above.

What about some other smaller features? Well, another potential upgrade is that, according to one source, facial recognition for the new iPhone 11 series will be improved to work from a wider angle.

As for the power supply, Apple is always introducing a new chipset with the new iPhone launches, and the A13 chip is being touted for the iPhone 11. Analysts say it's up to a manufacturer to produce the chip.

After Apple's intense study of the AI ​​learning capabilities of the A12 Bionic chip, it must be expected that the big changes to the new chipset will be a major issue when introducing the iPhone 11.

We also heard that there might be a new secondary chip codenamed "Rose" and "R1". This could replace the M series motion coprocessor in current models, and potentially capture data from far more sensors to accurately track the position of your iPhone. This would then seem to be to find Apple tags (which may also be announced today) and enhance the augmented reality.

In terms of memory, one source offers capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB, while another points to 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. In both cases, 1 TB is unlikely to be available.

In fact, a fairly comprehensive specification list for the three likely iPhone models can be seen below, and it lacks the 1TB size. It is believed that this list is based on numerous leaks and rumors, many of which are listed above, but it is a convenient way to see the likely key specifications at a glance.

Let's move on to the more experimental functions that exist canRead: In the new iPhone 11 are mostly patents and leaks to see things that could be possible in smartphones. However, we think it is unlikely.

For one thing, the new iPhones may be easier to use when it rains. ON Report claims Apple is experimenting with a new technology that allows you to use the screen of the phone underwater.

Can we throw in the iPhone 11? Picture credits: Trustedreviews

Can we throw in the iPhone 11? Picture credits: Trustedreviews

What is more, a patent suggests that the camera of a future iPhone can detect when you are under water, and change the settings accordingly, so that underwater photos look better.

Perhaps The iPhone 11 could have subepidermal scanning With the front camera scanning the veins and blood vessels in your face with IR to make sure you actually unlock the phone.

These bloodstreams in your face are the surest way to monitor who you are – and do not be fooled as face recognition can theoretically be.

Another patent now refers to the return of Touch ID, but not as you know it. Rather, the patent speaks of a system that recognizes your fingerprint when placed anywhere on the screen.

So it's an in-screen scanner that works the full screen, though we're not sure that Apple will actually use it. Many strange and wonderful things are patented without any consequences.

For something else that's a bit strange, a patent filed by Apple shows A system where a sensor monitors chemicals in the airto "smell" odors – including body odor. That would be a pretty cool feature for that Apple Watch 5 but rather than an iPhone.

We also heard that Apple is working on a walkie-talkie-like feature for the phone that allows users to send text messages even when there is no signal. However, this has apparently been shelved. If we ever see it, we probably will not do it this year.

In the device we heard talking iPhone 11 supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 connectivity standards – though 5G technology will not have to wait until the 2020 iPhones.

Another rumor about the iPhone 11 says that it could be compatible with the Apple Pencil – but we have heard it several times and will not be tempted this year to believe such a thing – especially not the size of the Apple pen we're seeing is bigger than any iPhone device.

That said, the pencil could be recharged on the back of the new iPhone on rumor – making things seem more believable.

We've also seen case reports that show a slot for an Apple pen smaller than the current one. Therefore, Apple may bring out a more compact pen for the iPhone. We doubt it anyway.

The iPhone 11 could use new shatterproof glass. In addition, an exciting, walkie-talkie-like feature was rumored … which, however, was apparently put on ice. And a new video shows how the iPhone 11 might look due to rumors.

New iPhone 11: What we want to see

We were most impressed with the iPhone XS series last year, but that does not mean they're perfect. Talk to any passionate Android user and read in chapters and verses why the iPhone is not nearly as good as their device.

This goes past the iPhone – Apple's never been about the specification, more about usability and overall look – but there are a few things we'd like to see more (or less) with the iPhone 11 series:

1. No score (or at least a smaller one)

The iPhone X made the smartphone a "mainstream thing" – but with the advent of pinhole cameras and sub-screen technology on our phones, the Notch needs to go.

Apple needs this space to integrate the multitude of sensors that make Face ID as secure as it is. However, we want a new solution – and Apple has the means to find out what it is and to attract new users.

New iPhone 11

Die Kerbe ist groß … stellen Sie sich vor, es gäbe sie nicht auf dem neuen iPhone

2. Ein neues Design

Während das aktuelle Design des iPhone XS und XS Max eines der besten ist, wollen wir etwas Neues, etwas mehr. Apple könnte die Dinge schlanker machen, mehr physische Tasten entfernen oder sogar den Bildschirm umwickeln – eine Aussage kann mit etwas kluger Technik getroffen werden.

Leider wird das erst im Jahr 2020 auf dem iPhone zu sehen sein – das neue iPhone aus dem Jahr 2019 wird dem Design der letzten beiden Generationen eher ähneln.

3. Bessere Akkulaufzeit

Wir sagen das jedes Jahr, aber die Tatsache bleibt, dass iPhones immer noch nicht die stärksten Leistungsträger sind, wenn es um die Akkulaufzeit geht.

Trotzdem war das iPhone XR eines der langlebigsten Geräte der Marke Cupertino. Lassen Sie uns sehen, welche Stärken die größeren, teureren iPhones mit sich bringen. Es ist nicht einfach (verdammte Physik steht im Weg), aber das bedeutet nicht, dass keine Verbesserungen möglich sind.

4. Nur eSIM

Die aktuellen iPhones – XS, XS Max und iPhone XR – enthalten neben der physischen Hauptkarte ein eSim.

Während es zunächst seltsam wäre, hat Apple die Möglichkeit, die Einstellungen der Benutzer an das anzupassen, was auf einem Smartphone akzeptabel ist (denken Sie daran, dass jetzt jeder die Kopfhörerbuchse verliert), und die virtuelle SIM-Karte würde eine größere Freiheit beim Wechseln zwischen Netzwerken und Geschäften ermöglichen wird, anstatt zu lange auf einem Vertrag stecken.

Mit 5G auf dem Weg wird die Konkurrenz um die Nutzer deutlich zunehmen – und Flexibilität wird der größte Vorteil für alle sein, die ein großartiges Telefongespräch wünschen.

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